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CorgiAI (CORGIAI) Review (8.3/10⭐)

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CorgiAI is a memecoin that works in the Cronos ecosystem. The social coin is centered on the Corgi, a fun dog breed reared across the world. It is meant to help people unleash their creativity on the Cronos network after a hard day of work. The coin also stands for those who love socializing and partying hard to wind down. It has CORGIAI, a utility coin that is used for payments and purchases within the ecosystem. If you are a fun-loving Corgi who is also interested in topics in AI, this coin is for you.
July 21, 2024, 11:39 pm [UTC]

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CorgiAI is a memecoin for fun-loving corgis from around the globe. It works on the Cronos ecosystem and brings together communities to share and innovate. One of the ideals of the community is to help each person be the best version of themselves. It also helps users build projects on Web3 to explore the world of AI for the benefit of everyone.

Some of the main characteristics include AI-based craft and NFTs. It also has a job board where community members can find AI-related work. There are 500 billion CORGIAI tokens, a third of which are reserved for liquidity management. The rest are used for network initiatives.


A Bit About CorgiAI

CorgiAI is a fun club centered on corgis. It is a social network where hardworking members of society can interact, have fun, and discuss the future of AI. On the other hand, CORGIAI is a memecoin that works on the Cronos ecosystem. It is used for all ecosystem initiatives, marketing, and any other purchases.

The memecoin is the uniting factor for the millions of community members on the network. It can be used to buy AI-related assets such as NFTs, craft, and pay for gigs posted on the ecosystem job board. You can buy the coins on the network and have as much fun as you wish while revealing your creative side.

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CorgiAI is a community of AI enthusiasts and fun lovers who use the ecosystem to interact, start conversations, and get creative. It is built on the Cronos network and uses the ecosystem to build its community. Cronos is a network built on the Ethereum ecosystem. Therefore, CorgiAI shares all the security features and capabilities of the host blockchain.

The reason for the choice of the Cronos ecosystem is its focus on Web3 and AI. This creates an enabling environment for the corgis to develop AI projects and start conversations, as they have all the tools to do it smoothly. The unique thing about this ecosystem is that it also sells NFTs, crafts, and has a job board for members who wish to have AI-related work done.


Utility of CorgiAI?

Members of the CorgiAI community use CORGIAI token. The coin serves as the native token for all the purchases made on the network and to fund initiatives made by the creators of the project. There are 500 billion coins in circulation. Two-thirds of the coin total supply is reserved for purchases for club members and different projects. The rest ensures liquidity and helps manage the core functions of the ecosystem.

The holders of the coin enjoy various benefits. First, they can take part in transactions in the ecosystem. They can buy services, crafts, and NFTs with the coin. Second, the coin has been trading on the crypto market. Any increase in the value of the coin means that the holders will get more value for the coin they have. The token can also be used as a store of value and can be exchanged for fiat money or other coins at crypto exchanges.

CorgiAI Price details

CRO Contract address: 0x6b431B8a964BFcf28191b07c91189fF4403957D0
›› Details & Tokenomics

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: July 21, 2024, 11:39 pm
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Advantages of CorgiAI

+ CORGIAI is built around innovation, and AI is one of the hottest topics on the internet
+ Members of the CorgiAI community get opportunities to make more cash by selling their craft and creative products
+ This ecosystem is built on a network that focuses on the same issues as itself: AI and Web3
+ The CorgiAI ecosystem boasts excellent security and features provided by the Cronos and Ethereum blockchain
+ There are low costs when transacting in CORGIAI coins


- CorgiAI is a social club with little functionality beyond having fun and AI conversations
- The CORGIAI token is not widely used beyond the purchase of assets and items in the ecosystem
- CorgiAI is not growing that fast for people who would love to have the coin for investments
- This is a relatively new concept and has not received so much attention around the globe
- CorgiAI has not been time-tested like base networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin


▪ Rated at 9/10

The cost of transacting in CORGIAI tokens ranges from 0.002% to 0.008% of the amount transacted. This cost is way below that of the Cronos coin or Ether. Therefore, users do not incur huge charges for using the network for their transactions.

Even with low transaction costs, users enjoy all the features of the base network and security. The network has a huge capacity. Therefore, we do not expect the gas fees to go up due to network congestion. Even when these costs rise, it is still ideal for transactions compared to similar Ethereum-based networks.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8.5/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8.5/10

CORGIAI is relatively a new prpject. However, it has acquired thousands of members in the short time it has been around. The fact that it is a social network built on fun and creativity has created positive news across crypto forums and boards. It is one of the rapidly rising blockchain-based social communities, and a good one at that.

Second, by providing options for users to sell their creative works, this network has attracted millions of them who are aiming to make cash out of the craft. Third, they are based on the Cronos network, another ecosystem that focuses on Web3 and AI. It has tools and the goodwill to assist AI enthusiasts in achieving more. A combination of these factors is responsible for the rapid growth of this project.



Where can you buy a CORGIAI token?

You can buy CORGIAI tokens from crypto exchanges like DEX and on the community website. The value of the coin varies depending on the fiat money or coins you wish to exchange.

What blockchain does CorgiAI use?

CorgiAI is built on the Cronos network. It uses its blockchain for transactions and other projects. Cronos is built on the Ethereum ecosystem and shares its features and capabilities.


History of CorgiAI

March 2023 – CorgiAI is established. The developer team starts with the Social Club Soft Opening on social networks

April 2023 – CORGIAI token is launched. In the same month, the liquidity mine was activated.

July 2023 - CORGIAI token is listed on DEX. It enhances the ability for new users to buy and exchange the token with others.

September 2023 – An AI marketplace is started. Here, users sell and buy crafts, art, and NFTs. A job board is also started where users can hire AI experts to complete tasks.

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Screenshots from CorgiAI

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CorgiAI details and tokenomics

CorgiAI Ticker: CORGIAI
CRO Contract address: 0x6b431B8a964BFcf28191b07c91189fF4403957D0
ETH Contract address: 0x6b431b8a964bfcf28191b07c91189ff4403957d0
Type of crypto: cronos-token
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://cronoscan.com

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