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VentiSwap Token (VST) Review (6/10⭐)

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The developers of this token believe that cryptocurrencies can work without having to depend on fiat currencies. With this token, crypto traders can simply buy and sell coins without having to turn them into fiat. Since the coin works across a range of blockchains, users can convert tokens across different networks.

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Remember to never risk money that you can not afford to loose. Crypto currencies is highly volatile, unregulated in most EU countries, no EU protections & not supervised by the EU regulatory framework. Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal.


VentiSwap token is meant to work as the native cryptocurrency of the VentiSwap cross-chain DEX. The token was launched on the Ethereum blockchain. It has become popular because it allows crypto users to trade on various blockchains in a single swap. At the same time, users are able to remain anonymous as they exchange cryptocurrencies. The coin makes it easier for crypto traders to exchange tokens without having to complete KYC procedures.


A Bit About VentiSwap Token

A key founder of this project is Michael Carlin, and he has noted that he primarily developed the DEX to solve the issue of cross-chain interoperability. This token makes the DEX platform work as expected. At the moment, the token is mostly used by individuals in the USA, the UK, France, Brazil, and Mexico. This is because the company has mostly marketed the project in these countries.

VentiSwap Token is the native token for a Non-Custodial Cross-Chain DEX.CryptoLists.com

This token was released in December 2021, and according to the initially planned allocation, about 60% of the tokens will be distributed to centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. 20% was set aside for the presale, and another 20% was allocated to the development and marketing team. 0.03% of the coins were set aside for the seed. The allocation will be adjusted based on the presale results.


Utility of VentiSwap Token?

One benefit of this token is that it allows holders to receive staking rewards. To qualify for staking, you will have to hold a minimum of 100 Ventiswap tokens. You can stake the coins for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. By staking the tokens for a month, you will be able to receive a 1% bonus. Staking the tokens for three months will earn you rewards of 2% per month. With the six-month option, you will get rewards of 3% per month. You should note that all these rewards are paid out in VST. According to the lite paper 2.0, stakers will get more benefits in the future, including exclusive access to new Ventiswap projects.

This coin also allows holders to purchase items on VentiNFT, the cross-chain NFT marketplace. This gives creators the ability to simply work with the blockchains that would best suit their projects as users would be able to access the collections conveniently on a range of blockchains.

Holders of this token will also be able to access crypto news directly on the VentiSwap platform. In addition, they will be able to watch and track their assets once they connect their wallets. This particular feature will work for all types of wallets and blockchains.

This cryptocurrency is also set to be a great investment. It is backed by solid technology and invests heavily in marketing. However, remember that lots of crypto projects have gone to zero, so there are no guarantees that this one will succeed.

VentiSwap Token Price details

ERC20 Contract address: 0xb7c2fcd6d7922eddd2a7a9b0524074a60d5b472c
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Advantages of VentiSwap Token

+ Holders of the VST token can earn staking rewards.
+ Stakers of VentiSwap Token can enjoy access to new VentiSwap projects.
+ VST minimizes transaction fees.
+ Investors can enjoy a chance of earning very high returns.
+ You can store it in a range of crypto wallets.


- VST can be slow to transfer.
- There’s a danger of permanent loss of your VST tokens.
- The project has to compete with more established DEX platforms.
- You can’t buy VentiSwap Token on most major crypto exchanges.
- It can be hard to explain how the coin works.


▪ Rated at 8/10

Since this coin was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, its transfer fees have to be paid in ETH. The cost of the transactions will vary depending on the congestion on the network, but on average, you will have to pay about $20. It is expected that the launch of Ethereum 2.0 will bring the transaction fees down.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 7/10
▪ Buzz rated at 6/10

Since this is a new cryptocurrency, it hasn’t received a lot of attention from the crypto community. However, it has run extensive marketing campaigns in a handful of countries and is expected to grow quickly. Unfortunately, the project hasn’t attracted any institutions or corporations, and this can drag its growth. Most discussions on this new coin are held on Twitter, where it has more than 20,000 followers.



What is a cross chain decentralized exchange?

A cross-chain decentralized exchange is a platform that allows users to exchange assets across different blockchains. At the moment, VentiSwap allows users to exchange BTC, ETH, VST, SOL, and BNB, among others.

Which blockchain does VST use?

This new cryptocurrency uses the Ethereum blockchain, but the founders are implementing a layer 2 solution to improve scalability and efficiency.

Which wallets can I use to store this cryptocurrency?

You can store this altcoin in any wallet that accepts ERC-20 tokens, and these include MetaMask, My Ether Wallet, and Ledger Nano. There is also a VentiWallet that was specifically designed for the storage of this altcoin.

What is the total supply of this token?

The total supply of this cryptocurrency is 100 million tokens, and about 60% of these coins are meant to be distributed to centralized and decentralized exchanges. The rest are allocated for pre-sale, development and marketing, and seed.

Can I stake my VST coins?

Yes, a benefit of this cryptocurrency is that it allows holders to earn staking rewards. The rewards range from 1% to 3% per month, depending on the time you have staked the tokens.

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Screenshots from VentiSwap Token

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VentiSwap Token details and tokenomics

VentiSwap Token Ticker: VST
ERC20 Contract address: 0xb7c2fcd6d7922eddd2a7a9b0524074a60d5b472c
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
Launch/ICO Date: December 1, 2021
Date for the end of ICO: December 4, 2021
Circulating supply: 2,172,475
Max supply: 100,000,000
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