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Every brand name has a logo and Bitcoin casinos are no exception. But what’s in a name that stands out among the 290+ reviews on our site? Today, Crypto Lists will dig into what characterizes trustworthy and good brands in the casino industry.

All of you probably recognize the logos for some of the biggest and most well known washing machines, bananas or even cars. But what about Bitcoin casino logos? The weird and wonderful crypto casino history is fairly new and has not been around so long, even if some of the most established brands we have are over one decade old now.

So far in 2023, an impressive amount of 93 new crypto casino sites has been launched in the last 12 months. So what distinguish a successful casino brand from those that still have some way to go?

A good gambling logo should be carefully designed to convey the brand’s identity, values, and the essence of casino while being visually appealing and memorable. Here are some characteristics that often set apart a good gambling logo from a not so good one.


A strong gambling logo should be simple and not overly complex. It should be easily recognizable and memorable, even when scaled down or viewed from a distance. Brands such as Bit Reels (see review) and LTC Casino (see review) are really easy to recognise. The logos are simple, yet recognisable and memorable.

Example of good ons: Two brands where simplicity rules are LTC Casino (try here) and Bit Reels (try here). Other examples of brands that did a good design job with the Bitcoin casino logotype when it comes to simpleness and clarity include the QuickSlot brand, a pure crypto site called Vera Casino (see review), the cool logo of Reel Crypto (see review) that symbolizes a slot machine, the classic and plain Bet Play (see review) along with Shotz that’s open only for Norwegians,

Room to improve: A Bitcoin casino site that looks a bit too creative is Purple Casino (see review), that has both cards, chips, a slot machine and the word casino in the logotype. While it’s great to showcase part of the offering in the logo, this could perhaps be a bit too much shown?

Iconic Symbolism

It’s not always possible to have a long logo and sometimes – all that fits is an icon.

Hell Spin Casino Logo

Example of a controversial, but iconic BTC casino logotype

Many successful gambling logos incorporate iconic symbols associated with luck and prosperity, such as dice, lucky cards, horseshoes, or a slot machine symbol. These symbols can help viewers immediately connect the logo to gambling. Other cool icons for brands such as Hell Spin try to be rebellious or at least look a bit our of control with an arrow pointing down. While both can be great, it’s worth to make careful choices from the beginning when it comes to icon design. Check out how Hell Spins look like here.


An adequate crypto casino logo should work well in various contexts and formats.

Example of a versatile crypto casino logo

LTC Casino logo with black and white background.

Regardless if it’s on the official website or an affiliate site, a mobile app or a tablet, in promotional materials, or physical signage – the logo must be versatile. It should maintain its clarity and impact regardless of size or color variation. A good example of a top rated Litecoin casino with this set up is called LTC Casino (see here).


The logo should leave a lasting impression on viewers. When you go to bed – do you think of a significant crypto casino? Or are only adverts from washing powder in your mind? A memorable crypto gambling logo should be something people can easily recall after seeing it just once or twice. The optimal domain names are just like memorable logos – usually rather short and with a dot com extension.
Big Wins and BetPlay Casino logos
Once again, LTC Casino is a great example of a memorable logo and domain. While the logo and name is great for BetPlay – the lack of a .com gTLD could cause a little trouble for the brand recognition. A notable mention is CoinPlay that’s both short and simple with a dot com extension, and the iconic BitStarz brand and logo that’s easy to remember – even if some confuse the “z” in BitStarz with an “s”. Another cool logo comes from BigWins (see review), that has the “i” used in both “Big” and “Win”, forming a nice pattern. If you’re into live roulette, you will probably be keen to try out Rouletto https://www.cryptolists.com/goto/rolletto. Finally, a really short and quite memorable logo is Vave (try here) – even if some can confuse Vave with Wave.

Color Palette

Colors play a crucial role in a logo’s impact. pantone colour paletteGambling logos often feature bold and vibrant colors like red, black, gold, or green, which are commonly associated with casinos and betting. Since Bitcoin casino logos will be featured on many different background colours – such as white, transparent or black – it’s important that the logo is available in many different colours from start. Unfortunately, numerous Bitcoin casino brands don’t spend enough time and effort on making their logo fit in everywhere.

Many logos we come across only have a black background. That is far from optimal and it might damage the brand and graphic profile. It may look strange and stand out too much in many toplists, and doesn’t look professional, when the logo is made for black backgrounds only. There must therefore always be a logo with a white background or a transparent one as well – in order to become a successful crypto casino brand in the long run. Lots of brands have the bad habit of making it look good only on black background, which is not enough.

Unique Design

The logo should be distinctive and unique, setting the casino brand apart from competitors. RoySpin and OnLuck logoAvoid clichés and strive for originality. Give people a feeling of luck and prosperity, not a message that doesn’t add anything. Rather have no slogan, than a bad slogan on your logotype.

Example of good ones: Crypto Lists like the logos from On Luck (see review) with it’s unique and clear design, but also the one from Roy Spins (see review). Both names and the logos are easy to read and give players a taste to try it a bit more.

Room to improve: While Casino Fans (see review) is a great site, the slogan is really annoying. Casino Fans - Logo with sloganWhy do they use “casino” in a slogan, for a brand name that already has casino in it? Same with sport book – is there any point to have two of the most generic words in gambling shown on your slogan? Well, once again – the site is great so give it a try. When you arrive, it’s probably clear that the logo is similar in type to a major XXX-site. Still, there are no unique symbols within either logo so we assume it’s fully legit.

Scalability and Image Size

Smart crypto casino brand names should ensure that the logo can be scaled up or down without losing its visual integrity.

Coinplay Logos

This is essential for various applications, from small icons to large banners. From mobile website, to logos featured on huge 49″ monitors/screens (or even bigger). Example of logos & icons that works in multiple formats.

Instead of only giving out logos in PNG or JPG, it’s better if the SVG format is used. That way, it’s easier to scale the logotype and the brand name will look excellent in various formats and settings.

The original size of the logo in kilobyte can also make a huge difference for how web designers and content writers and editors scale it. If the casino logotype is huge from the beginning, it might be scaled down into really low quality – which can hurt the “look of the brand” after scaling. Make sure to create a logotype that can easily be used in various sizes without any huge compression loss when making it smaller.


Aim for a timelessness design that won’t become outdated quickly. Trends come and go, but a timeless logotype will remain relevant for years to come. Logos and brand names that include some of the major coins such as Bitcoin or Litecoin will most likely stand the time, even for the next decade or two. Casino Bit LogotypeFor that reason, LTC Casino is a smart and good name with a timeless aspect. It’s generic and easy to remember, and Litecoin stands for the lowest transfer fees, yet very quick transfers. Everything with “bit” could mean bitcoin, and it’s also a common abbreviation for many brands. Some that are timeless and sounds very good include Bitspins and Casino Bit, or simply Betti (see review) that sounds like a short form of betting.

Typography - example


The choice of fonts and typography should complement the logo’s style and evoke a sense of excitement or sophistication, depending on the brand’s positioning. Typography, in the context of logo design and branding, refers to the art and technique of arranging text to make it visually appealing, readable, and aligned with the brand’s identity. It plays a crucial role in creating a gambling logotype and can greatly influence how the brand is perceived and remembered. Typography varies on logotypes in several ways such as:
Font Selection: The choice of fonts (typefaces) is one of the most important aspects of typography in logo design. Different fonts convey different moods and characteristics. For example:
Serif Fonts such as Times New Roman or Baskerville have small decorative lines (serifs) at the ends of characters and give a sense of tradition, professionalism, and sophistication such as LTC Casino. Meanwhile, Sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica or Arial lack these decorative lines and are often perceived as modern, clean, and minimalistic with Bitcoin casino brands such as Run 4 Win.

Other logos that’s done with script fonts mimic handwriting and can give a more personalized, elegant, or artistic feel. One example here is BitSpins, that made a decorative logo that looks like handwriting.

Display Fonts: These are highly decorative and are often used for crypto casino brands that want to appear bold, creative, or unique.

Letterform Manipulation: Sometimes, designers modify individual letters or characters to create a unique logotype. This might involve customizing the shape of a letter to fit the overall design or to create a distinctive visual element. One example is Reel Crypto, where the R looks like a slot machine. Another one is the B in Betplay, looking like lightning. In the Crashout logo, the O stands out in a similar manner. It’s with other words quite common to use letterform manipulation among crypto casino logotypes.

Combining Fonts: Gambling logotypes often use a combination of two or more fonts to create contrast or to convey different aspects of the brand. For example, a logotype might use a bold sans-serif font for the brand name and a script font for the tagline. Two examples with combined fonts are Casino Bit that’s more bold in the beginning, and Bizzo casino where the first word in the logo stands out way more.

Color: The color of the typography can vary greatly between logotypes. Color choices can evoke specific emotions and align with the brand’s identity. For instance, bold and vibrant colors might be used for a youthful and energetic brand, while muted and subtle colors could convey sophistication. Spinsbro have that playful feeling with yellow, trying to get customers to give it a try. Another version is Love Casino that aims to look artistic and playful in their logotype, with dark background and yellow and purple text.

Orientation and Layout: The arrangement of text elements can vary, from horizontal to vertical or even circular layouts. The placement of text relative to other design elements also influences the overall look of the logotype. A bold logo version comes from 1 Red Casino, with a big and bold letters where 1 and Red is combined into one word.

Typography in logotypes should always align with the brand’s message, values, and target audience. It’s a powerful tool for conveying the brand’s personality and making a lasting impression on crypto casino customers. Careful consideration of typography ensures that the logotype effectively communicates the desired message and resonates with the intended audience.


A gambling brand’s logo should align with its overall branding strategy, even if it’s one of the anonymous crypto casinos. It should be consistent with the brand’s messaging, values, and target audience. It’s hard for Crypto Lists to point out any specific Bitcoin or Ethereum casinos that have a better consistency than others. How much you like logos are after all rather subjective. For instance: Does Duel Bits or Bet o Bet sound and look better in your opinion?

Appropriate Mood

Depending on the brand’s positioning – e.g. a luxury casino, or perhaps a fun and simple Bitcoin casino, or crypto-focused online sports betting – the logo should evoke the appropriate mood, whether it’s excitement, elegance, crypto nerd or just fun. While brands such as Win Spirit Casino tries to give a happy and playful feeling in the logo design, On Luck Casino instead tries to mimic those that are into red on a roulette table. Rollers VIP gives a feeling that you want to start playing with their roller skaters on the logo, while those that love films easily can connect with Godbunny and think of The Godfather that perhaps makes you feel lucky?

Legal Considerations

Ensure that the crypto casino logo design does not infringe on copyright or trademark rights of other entities and complies with all relevant laws and regulations. It might be worth to check this with a legal council for additional clarification before going live with a new Bitcoin casino brand.

Does it Make You Think?

Finally, you should ask if the logo makes you think or even take action. Logos and brands such as Great Win, Rock Win, CashWin or Legend Play could give a feeling of good fortune before playing, but that could of course also be seen as misleading by some players.

Is It Following Good Gambling Grand Characteristics?

One of most important factors for gamblers when selecting a trustworthy crypto casino is transparency. A reputable Bitcoin casino brand should be transparent about its terms and conditions, including wagering requirements for bonuses and promotions. Since many details are hard to find out, you can always check the reviews here on Crypto Lists to learn more.

There should be tools and resources to support responsible gambling, such as deposit limits, self-exclusion programs, and access to resources for players who may be experiencing gambling-related issues. Excellent customer support is also crucial and something that set brands apart.

Players should have access to responsive and knowledgeable support agents who can assist with inquiries, technical issues, and provide assistance when needed. In the modern era, mobile gaming is essential and a mobile friendly website is crucial. There should be a rewarding loyalty programs or VIP schemes that give regular players exclusive bonuses, cashback, or other perks. Financial stability based on a solid financial foundation, ensuring they can meet their financial obligations, including player withdrawals is also essential.

Crypto Lists support brands that does regulator, independent audits by reputable organization’s. A wide variety of payment options for crypto users, while supporting multiple blockchains is also crucial to suit a wide range of player preferences. Please note that the characteristics of a good gambling brand can vary depending on local regulations and individual player preferences, so it’s essential for players to do their own research and choose a brand that aligns with their needs and values.


Ultimately, a good gambling logo should effectively represent the brand’s identity and create a strong connection with its target audience. It should communicate the blood-pumping exhileration and entertainment associated with gambling while maintaining professionalism and integrity.

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