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High RTP: Top 8 New Bitcoin Casino Games with RTP Over 98%

Best new high RTP casino games, 2024Many smart crypto casino players choose high RTP games with in average between 98 to over 99% returning to the player. Here, Crypto Lists showcase some of our favourite new high RTP slots and crash games. Obviously, we don’t want to spend time playing all the same old titles so here we focus on finding the best new high RTP games.

You probably already seen some of the top lists of casino games with the highest RTP – usually over 99% – but which of the games are both new, fun and really rewarding? Here, we’ll give you a brand new list of options with focus on high RTP games suitable for crypto casino enthusiasts. Join us for this journey and see if you find any new, great Bitcoin casino games with low house edge…

Stock Market Live by Evolution

Stock Market Live from Evolution, March 2024

First out is one of the latest from Scandinavian giants Evolution. Stock Market Live is an almost brand new game with 99% RTP from Evolution. Yes, the Swedish stock listed company that is king of live casino games but now also make promising crash games with high RTP, such as Stock Market Live. It was launched in the end of March 2024 and already gained lots of players attention. We’ve seen it on many lists over the most popular games in April 2024, and expect it to reach even more casino sites when they actually implement the game / make it available to play.

Fortune Tumble from Mancala Gaming

Fortune Tumble from Mancala Gaming

The highest RTP game from Mancala Gaming is called Fortune Tumble. For experienced players, it might look like an improved version of the classic Plink game. And the truth is that it’s very similar, but a bit better according to some players.

Ok, first of all. Fortune Tumble is a fairly new game made by Mancala Gaming’s and it is very rewarding with 99% RTP. When it comes to design, you can quickly see that it’s created by a professional casino game studios and not the old and boring graphics from the original Plinko casino game. Do you feel lucky? Then it’s a great game with 99 USDT back to the player out of 100 USDT gambled, with just 1% house edge.

The maximum win on Fortune Tumble is 1000x the bet size and the maximum bet you can do is 100 USDT or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. You can already play Fortune Tumble on multiple new Bitcoin casinos from 2024 including but not limited to Daily Spins, Spin Space and Go Spin.

Pia from Expanse Studios

One of the best paying games from Expanse Studios is Pia (see review) with 99% RTP. Pia Slot symbolsThe game was released around the middle February 2023 and is now a popular online slot on 5 casinos with Expanse Studios range of games. The maximum win on Pia is 123600 and the minimum bet is 1 USDT. You will be amazed by the graphics and Mexican theme of this high RTP game.

The best symbols to get in Pia is scatter that gices 2000x if you get 5 of them or 80x if you get 4, while Wilds are the second best with 100x for 5 symbols in a row and 40x for 4 symbols after each other. Read the full review of Pia here and learn about all the sites where you can play, see more facts about the game and read our FAQ.

Plinko Easter from BGaming

One of BGaming’s highest RTP game is called Plinko Easter and was released the 16th of March 2023. Plinko Easter mobile playIt comes with 99% RTP so it’s up there among the casino games with lowest house edge. This casual casino game allows you to choose how many cells there should be in the game – between 8 and 16. When the ball is dropped vertically, it lands in one of those cells.

While 16 cells gives higher maximum wins, it’s also higher possibility to get the lower multiples with fewer cells. You also have 3 different risk level options: low, normal and high. For low, you have a harder time to win really big and often hit 1x or 1.1x, while the high risk level allow you to win up to 29x on the 8 line version. Apart from the Easter theme with eggs instead of balls and green colours, it’s identical to BGaming’s other Plinko game.

Sweet Punks from Popiplay

An eye popping high RTP online slot game from Popiplay is called Sweet Punks and it came out in October, 2023. Here, you can enjoy 98.2% RTP in true punk style. There are lots of free spins and chance x boosters on tap and Sweet Punks is really fun to play. Sweet Punks example What’s rather impressive is the maximum win on this candy inspired slot. You can win up to 10200x the bet size on Sweet Punks so a 10 USDT bet can give back 102 000 USDT in the best possible outcome.

Obviously, all of us are not that lucky but let’s hope for the best shall we? In short time, Popiplay have risen from a rather new developer to a site where you feel love at first spin. They are focused on players needs and create premium graphics that’s accessible from any device. See a full review of Sweet Punks here.

Detective Donut from Popiplay

If you would like to be Sherlock Holmes but rather find donut thieves than solve hard criminal cases in a new high RTP slot, then check out Detective Donut. Detective Donut example In a fantastic graphic slot drama, you are set to be the detective donut and find any criminals trying to steal donuts. The 6×6 slot has 97.22% RTP – so not really 98% but almost. However, since it’s up to 25 000x maximum win we found it worth to include anyway.

If you’re lucky in this slot, you might find wild symbols with multipliers, free spins, respin features and can enjoy the buy bonus feature. This irresistible online slot must be played to experience the feeling. Learn more about the Detective Donut game here.

The Big Deal Deluxe from Habanero Games

A fairly new online slot game from Habanero Games with up to 98.4% RTP is another one that’s well worth trying. The big deal deluxe You can play in both landscape and portrait mode with 25 pay ways. There is both free games and re-spins available to enhance the gaming experience. If you are lucky, you can also find multipliers.

One unique feature from The Big Deal Deluxe is the Super Bet function, where you can risk a bit to win more. There is also a jackpot in this game which make it even more worthwhile. However, you should be aware that it’s very high slot volatility. That means that it can go a long time before you win big and it’s rather few players that make it on really high volatility games, but on the other hand it’s built for those that either prefer really big wins or nothing at all.

Cash or Crash by Evolution

Another really high RTP game comes from Evolution and is called Cash or Crash. While it might sound like a normal Bitcoin crash game, it’s actually not. Cash or Crash Live - example Instead, this is a live game show that works similar to keno or any other game and luck and has nothing to do with typical crash games. However, Evolution always try to innovate and this is probably their way to make a new type of crash game available, with even better RTP than the others.

In Cash or Crash, a friendly live show hostess will talk with you in typical Evolution gaming style and explain how the game works and talk about the latest statistics. Your task is to move up a 20-step ladder, which is also a paytable. Reaching higher levels gives better payouts and the maximum is 50,000x the initial bet size. Not bad, right?

Even better for many that appreciate big RTPs in casino games is that Evolution’s Cash or Crash gives up to 99.59% RTP. But the range can vary depending on which Bitcoin casino you play at from 94.51 up to 99.59%. Our suggestion is to play on LTC Casino that is fully anonymous.

High RTP or just fun?

Some BTC casino player might wonder if it’s actually worth it to play some of the highest RTP games instead of the most fun games. Fair enough. But can’t a really high RTP slot or crash game be fun as well? We definitely think so. In fact, the two go hand in hand when it comes to the best games.

Just because it’s really rewarding has nothing to do with how entertaining the game is. But you have to select a suitable theme, since that is usually what players care about the most. Below, we mention some reasons why people love these types of rewarding Bitcoin casino games.

10 reasons why players love new high RTP games

Below are ten reasons why casino players enjoy new games that they haven’t tried before – with really high Return to Player (RTP):

Increased winning potential
High RTP games offer players way better chances of winning over the long term. We all know that the casino (the house) always has an edge, but why not make it minimalt? Crypto Lists always suggest to play high RTP games in order to give you better odds of winning. It’s way more attractive to select some of the suggestions above for those seeking consistent returns on their bets.

Better value for crypto
Players really appreciate games where they get more value for their crypto. High RTP games provide better value by returning a larger portion of the wagers to players over time. Why go for smaller returns when you can get bigger ones in the long run?

Extended playing time
With higher RTP, players can expect their crypto deposits methods to last longer on average, allowing for more extended playing sessions and entertainment. Are you motivated to play for a longer time? Then choose some of the suggested rather new high RTP games above.

Trust and confidence
Games with high RTP are often perceived as fairer by players. A high RTP indicates that the game is designed to give back a significant portion of the wagers to players over time, fostering trust in the game’s integrity.

Player satisfaction on low volatility games with high RTP
Winning, even if it’s small amounts frequently, can contribute to a player’s overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the game. High RTP games with low or medium volatility provide more opportunities for players to experience these wins. Some examples of low volatility games with really high RTP (over 99%) include Ugga Bugga from Playtech and Ooh Aah Dracula from Barcrest.

Less frustration due to higher return
High RTP games tend to result in fewer losing streaks and less frustration for crypto casino players. Even during losing sessions, players are likely to feel more optimistic knowing that the game is designed to give them better chances of winning.

You can easily find them around
When it comes to accessibility, many high RTP games are readily available in online Bitcoin casinos, making them easily accessible to players who prefer games with better odds.

Suitable for both Low and High Stakes Players
Players with smaller bankrolls or those who prefer low-risk gambling can find high RTP games particularly appealing, as they offer the potential for decent returns without requiring large bets.

Wide Variety of Gaming Options
Many different types of casino games offer high RTP, including slots, live casino, video poker, and crash games. This variety allows players to choose games that match their preferences and gameplay styles while still enjoying the benefits of big RTP.

Fun and frantic
Last but certainly not least is the fact that high RTP games are riduculously fun to play and as the old adage goes: no risk, no reward. And that’s exactly what you’re going to encounter on the games listed above. Get ready for some serious action.

Alternative older high RTP games

Some of the older high RTP casino games with close to 99% return to you as a player might still be worth to look into if you haven’t tried them before..

  • Ryse of the Mighty Gods (One Touch) – 99.1%
  • Fruit Beats Xtream (Spinmatic) – 99.08%
  • Ugga Bugga (Playtech) – 99.07%
  • Ocean Princess (Playtech) – 99.07%
  • Book of 99 (Relax Gaming) – 99%
  • Mega Joker (NetEnt) – 99%
  • Ooh Aah Dracula (Barcrest) – 99%
  • Nemo’s Voyage (WMS) – 99%
  • Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon (WMS) – 99%
  • Monopoly Big Event (Barcrest) – 99%
  • Mega Joker (Netent) – 99%
  • Gold Digger Mines (iSoftBet) – 98.88%.

So there you have it folks. But, if you’d like to dive in and play some top games then please take a look at our full list of crypto casinos or alternatively, just pick one from the top 2 below!

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