Top 35 Crypto Sites Accepting Brazilian Pix for Deposits

Pix logo with BCB mentionedThe Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) developed Pix as an instant funding method in November 2020 becoming the pioneer and game changer with instant payment methods in the country. Do you want to know where Pix can be used for crypto deposits? Continue to the top list below and find out.

Pix became highly popular with over 60% of the Brazilian population adopting the deposit method as it enhances the digitisation of money in a period where no-contact transactions were essential. The funding method is integrated with several Brazilian financial institutions, including established fintech firms & crypto sites. It does not charge any fees to individuals with P2P payments, making it a top alternative for many crypto enthusiasts. Pix also has a lower acceptance cost with merchants due to the transactional framework having fewer intermediaries than traditional deposit methods.

Top 28 casinos with support for Pix

Roobet Casino
A fast growing brand, put it in your hand. Give Roobet a try, then you won’t ask why!
3700+ games


Bitstarz Casino
You might win shiny diamonds or fast cars. But only if you play to win on Bitstarz!
4400+ games


Apolo Bet
Apolo Bet is a gift from the Gods of Greece, bet big and watch your crypto coins increase!
1200+ games


Zodiac Bet Casino
A popular crypto casino that provides up to 0.9 ETH in bonus over 4 deposits.
1200+ games


Moi Casino
You don’t need to speak French to enjoy Moi Casino!
2000+ games


Gamdom Casino
Gamdom’s one of the best looking crypto casinos we ever did see, play with Ethereum and win some BTC!
3000+ games


21 Bit Casino
You might like to run and get fit, but why not have fun on 21 Bit?
3000+ games


Bit Spin Casino
When you play, you play to win. Bag big Bitcoins on Bitspin!
1500+ games


Polestar Casino
Win enough crypto to buy a new car? It’s totally possible here on Polestar!
6500+ games


Verde Casino
You’ll love the Verde iGaming site, it truly is a Leprechaun’s delight!
2000+ games


Dito Bet
Ready for the match? You’re all set. The next step is to play on Dito Bet!
4000+ games


Doggo Casino
Head to the kennel and win big prizes. Doggo Casino is full of nice surprises!
3000+ games


Bet O Bet
When it rains, you’ll get wet. When you play, you’ll win big on Bet o Bet!
1500+ games


Bit Bet 24
Bet while you’re chilling with a cup of tea. A massive welcome bonus up to 7.5 BTC!
7000+ games


Quick Slot
Come and give it all yo’uve got. Play to win on Quick Slot!
2000+ games


Happy Spins
Win big in this exciting place, put a big smile on your face!
2000+ games


Yaa Casino
Are gonna play on Yaa? Collect all your winnings in a lovely jar!
2000+ games


Lyra Casino
Stack coins faster than winds blow, strike it lucky at Lyra Casino!
2000+ games


Sportsbet Casino
Bet on sports with many devices. Get it right and win big prizes!
1200+ games


Casombie Casino
Get a fresh gaming experience with unbelievable bonus offers and over 4000+ select games.
4000+ games


Ice Casino
Unfreeze your luck at Ice – you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.
3500+ games


Westpoint Casino
Westpoint Casino is known as the cashback crypto casino since it offers a weekly 10% cashback to all players.
4000+ games


Nine Casino
Try the rewarding Nine, with fine games and fantastic design. 69 developers so variation is given, this casino site is really driven.
6000+ games


Pribet Casino
Israeli founded crypto casino with slots, esport betting and virtual games from 47 game developers.
1400+ games


Play Zilla Casino
Use crypto at Play Zilla today, it’s fun and the best way to play!
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Winz Casino
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5000+ games


Bit Vegas Casino
An awesome gaming experience with 21% cashback without wagering, every week.
9000+ games


Need For Spin
Get a car racing and slots experience in the crypto casino world!
8000+ games



Top 6 sites for buying, selling and trading crypto with Pix

This is the toplist with the best sites to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies through Pix. To learn more why a certain site is ranked the way it is, you can read our review by clicking the review button. Exchange
Trade over 200 crypto pairs from one of the leading exchanges. They also got their own debit card for all users. App
Making crypto trading, staking and investing simple. Directly from an app.
One of the exchanges available in most places around the world, with among the lowest fees and among the best compatibility for transfers between various blockchains.
Largest on crypto. Over 200 cryptocurrencies to trade, both currency exchange with a wallet, CFD trading, staking and much more.
Paxful has over 350 different deposit methods to help you get started with crypto investing.
Hodl Hodl
Trade globally on Hodl Hodl, is your go-to P2P Bitcoin platform that doesn’t hold your funds

We generally recommend using an exchange or platform with good track record, great reputation and positive feedback from its customers. The better option for you as customer, the better ranking we give them.

Pix is well-known and favoured for its instant crypto deposits, no-cost transactions for P2P deposits, and low cost for businesses offering a competitive market for Brazilians. It is an innovative product in the country’s banking industry as the first instant deposit method and reducing cash transactions. It offers an alternative to traditional deposit instruments such as ATMs, bank slips, and Boleto. It has experienced mass adoption in the country due to no fees being charged for P2P deposits while business transactions incur low fees.


+The deposit method offers instant payment to its users.
+Pix is available full-time, including weekends and public holidays.Advantage - logo
+Pix does not charge users fees in transacting.
+It is secure with multi-factor authentication keys and QR codes.
+This intuitive transfer methods does not require users to have a bank account.


-The deposit method is only available in Brazil.Disadvantage - logo
-Pix is not possible to cancel transactions once they are processed.
-Rather few crypto sites are supporting the deposit method.
-It is not a viable option for credit card users.

What is Pix?

It is a fully centralised infrastructure developed by the Central Bank of Brazil to offer instant payments and reduce cash transactions as a more affordable, fast, and secure alternative to traditional deposit methods. It facilitates instant deposits between P2P, P2B, B2B, P2G, and B2G transactions via a smartphone. Brazilians can initiate it through the app of any of the 800 payment service providers in the country, facilitated by aliases, keys, or a QR code. The alias or key identifies the receiver’s transactional account but it is not necessary to register a key to pay with Pix. Individuals may have their keys or aliases as their email address, phone number, individual taxpayer registry identification number, a randomly generated alphanumeric string, or a QR code. The payer requires the recipient’s Pix keys to perform an instant deposit and a transaction receipt generates for the payer and recipient. Individuals can have up to five keys for each Pix account while companies can have up to twenty keys but each alias is only associated with one transactional account.

Pix Costs

It exempts individuals from fees when using the deposit method in making purchases and sending or receiving funds for transfer. However, fees may apply to individuals receiving funds from commercial sales or making a deposit using the institution’s channel or personal service when electronic options are available. Individual commercial sales are when receiving more than 30 Pix per month, a receipt with a dynamic QR Code, a receipt with QR Code from a corporate payer, receipt in an account defined in the contract as for exclusive use for commercial purposes.

Legal entities incur charges when the institution holding the customer’s account may charge a fee for sending and receiving funds, for transfer and purchase. The institutions freely set the applicable transfer costs. However, most sites recommended by Crypto Lists do not have any additional transfer fees and if they do, we make sure to mention it in the reviews.

Transaction speed for Pix

It offers instant confirmation of transfers with a processing time of 2.5 seconds. However, an institution’s timelines can delay the transfer of funds to accounts and not benefit from its instant transfer solution. This is especially common with traditional Brazilian Reals bank transfers being processed during working days only. Several Brazilians accept funding with Pix due to the instant settlement of transfers.

Pix Deposits in four steps

1. Choose Pix from the list of deposit options.
2. Scan the QR code on the webpage or copy the Pix key to your bank or mobile app
3. Confirm the recipient’s information and put in the deposit amount and press GO.
4. Finalise the transaction with a verification method of your choice, such as Face ID, Touch ID, or PIN code on your mobile device.

Which are the main countries where Pix is used?

Currently, it is only available to residents of Brazil. However, international institutions can accept funding with Pix.

Can you withdraw with Pix?

Yes, you can withdraw funds from Pix. A user can initiate a Pix withdrawal transaction similar to a deposit by reading a QR code or making a Pix from their account to the account of the withdrawal service provider or withdrawal agent such as a commercial establishment. The withdrawal service provider delivers the indicated cash to the user. These withdrawal services are free for individuals up to the eighth transaction of a month.

Reputation of Pix

Pix has revolutionised the banking industry in Brazil by introducing instant deposit methods available full-time. The unavailability of a full-time deposit method led to delays in processing transactions. It is a great improvement from the reliance on credit and debit cards. Several Brazilians take pride in the reduction of cash transactions prevalent in the country. The digitisation it provides has gained a reputation for its financial inclusion in catering to the unbanked in the country with no charges to individuals. It is secured with QR codes and multi-factor authentication. The current limitation of the deposit method is that it is only available in Brazil.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to the most reputable Brazilian deposit alternative.

Is it safe to use Pix for cryptocurrencies?
Yes, it is safe to use the deposit method for cryptocurrencies as it offers robust mechanisms and measures through encryptions with QR codes and Pix keys.

Verify links regarding crypto sites that accept Pix and avoid untrustworthy links such as spam email and spam SMS. Use official links like on Crypto Lists.

Is Pix instant?
It offers an instant deposit method for its Brazilian market hence its popularity.

When was Pix founded?
The Central Bank of Brazil founded the deposit method in November 2020

Which crypto sites accept Pix?
Some crypto sites supporting the deposit method include Local Bitcoins, Paxful, Binance, OKEx, and Kucoin – making cryptocurrencies conveniently accessible to Brazilians. Unlike traditional deposit providers in the country, it offers full-time availability in completing transactions.

Does Pix only work on Apple devices?
It supports all smartphone devices to conduct instant deposits.

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