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Crypto Lists has been on a heck of a journey in the past 12 months and as we approach the end of 2023, we’ve got another announcement to sing from the rooftops about.

Indeed, today we hit a landmark achievement as we reached 100 new crypto casino reviews. There have been some amazing Bitcoin casinos released over the past year and some not so great ones. And, since we’re genuinely impartial, we’re not afraid to tell you the bare bones truth about sites that aren’t up to scratch. Still, we do have some acceptance for new sites since there are always small things to fix, more developers to add etc. But follow our reviews since we keep updating with new and/or changed information as soon as learning about it.

Today, we’re going to let you in on the inside story of how we reached 100 fresh reviews plus some of the things we’ve noticed about casinos and the wider industry too.

Are you ready? Great, let’s begin.

The journey to 100

Let us introduce you to our journey these past twelve months. Towards the end of 2022 the senior leadership team here at the company decided to branch out.

But not just in any old direction. Nope, but towards the gambling industry where they’d had 30+ years of experience and some previous big successes related to new casinos. While the last project was focused on new online casinos in general – this time – only the new casino sites accepting crypto for deposits and withdrawals are shown on the toplist.

And, in January all the team here began flexing our new casino muscles to review casinos, classify and review 100’s of game developers, and games too. And, any crypto casino project that caught our eye. Over the past 11 months we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to crypto casinos. In fact, some sites are so ugly we’ve put them on our warning list to help readers see what to avoid.

Want to know what one of our co-founders had to say? Then you’re in luck since we’ve got a quote directly from the man himself. Markus Jalmerot said: “It really is a momentous day at the Crypto Lists HQ. When we decided to pivot our focus towards an industry where my fellow co-founder and I have extensive experience, we anticipated a longer journey to this achievement. Hats off to all the team for making this happen much sooner.”

But perhaps you also want to know what Tom, our head of content, said? Double dose of luck since we also have word from him too. He said: “The work put in by all the writers, designers, developers and the marketing team at Crypto Lists is remarkable. Everything we do is a team effort, and when we all pull in the same directional focus towards new BTC casino brands. Often we’re first out with the latest brands, so make sure to follow us to stay up-to-date”.

Now though, let us go through some of the conclusions we’ve reached on this journey to 100.

It’s all about crypto centricity

When it comes to the casinos that Crypto Lists reviews, it’s been a considerable change the last 12 months and a significant percentage now include crypto deposit and withdrawal options, even if it’s not a given for all. Top 3 cryptocurrenciesIt was not like that just 1-2 years ago. Today, more than half of all new online casinos accept crypto, estimate Jalmerot.

However, there are some, especially those licensed in Malta or the UK, that stick to traditional fiat currency only. It’s like they’re a bit more cautious about diving into the crypto pool – but perhaps the MICA regulation in 2024 might change how the handle it. After all, there are always lots of Bitcoin casinos that need improvements, like in any emerging and quickly changing industry.

But here’s the thing, those fiat-only casinos, they don’t get a spot on our ‘New Crypto Casinos’ toplist. We keep that list exclusively for the ones that are embracing crypto, making it easier for readers who are specifically looking for that crypto experience to find what they’re looking for.

Smart new crypto casinos have Evolution & Spribe

Something we’ve noticed is that most of the best casinos feature Evolution and Spribe – two truly top-tier software providers. Evolution and Spribe logotypesWhile the Scandinavian developer Evolution is one of the world leaders in live casino action – blurring the lines between the ‘real world’ casinos and the digital space, Spribe specializes in instant games such as the iconic Aviator game. A third popular developer that’s highly sought after is called EvoPlay and they have fun instant football games such as Penalty Shootout and Longball for those that rather shoot long shots than straight into goal.

Curacao is the main jurisdiction for crypto casinos

From doing our 100 new casino reviews, we can state categorically that Curacao has emerged as the primary licensing jurisdiction for these kinds of casinos. The small Dutch island nation in the Caribbean has positioned itself as a haven for cryptocurrency gaming platforms, primarily due to its more flexible regulatory environment.

Unlike the aforementioned jurisdictions like Malta or the UK, which are known for their stringent rules and a focus on fiat currency, Curacao offers a more accommodating framework for the types of sites we feature most heavily on Crypto Lists.

Malta, UK and Costa Rica lag behind…

As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of casinos we’ve reviewed over the past year are licensed in Curacao by one of the four main master license holders. Given that, there is room for innovation among the legacy licence providers within the crypto space. And, both these bodies and the casinos they represent likely need to innovate in order to keep up with the crypto pioneers.Curacao eGaming logo

There are also licensing jurisdictions like Costa Rica that are open and willing to work with crypto casinos, however, don’t possess the positive reputation being garnered by Curacao. Which, to many, still isn’t at the level of the UK and Malta, for example. There are also many people that struggle to verify Curacao casino licenses and for that reason, Crypto Lists made a guide about it.

Big variation in quality and trust worthiness

Over the past year we’ve had some exceptional casinos to review that we really trust. And, more importantly that our readers and the wider iGaming community trust too. There are a couple that we really like and thought we’d use the opportunity to share them with you. They include Crypto Games IO (review) as well Bitspins IO (review). These are the kinds of casinos we love going back to play time and time again and ones where there have never been any negative words in regards to payouts or anything like that.

Over the past year we’ve also had some tricky casino experiences, with sites like Inmerion where both ourselves and the players have had less than ideal situations. So, it’s not all good and we take the rough with the smooth.

A handful of new ones quickly shut down

You saw our warning list earlier, and although that’s a really valuable page for our discerning readership, it doesn’t tell the full story. There are new crypto casinos closing every month., often not lasting more than six to twelve months at a time. As always, you can count on us to be on the ball though. Bit Spin Casino (review) closed this November, while Casino Fans and Apolo Bet are some other ones we really liked that have gone the same path.

Others include:

  • CoinGames
  • Bit4Win
  • Coinzino

If you do find yourself on a casino that’s closed down, we’ll automatically recommend you to visit another more suitable one at the top of the review.

Faked licenses are distrurbingly frequent

Perhaps that’s a little bit of a clickbait header, but we have indeed stumbled across a fair few casinos that have fake licenses. It’s one thing to be absent of a license, but to pretend you have one using altered certificate URLs and such is something else entirely. A casino we like but that has faked its license is Turbospins (review), and in these instances we never say to outright avoid it if we have no other evidence of wrongdoing – although we will always point out if there’s been dishonesty around licensing.

You can learn more about how we check licenses here.

BTC and ETH are most common, but where is SOL?

Looking for BTC casinos? Not a problem. How about ETH casinos? Again, you’re not going to have much trouble finding dozens that you love. But when it comes to Solana (SOL) casinos, although they exist they’re simply too few in number compared to their market cap and popularity with crypto fans. And, crypto casinos fans alike.

by Our Two Certified Authors
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