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Crypto Gibraltar 2022 was focused around the legislation, prominent companies and some of the top people from the cryptocurrency, hedge fund and NFT industry that is based in Gibraltar.

Here is a unique coverage about some people that Markus from Crypto Lists had the pleasure to meet during the conference related to cryptocurrencies. Learn about some of the interesting people, discover unique facts revealed at the conference and see a wide range of Leica photos, 4k videos and interactions with people on the conference.here

Some interesting people that we met at Crypto Gibraltar, 2022

Below are some images and photos of people that Crypto Lists met during the crypto conference in Gibraltar, 2022, organised by Pete Burgess. Check out the video from when we went to attend the Crypto Gibraltar conference and what it looked like over there.

Let us start with Peter Burgess who spent lots of time to organise this amazing event.

Pete Burgess – The organiser

Pete Burgess is the organiser of GibTech and Crypto Gibraltar. Pete Burgess - Organizer of Crypto GibraltarPete had a challenging time to find sponsors for Crypto Gibraltar in the bear market. Still, he managed to find enough and made a great crypto event for a niche market. Mr Burgess hosted a wide range of topics. Visitors listened to facts about crypto regulation in one of the first markets that regulate crypto funds, market makers, exchanges and other related businesses too. Other topics include diversity in the Gibraltar cryptocurrency market, NFTs, intersting stablecoin disussions, the future of DeFi and what’s going on with CBDCs. There were also topics a about the future for payments in the crypto market.

Crypto Gibraltar - Final day with

Jonas Schmidt, SSW Alpha Rock Fund

Jonas moved from Germany to Gibraltar to handle market making strategies which is used for in-house crypto trading at a very successful Gibraltarian company, founded by Germans. Crypto Lists had a chance to learn a bit more about what a “fair price” is for a market maker – a very interesting topic if you like trading, trading strategies and automated trading. How does a market maker work? How does a liquidity provider make money? Stay tuned, we might be able to get a short interview with Jonas..

Daniel Vu – VIP boxes at football clubs

Daniel Vu is a Bulgarian mathematics and gambling expert that used to live in London over 10 years, before moving to Gibraltar. Daniel Vu taking a beer at Crypto Gibraltar

He is founder and CEO of Veblen – a marketplace for VIP seats and VIP boxes at football clubs. Here people can buy, sell or trade VIP boxes as well as fractionalise them into season tickets and single game tickets. The fascinating thing with Daniels approach is that he is selling the VIP tickets as NFTs. When it comes to prices for VIP boxes on football games like AC Milan or Liverpool FC, we are yet to find out what the prices will be like. It’s clear that you can pay in ETH or USDT. Let’s hope that prices for a single match is affordable, so it is possible to attend some matches from a football VIP box. In either case, it’s an different approach to handle NFTs integrated into ticket sales – a top use case for non fungible tokens. Looking forward to see how it develops.

Photo of Scott Malsbury, Crypto Gibraltar

Scott Malsbury – Community creator for AAVE

Scott Malsbury was handling the ICO of AAVE, a token with an impressive return – from 0.01 USD up to over 600 USD, an increase of 60 000x (600 000%), before turning down to 75.9 USD when writing this. After the successful ICO, he made a “decent return” to say the least, and decided to sail around the world – two times. Can you blame him? What would you do if you made a return of 600 000%? Drinking pina coladas all day in Caribbean, getting a penthouse in NYC, becoming a ETH whale or sail around the world a few times like Scott? If you need some amazing promotion and community building, perhaps Scott could be open to some consultancy work to launch a new cryptocurrency.

Mikko Ohtamaa and Markus from Finland

One guy that got into crypto really early is Mikko Ohtamaa from TradingStrategy.ai. Mikko was CTO for one of the first crypto exchanges – Local Bitcoins (see review).mikko ohtamaa crypto gibraltar However, he left Local Bitcoins (that you can try here), and is now focusing on algo trading for decentralised markets.

Trading Strategy is not launched or open to the public yet. Crypto Lists got a preview and over 1.5 million trading pairs for cryptocurrencies are supported, across 4 blockchains today. However, within short Avalanche will also be supported, making it 5 blockchains. The interesting thing with Trading Strategy is that you can select the time frame and do backtesting on various marketplaces for crypto. It seems like they support 1000’s of crypto exchanges and DEX at the moment. This is certainly a business that Crypto Lists would like to follow and see how it develops.

QR code to visit Local Bitcoins
Info symbol Get Local Bitcoins

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Rating: 8.75/10
Number of instruments: 34+ instruments

Description: The peer to peer crypto exchange created by Mikko Ohtamaa. Not a customer yet? Try it now!

Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.!

The Anonymous Belgians – Melvin & Christophe

The semi anonymous Belgians, Melvin and Christophe, have launched quite a few eminent NFT collections. Two belgian NFT guysPerhaps you already heard about Anonymous Astronauts NFTs already, and if you have not – check out their artwork and long term benefits. Among the HODL benefits from their connection, you find passive income, continuous rewards and airdrops, Anonymous Astronauts club access, and will always be on the whitelist for new projects launched by the same team. Many of the NFTs from AA such as the Solegetic Collection is released on the XRP blockchain. In light of the recent legal battles between Ripple and SEC, Crypto Lists engaged in lots of discussions around that. In either case, it seems like the Belgian NFT team are going to launch several other collections in the near future.

Paul Sisnett – The CBDC expert

Paul Sisnett, the co-founder of Satellite Moving Devices Group, is convinced the future of money will not be centralised around fiat currencies alone but will be more about moving value regardless of the digital asset used.

Paul Sisnett is based in Amsterdam and has been working with CBDCs for many years. In his seminar about central bank digital currency he explained about many misconceptions surrounding stablecoins. For starters, how CBDCs are created is totally different between various countries. While China’s CBDC system is built with surveillance in mind, several other countries are not created in the same manner. Crypto Lists readers are probably keen to know which CBDCs they talked about and perhaps we can get an interview with Paul in the near future, to clarify some of the differences and changes in regulation related to central bank issued digital currency.

Derren Powell from Mastercard

The audience had the pleasure to hear and speak to Darren Powell, the vice president of Fintech for UK and Ireland at Mastercard. Stage photo of Darren Powell, Mastercard UKHe explained about Mastercard’s role in connecting with fintech companies, that are keen to offer their services with Mastercard integration. Dave Carr, a developer that created several integrations where you can use Mastercard for crypto deposits, went on stage and explained how it works when you like to integrate with a well known debit-card provider. People from the audience asked about the difference between Mastercard and VISA for crypto deposits. According to Derren, Mastercard got 80% of the fintech market in the UK among the debit card providers, since they make it simple to onboard new clients and got a huge network that can discuss and learn how to get started.

Brendan Beeken from the Isle of Man

Brendan Beeken is an entrepreneur and investor that is about to launch his own crypto exchange with 2M of his own investment, along with a couple of other supporters. But first, there is an ICO for their upcoming token. Crypto Lists might follow this project and report about their journey – if the white paper sounds interesting. Expecting to get the white paper from Brendan next week.

Who of the above mentioned people in crypto should we do an interview with? Contact us to give your suggestions.

Note: Crypto Lists spent a long time to compile this post due to all images, videos and facts around people. If you like to see more content like this – please share and like the post.

Further images

party crypto Gibraltar

Crypto Gibraltar Evening Party

Crypto Gibraltar Conference 2022

Two Finnish guys on crypto Gibraltar 2022

Belgian NFT guy

Asian cryptocurrency trader at Crypto Gibraltar festival

Additional Videos from Crypto Gibraltar, 2022

How was the Crypto Gibraltar event? See it for yourself here – where Crypto Lists mix videos from the seminars to the evening parties.

Crypto Gibraltar Conference 2022: Day 1.

Crypto Gibraltar Conference 2022: Day 2.

Metaverse Dgenerative – Crypto Gibraltar Conference 2022.

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