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The highest crypto casino bonus of them all comes from Coin Kings Casino. Since it’s unlimited, we simply call it 999 BTC, but if you feel for depositing 1000 BTC or more and get 100% bonus on that – it’s also possible.

Today, Crypto Lists are providing some additional information about Coin Kings (see review) which is a really popular site. They stand out for having an unlimited Bitcoin bonus and have a great approach to their players. That’s why both Crypto Lists and their players love them. Let’s look into the highest crypto bonus of them all a bit more in details and first of all – who’s behind this site – and then we continue with why a high welcome bonus (999 BTC or more) is worthwhile.

Who is behind Coin Kings Casino?

Most new and even the more established Bitcoin casinos don’t offer bonuses above 1 BTC. At last it’s very rare. Which are the owners and team behind Coin Kings Casino and what makes it possible for them to afford so high bonuses?

It’s a reputable German-Austrian team with over 60 years of combined industry experience. They been working in multiple different regions and see the world as their market. Crypto Lists founders known them for more than 8 years and over those years – they always been trustworthy, long-term, innovative and ready to create huge brands from scratch. This brand – Coin Kings (review) – is no difference. The make it worthwhile for the players and if you haven’t tried it yet, check out Coin Kings website now!

High bonuses gives trust

We all know that a high crypto casino bonus gives trust to the players. But how could you offer an unlimited crypto match bonus that’s 999 Bitcoin or even more?

David from Coin Kings replies: Well, the competition is strong, so bringing a new Bitcoin casino brand to start we wanted to ensure to offer something that no one else is offering.

Crypto Lists says: Smart! If you can afford it, and they can – then why not? It’s a great way of showing that sky is the limit for people. We trust the German and Austrian team behind Coin Kings 100%, with developers and designers from other countries. And now you know that they give out the sky high casino deposit bonus that few uses over 0.5 BTC in order to offer something unique. Btw, the bonus comes with 35x wagering, which is very reasonable. On top of the match bonus (100%), you also get 100 free spins. Didn’t claim the offer yet? Visit Coin Kings website to get it today!

Coin Kings Live Casino Games

9400 games enable you to play longer

Significant casino bonuses allow you as a players to extend your gaming sessions without additional personal investment. There are over 9400 casino games to enjoy, providing great entertainment value. Play as long as you like – with the highest crypto bonus around the choice is yours how much to deposit.. 0.1 BTC, 0.2 BTC or 999 BTC or anything in-between – you choose!

A way to minimize risk

By using a big bonus, not necessarily 999 BTC but a decent one at least, you can minimise the risk. As a player, you can play and explore various types of games and betting strategies with the casino’s money, minimizing their financial risk. Not bad right? Grab your bonus here and minimize the risk.

Opportunities to win big

The larger casino bonuses give players a better chance to hit significant wins without using their own crypto. This also increase the excitement when playing and if you win really big – you will probably get a better life (or year at least).

Time to explore new games

You can try out a wider variety of games. Perhaps you never tried one of the amazing BTC casino crash games before? Now can be the time. If you like boxing, then Smash X (see review) might be fun to try out. If you love amazing graphics and different crash games, then Crash, Hamster, Crash (see review) might be a good option.

While you otherwise might not want to risk your own cryptocurrencies, here you can explore cool new games, such as the one from Live 88 – Royal Riches (see review).

Competitive edge with a 999 BTC bonus
A crazy big bonus which is offered from Coin Kings can provide an edge in competitive gaming environments. Having more crypto to play for can make a significant difference over the long run – when you play for several hours.

Psychological Appealing

The perception of getting a magnificent deal with free spins on top can be very appealing and psychologically rewarding. This will enhance the overall satisfaction of the gaming experience for you as a player. Check out Coin Kings now and let us know what you think.

Risk warning: Remember to never play for more than you can afford to loose.

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