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Pepe Cash (PEPECASH) Review

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The fame of Pepe Cash is propagated by the fun green frog that has been popular in the past. From the green frog came the rare Pepe directory, which has had millions of graphics submitted and stored there. This currency enables meme lovers to submit and transact in rarer memes on Pepesphere. Beyond transactions, PEPECASH represents fun and the creativity that goes into getting amazing graphics out there on the internet.

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Released on August 23, 2023, 12:00 am
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PEPECASH is a native currency for the rare pepe directory. This meme cash can also be bought on some defi crypto exchanges and used for either gaming, submitting memes, or investment.

Each week, half of the earnings from the submissions on the directory are burned in order to make Pepe Cash deflationary. The coin is based on the Bitcoin network and is therefore secured by blockchain technology.

In the Pepe economy, the artwork submitted becomes an asset that is recorded in the blockchain and cannot be altered or lost.


A Bit About Pepe Cash

PEPECASH came into being in 2005, when Pepe the Frog generated interest in the internet sphere. This year, the Frog became a member of the Boys Club, an online commit series that was created by Matt Furie. From this point on, the e-currency was co-opted by several online communities, including 4chan, where the meme enjoyed a huge number of spin-offs. The meme has been re-imagined and recreated over the years to become one of the most recognized memes.

This currency is the native coin of the Pepe sphere. It is used as the store of value for all the graphics and memes that are kept in the rare meme directory. The blockchain records the value of the assets that are stored in the directory as well as the reference to all transactions. On the other hand, the coins pay the fee to use the network and are a means of earning for the artists who would like to sell some of their pieces.

In addition, the meme coin has been co-opted in several meme communities, including 4Chan, where it can be used for transactions. You can also buy it on several coin exchanges for speculative purposes or to transact on the relevant platforms.

Multifunctional meme coin based on the popular Pepe phenomenon!CryptoLists.com

PEPECASH is a meme coin. It was created based on the green Pepe the frog. Its rise to stardom led several artists to think of creating a coin based on it. The pepe sphere and its rare pepe directory have been key to its growth.

This currency is built on the Bitcoin currency network. It uses blockchain technology to run transactions and for security. Transactions with the coin are similar to Bitcoin transactions, only that they are faster and much cheaper.

The unique feature of the coin is that it works as both a store of value, a means of trading in memes, and a currency in several games. The expanded transactions with the coin enable it to gain interest around the world. In addition, the fact that non-meme users can buy it for speculative purposes makes it more or less of an investment option.


Utility of Pepe Cash?

Pepe Cash is primarily a meme and game coin. It is generally used in the Pepe Sphere, a meme economy built around Pepe the Frog. This economy has a directory where artists submit and sell Pepe the Frog-related graphics.

The graphics may include spin-offs of the frog and assets based on where the frog lives, such as digital cars, mansions, and yachts.

The coin is also used in some games, although this is not widespread. It can be used to buy ammunition, graphics, and digital assets in these games.

When you buy the coin, you are able to use it in any of these areas to buy and own assets. Besides, the value of the coin has been rising, so you may earn more by selling it at a higher price than when you bought it.

Pepe Cash Price details

ETH Contract address: 0x891b45dbbbfd08ccede429527609e4f4813092b4
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Advantages of Pepe Cash

+ Pepe Cash is based on a fun internet meme that many people love.
+ The coin is secure as it runs on the Bitcoin crypto network.
+ Pepe Cash helps people earn from their creativity on the Rare Pepe directory.
+ The coin is a store of value for digital assets.
+ Pepe Cash offers a chance to invest in the crypto market and enjoy value increases.


- This coin is meant for the Pepe meme and not general transactions.
- Many of the popular crypto exchanges do not host the coin.
- The coin has not had great increases in value in the recent past.
- This coin is not yet compatible with the other main e-currencies.
- Few people know about the coin beyond memes and gaming circles.


▪ Rated at 7/10

The costs of transacting with Pepe Cash are about 0.055 to 0.2% of the value of the money being transferred. Its gas fee varies slightly according to the congestion in the network.

Also, the faster the transaction, the higher the price that you will pay. However, transacting with the coin is many times cheaper than using Bitcoin, whose network it runs.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 7/10
▪ Buzz rated at 7/10

Pepe Cash enjoys a solid reputation based on the buzz around Pepe the Frog, which has captured the imagination of many people around the globe.

The Boy Club, where the Frog was initially hosted, is also a highly rated show. It has also continued to push for the acceptance of the meme coin around the globe.

In addition, communities like 4Chan and other meme forums have also made the coin popular among the most relevant users, artists, and meme coin lovers.

By accepting the coin, it gave it access to a huge market that served as the launch pad for its future success.



How was Pepe Cash initially distributed?

During the start of the coin, the members of Pepe the Frog got free coins. The remaining coins were burned to maintain their value. Any members that joined later were supposed to buy the coins that were in circulation to start transacting with them.

How do the Pepe Cash miners get paid?

The initial miners of PEPECASH got a portion of the initial amount of coins. The rest of the coins were given to willing members through giveaways on social media platforms such as Telegram. FoldingCoin miners continue to earn coins as a reward every time they mine the coins.

Is Pepe Cash secure?

PEPECASH is secure. The coin is based on the Bitcoin network and blockchain. The blockchain records all the transactions with the coin on a distributed ledger. The details of the transaction cannot be changed, and the record is available to all the stakeholders in the transaction. Besides, the blockchain ensures that the transactions are anonymous and less likely to be reversed.

How do you use Pepe Cash?

You use the coin to pay fees and buy and sell graphics in the Rare PEPE directory. It is also used on 4Chan networks for transactions.


History of Pepe Cash

2005: Pepe the Frog joins the Boys Club, where he gains international attention.There is an increase in the number of people creating memes based on Pepe the Frog.

2008: There is a push to have a meme coin based on the frog on the internet. Platforms like the 4Chan community start to push the idea among their members.

2009: A group of artists decide to create a meme coin based on this green frog. They base the coin on the Bitcoin blockchain for the security of the transactions.

2010: The meme coin becomes the mode of transaction on the Rare Pepe directory for the artists to submit, buy, and sell their Pepe the Frog-based artworks.

2023: PEPE meme coin launches and spurs on the release of other Pepe-related coins.

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Screenshots from Pepe Cash

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Pepe Cash details and tokenomics

Pepe Cash Ticker: PEPECASH
ETH Contract address: 0x891b45dbbbfd08ccede429527609e4f4813092b4
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
Circulating supply: 418,586,550
Max supply: 420,690,000
Resources & Social media
đź”—Blockchain URL: https://etherscan.io

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