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60 NFT coins and tokens

NFT coins
If you are keen to learn more about NFT coins and tokens, then this page is perfect for you.

Crypto Lists feature a top list of both NFT tokens and coins, followed by answers to a lot of frequently asked questions.

60 Best NFT Coins and Tokens

This is the top list with NFT related cryptocurrencies for United States. There may still be restrictions what people in the your geographic region are allowed to do when it comes to crypto currencies. So make sure that you read up on the regulatory restrictions as well as the terms and conditions for each crypto exchange and consider what is allowed or not allowed. Crypto is extremely volatile and not suitable for everyone to invest in. Never speculate with money that you cannot afford to loose.

Ether (ETH)
“The leader of DeFi coins, allowing anyone to deploy decrentalized apps.”


BNB Coin (BNB)
“BNB is the native coin of BSC and one of the five biggest cryptocurrencies in turn of daily turnover.”


Solana Coin (SOL)
“A scalable, super fast decentralized blockchain.”


Sandbox (SAND)
“Play, Create, Own, and Govern a virtual Metaverse made by players.”


Tezos (XTZ)
“The native coin of Tezos, a powerful chain and the official digital collectables partner of Manchester United FC.”


Aave (AAVE)
“Earn interest, borrow assets, and build applications with Aave.”


Flow (FLOW)
“Flow is powering the next generation of play to earn games and digital assets.”


Immutable X (IMX)
“The first layer 2 for NFTs on Ethereum with zero gas fees and instant trades.”


Gala Coin (GALA)
“Own your gameplay, with Gala Games token.”


Green Satoshi Token (GST)
“Stepn players can earn crypto in the form of Green Satoshi Token by walking, jogging or running outside, with the GPS turned on.”


Cronos (CRO)
“Fortune favors the brave, says Cronos – the native token of the Crypto.com exchange.”


0x (ZRX)
“0x API is a professional grade liquidity aggregator enabling the future of DeFi applications.”


dogwifihat (WIF)
“Amusing and fresh meme token hot on Doge’s heels!”


“The native token for Wagmi Games, a strategic play to earn game on the Ethereum blockchain.”




Rollbit (RLB)
“The native token of the crypto-powered Rollbit casino!”


Blur (BLUR)
“The innovative new NFT marketplace token.”
No rating for new tokens

“The innovative AI meme generation token”
No rating for new tokens

“The ArbDoge experiment’s fuel and utility token.”
No rating for new tokens

Chiliz (CHZ)
“The leader of sports tokens, especially for soccer. “


Fasttoken (FTN)



X2Y2 (X2Y2)
“Earn staking rewards from a the new NFT marketplace token.”
No rating for new tokens

Aurory (AURY)
“The only token native to the Aurory game”


Acquire.Fi (ACQ)
“The coin at the intersection of investment and Web3.”
No rating for new tokens

Echelon Prime (PRIME)
“Powerful play-to-earn gaming token”
No rating for new tokens

Run Together (RUN)
“Combining the worlds of NFTs and Move2Earn together in one fun fitness application”
No rating for new tokens

ApeCoin (APE)
“ApeCoin is a cryptocurrency for the web3 economy.”


Frutti Dino (FDT)
“FDT is running on the Ethereum blockchain as a play to earn token for Frutti Dino. Staking in possible in Dinoverse.”
No rating for new tokens

Axie Infinity (AXS)
“A digital nation. Battle, collect and earn with Axie Infinity.”


GetKicks (KICKS)
“GetKicks is another move to earn token that is like Stepn and Sweat Token, but runs on the BNB chain.”


VentiSwap Token (VST)
“VentiSwap Token is the native token for a Non-Custodial Cross-Chain DEX.”


Book.io (BOOK)
“Say hello to a decentralized book ownership token!”
No rating for new tokens

Beep Boop (BOOP)
“Earn $BOOP in a multidrop ecosystem to access unique gameplay mechanics!”
No rating for new tokens

Biswap Token (BSW)
“Enjoy rewarding yield farming and exchanging with super low fees for cryptocurrencies.”


Gorilla (GORILLA)
“Combine a useful launchpad project with the most amusing and gamified meme token around!”
No rating for new tokens

Walken (WLKN)
“Move to earn and play to win with this exciting new coin”
No rating for new tokens

“The upcoming NFT coin from FractonProtocol”
No rating for new tokens

Floki (FLOKI)
“Take a closer look at this meme utility token!”


Pepe Cash (PEPECASH)
“Multifunctional meme coin based on the popular Pepe phenomenon!”
No rating for new tokens

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)
“The charming farm and builder game – My Neighbor Alice.”


EthereumMax (EMAX)
“Leverage EMAX and get in on the hottest sporting events and VIP occasions”


Dogai (DOGAI)
“Imagine a meme coin bridging to AI? You’ve just imaged DOGAI!”
No rating for new tokens

Cronos ID (CROID)
“Revolutionizing the identity and communication space!”


Football Fan (FNC)
“Football Fan is one of the latest tokens that are launched for the World Cup in Qatar.”
No rating for new tokens

MetaBeat (BEAT)
“The platform that brings fans and artists closer using the power of NFTs!”
No rating for new tokens

Enjin Coin (ENJ)
“NFTs that you can integrate.”


Doge Dash (DOGEDASH)
“DogeDash is the native meme token for the exciting play to earn game with the same name.”


Amazy Move Token (AMT)
“Make moves, get fit, and stack tokens with this exciting project.”


Ethernity Chain (ERN)
“The only way to be part of and participate in the Ethernity community!”


FIT Token (FIT)


Starz (STZ)
“Get involved in a football based NFT Play2Earn fantasy football platform!”
No rating for new tokens

“MetaNFT – The First NFT Cross-Chain MarketPlace.”
No rating for new coins

Gritti (GRI)
“Upcoming move-to-earn disruptor”
No rating for new tokens

Copium (COPIUM)
“Missed out on the biggest crypto launches? Cope harder with COPIUM!”


EverEarn (EARN)
“A frictionless BSC blockchain contract with 11% BUSD yield to holders.”
No rating for new coins

“The in-game token for the PIAS world supporting crop NFTs and more”
No rating for new tokens

Baby Doge (BABYDOGE)
“A meme token donating to charities that the community select.”
No rating for new coins

Exceedme (XED)


Marshall Inu (MRI)
“The crypto token for passionate MMA Fans, fighting for fighters.”


Luni Coin (LUNI)
“LUNI on Terra, where passive income meets entertainment in the virtual land called Luniverse.”


What is a Non-Fungible Token?

A non-fungible token is a cryptographic asset based on a blockchain with unique metadata and identification codes that make them unique and different from each other. Examples of these tokens include video game items, art and collectibles, audio, videos, and other types of creative work.

Although they can be used in a wide variety of applications, non fungible tokens are mainly used to trade virtual art assets. Here, the art creator chooses whether to sell the whole ownership of his work or only sell a series of that digital artwork.

They are different from cryptocurrencies in that they cannot be exchanged or traded at equivalency. Fungible tokens such as cryptocurrencies are identical to each other: thus, they can be utilized as a mode of commercial transactions.

The Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold

In the last few years, NFTs have gained immense popularity and some of them have been auctioned for staggering prices. Here are some of the biggest NFT token sales.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days. In March 2021, a collage of NFTs was sold by NFT creator Beeple for an eye-popping $69.3 million. It became the first digital artwork to be sold at a major auction. This sale broke the record as the most expensive NFT to ever be auctioned. The First 5000 days was sold at Christies.

Human One. Beeple is one of the most successful digital artists and he also has the second most expensive NFT sale which was sold in 2021 for $28,985,000 at Christies.

Punk #7523. CryptoPunks enjoyed an outstanding 2021 and was among the best sales of the year. Punk #7523 heads the list of CryptoPunks and was sold for $11.7 million.

What is the best NFT?

It’s a hard question. What is the best car? For those with almost unlimited budget, like Justin Bieber that bought in total two Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs for about 1 million USD. For those looking for the best NFT below 1000 USD, or with a totally different budget or interest. You have to look around and find what’s best for you.

Popular Celebrities Who Own NFTs

Some famous people that own or collect NFTs include, but are not limited to Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

Nonfungible tokens have attracted plenty of people to their ecosystem, including popular celebrities. Grimes, a Canadian musician, was among the first investors in these digital tokens when she sold about 10 pieces of digital art on Nifty gateway.

Snoop Dogg is also another popular celebrity that owns digital collectibles. He announced in March 2021 that he was launching a collection of NFTs known as “A Journey with the Dogg”. This collection is a culmination of the early memories of the rapper blended with non-fungible tokens.

Eminem’s first non-fungible token collection is titled “Shady Con”. It takes the form of a digital festival and fans can own this collectible on Nifty Gateway. When Eminem was asked why he adores non-fungible tokens, he said that he had a passion for collectibles when he was a kid but it didn’t have a market. As a result, he enjoys recreating some of those collections.

Why are Nonfungible Tokens Auctions So Popular?
Since their introduction to the public, auctions have emerged as the best place to sell nonfungible tokens. They have become popular for one major reason – the seller obtains the maximum price for their digital artwork.

The seller picks their starting price, which is usually low, and then allows potential buyers to fight it out over a predetermined period that has been set by the auctioning platform. The highest bidder at the auction is the one who pays for the artwork and walks away with it

Blockchains that Support the Minting of NFTs

NFT’s can be found on a wide range of blockchains. Here are some of the most popular blockchains for NFTs:

Ethereum (ERC-20). The most popular blockchain that has been used in minting non-fungible tokens is Ethereum. It’s the go-to option because it employs smart contracts and top-notch technology for non-fungible tokens. However, its gas fees ($150) are quite high which makes it unreasonable for low-cost transfers.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC-20). Binance Smart Chain is the blockchain behind the most popular crypto exchange, Binance. Traders and investors can receive a high return on investment as well as instant liquidity from the BSC platform. BSC’s blockchain also employs smart contracts to manage the general flow of transactions.

Solana (SOL). Solana is gradually replacing Ethereum as the preferred blockchain for minting non-fungible tokens because of its Proof of History (PoW). PoW offers low gas fees ($0.00025) and faster transactions per second (around 65,000 tps).

Polygon (MATIC). Previously known as MATIC, Polygon runs on Ethereum’s network. It was established to fix the scalability problems that are experienced in Ethereum currently. As a result, Polygon offers lower costs and quicker transactions as compared to Ethereum, and it also has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Cronos Chain (CRO). This is the platform behind crypto.com, and its main objective is to create easier ways to help every user get access to GameFi, DeFi and most importantly, non-fungible tokens.

Cardano (ADA). With gas fees of around $0.4, Cardano is an open ecosystem for minting nonfungible tokens. It makes the entire minting process to be safe, compatible and harmless. The main reason why it’s used is that it’s energy-efficient and it has no scalability problems.

The Top 3 Major Non-Fungible Token Marketplaces

The most used websites acting as marketplaces for NFTs include OpenSea, Rarible and SuperRare.

OpenSea. Presently, this is the most popular and largest NFT site in terms of sales revenue. It offers all types of digital artwork. It also supports creators and has a fairly simple user interface. The marketplace comprises over 150 various payment tokens which makes it attractive to buyers and sellers.

Rarible. Rarible is identical to OpenSea – it has all sorts of collectibles, art and videos that can be sold, bought and even created on the platform. With this platform, users must use the primary token of the marketplace, Rarible (CRYPTO: RARI) to trade.

SuperRare. This is also another marketplace tailored for digital creators. The marketplace comprises 3D images, art and videos for trading. However, digital art collectors can only buy using Ethereum (ETH).

Where Can I Mint NFTs?

For some projects to take off and become popular among crypto enthusiasts, they have to offer mints or airdrop their nonfungible tokens to qualifying individuals. But minting of nonfungible tokens is usually done at the official site for the project or in the token’s community.

When looking for up-and-coming nonfungible token mint, make sure you remain cautious of malicious individuals or projects. You should find as much information about the project as possible and make sure you understand everything from the creators of the project to its intentions.

Which are the top NFT artists?

Hard question.. see if you can get some “names” or a good answer..

How to Make NFTs?

Do you want to know how to generate a NFT? If so, there are plenty of ways you can make your nonfungible tokens. First, you can use an NFT creator app or an NFT art generator. Some of the NFT creator and NFT generator apps include GoArt, NFT Creator, SuperMe and 8bit Painter.

In addition, there are several decentralized applications (DApps) that enable people to make their nonfungible tokens by minting them on a particular blockchain or network. However, you should keep in mind that even if nonfungible tokens can be minted by anyone, that does not necessarily give them value in the real world.

What is Floor Price in NFTs?

The floor price of a NFT is the lowest price it’s currently selling for in a marketplace.

Why are NFT Apes So Popular?

Just like CryptoPunks, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a series that features non-fungible token avatars that take the form of apes that are disinterested-looking. There are thousands of them, and each ape has a set of attributes that are generated randomly. These avatars also have a powerful community backing them.

The Ape collection has been gaining immense popularity in recent years because owning a nonfungible token from Bored Ape gives you access to drops of extra non-fungible tokens, including the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (a series of mutant apes) and the Bored Ape Kennel Club (dog nonfungible tokens).

Major Companies that Have Collections of NFTs?

NBA’s Top Shot. Top Shot is an online marketplace for trading, buying and selling video highlights of captivating NBA moments. They have a slogan that says, “Own the NBA’s Best Plays”. It is interesting to know that a nonfungible token of Lebron James dunking in a game against Houston Rockets is their most sold asset, having been sold for $387,000.

CryptoPunks. Dating back to 2017, CryptoPunks have been some of the earliest digital artworks in existence. Designed by Larva Labs, CryptoPunks are a series of pixel art images portraying “punks” featuring randomized attributes such as eyewear, headgear, and gender.

Twitter’s Valuables. Twitter also launched their non-fungible tokens platform known as Valuables in 2021. This platform allows Twitter users to put up their tweets for sale.
In addition, Disney is looking for an NFT manager. This shows that more industries are hugely interested in the nonfungible token craze.

What is the True Value of a NFT?

Many crypto enthusiasts often wonder what the true value of a non-fungible token is. Well, the value of these digital art and collectibles is influenced by several factors such as its utility, liquidity premium, ownership history, future value, and so much more.

In the end, a nonfungible token is never worth more than anyone is willing to pay. Some digital artworks are temporarily valued very high, while others are on a constantly upgoing trend.

Where Can I find NFT Airdrops?

NFT airdrops happen when a nonfungible token is given to a qualifying person – in many cases, they’re holders of related projects. But the main factor to consider here is the type of cryptocurrencies that you own.

A great example of an airdrop is when mutant veils were issued to Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holders, where individuals who owned at least one BAYC nonfungible token were rewarded with an exclusive airdrop of the second project from Yuga Lab. As of February 2022, the airdrop to BAYC holders is valued at $50,000.

People can also receive airdrops if they follow the social media platforms of the respective airdrop issuers. For instance, many NFT collections require that you follow the company on Twitter, Telegram and/or Discord to be part of the nonfungible token airdrop competition.

Where Might NFTs Go Next?

First, mass adoption of nonfungible tokens is almost unavoidable. The sales volumes of nonfungible tokens in 2021 amounted to $25 billion, and this figure is expected to go higher in 2022 and the coming years.

It is also expected that nonfungible tokens will start being used widely in business transactions. How will this be actualized? Since trading of digital certificates is usually done online and via a decentralized blockchain, it can help to carry out business transactions more securely and swiftly.

Books About Non Fungible Tokens that are Worth Reading

Are you looking for books about digital art and collectibles? Here are some of the resourceful books you can read and increase your knowledge regarding nonfungible tokens:

a) The NFT Revolution 2021 – Crypto Dukedom
b) NFT and CryptoArt – Daniel I. Bray
c) NFTs for Beginners: The Ultimate Non Fungible Token– Sam Nakamoto

FAQ about NFTs

Below are a few questions that we got recently. Feel free to contact us with your question.

What does a nonfungible token look like?
A nonfungible token is a special type of crypto asset. It signifies a real-world object such as an in-game item, music, video, or even a virtual basketball trading card. These assets can be purchased and sold off online, mainly with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

For instance, the first-ever tweet from Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, was converted into an NFT and sold at an online marketplace for $2 million.

Do Christies offer nonfungible tokens for sale regularly?
Although Christies does not sell non fungible tokens often, they made sales of nonfungible tokens worth $150 million in 2021. Notably, the most expensive digital artwork, Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days, was sold at the 225-year-old auction house for $69.3 million.

Which are the most popular Play2Earn games where NFTs are used?
Some of the most popular Play2Earn games include Axie Infinity, Reward Hunters, Farmers World, Binemon, Devikins, Monsta Infinite, and so many more.

Which are the top nonfungible token artists?
Several artists of digital artwork have emerged in the past months – some have become popular and others not. Some of the popular ones based on earnings include PAK (total artwork value is $269 million), Beeple (total artwork value is $172 million), TylerXHobbs (total artwork value is $102 million), DMITRICHERNIAK (total artwork value is $84 million), MATTDESL (total artwork value is $50 million).

    Blur continues to make inroads on OpenSea market shareBlur continues to make inroads on OpenSea market share
    Thursday, 2 Mar 2023 9:21 am
    The new NFT marketplace for or expert and high-volume traders, Blur, continues to rally from strength to strength. OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace at present and the leader within the space, has started to lose some ground to the innovative newcomer. Some analysts point to Blur’s incentive program and advanced NFT trading features as drivers causing users to move over to the platform. What happens next remains to be seen, but some say it's contingent on Blur's governance upgrades. If you want to get involved then there is the Blur token, which is also making waves on various exchanges. Trade Blur on OKX now!

    New Cardano stablecoin secures pre-launch NFT partnershipNew Cardano stablecoin secures pre-launch NFT partnership
    Friday, 6 Jan 2023 1:55 pm
    In more good news for 'Djed', the upcoming Cardano Network stablecoin it's secured a partnership that should help people overcome a particular problem with NFTs on the network. The price of ADA sometimes changes when a creator sells an NFT collection, and the new deal with Yepple help creators list their NFTs with a DJED price tag to stop this from happening...
    Read the full newsflash

    BitMart celebrates big 2022 with NFT marketplace launchBitMart celebrates big 2022 with NFT marketplace launch
    Sunday, 1 Jan 2023 11:03 am
    2022 was a big year for BitMart as it celebrates the launch of 667 tokens to the platform as well as a hugely successful NFT marketplace. In addition, they concentrated on increasing security to protect customers from online threats to assets by upgrading and deploying enhanced security tools, updating its security infrastructure, and applying stringent risk controls. Let's hope they have a similarly bright 2023. Want to give BitMart a try? Sign up for now!

    'The Donald' releases NFT collection on Polygon'The Donald' releases NFT collection on Polygon
    Friday, 16 Dec 2022 8:49 am
    Former US President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he is releasing his own NFT collection, with an image of him as a superhero doing the rounds on social networks...
    Read the full newsflash

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