New cryptocurrency to be listed on Binance may provides great investment opportunities as a crypto project on the leading cryptocurrency exchange often draw lots of new investor.

Crypto Lists Limited highlight more on the new five cryptocurrencies that could be enlisted at binance. The potential cryptocurrency to be listed include Lucky block, Woonkly power, DigitalFinancialExch, Battle infinity, and IMOV.

Finding a new cryptocurrency listed on the Binance way in advance is a rare find. This is because Binance usually announces a few hours before adding it to the platform as the projects to be listed are kept concealed. Each of the projects listed below has over time gained significant grips and could earn a spot as the next crypto on Binance, but obviously, there is no guarantee.

Battle Infinity: Fantasy sport

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a blending fantasy sport on the metaverse, a pay-to-earn project that has made quite an impact and deserves a place in the Binance world. Since its release, it has managed to acquire over 1 million USD. Since the project itself is KYC verified by Coinsniper and audited by soundproof, a probability of a rug pull is low.

Battle Infinity is split into six platforms which will co-exist collectively within the IBAT ecosystem. This platform will consist of IBAT battle swap (a decentralized exchange), IBAT premier league (fantasy sports league), IBAT battle market (NFT for artists and in-game items), IBAT battle state (a staking platform), and IBA battle arena (metaverse world with customized avatars).

The battle infinity ecosystem is powered by the BEP-20- based IBAT token. The digital asset has an overall supply of 10 billion tokens with 28% of the tokens booked for presale investors. The token address is: 0x19cd9b8e42d4ef62c3ea124110d5cfd283ceac43. There is a briefing that IBAT may enlist in Binance new crypto listings. The revelation of the project may increase the chances of the token joining the cryptocurrency exchange.

Lucky Block: Crypto project with a lot of draws
Lucky Block token is one of the fastest crypto to reach a $1 billion market cap. This is achieved by blockchain technology which provides an efficient platform. Lucky block stands out from the other prize draw style in its ethic, “everyone’s a winner.” All Lucky block users can have assert ownership of a portion of the rewards pool. This is done by simply voting on the next charity to acquire a donation from a lucky block. This aids its players as they are allowed to win even if their previous weekly prize draws fail through.

Its original token, $LBLOCK, is currently based on the BEP2 standard. The token will, however, migrate to ERC-20 to give way for the centralized exchange listings. Once this happens in the future, it has a high chance for the next batch of Binance new crypto listings.

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Digital Financial Exch: Insured cross-asset platform
DIFX, a proprietary token from Digital Financial Exch, is prospective new crypto listed on Binance. It has yet to gather demand, although many investors have been stocking up some tokens, especially in the crypto winter.

The project also plans to revamp crypto exchanges by offering investors a high level of security, 24/7 support, and fully insured wallets. This token has a high probability to be up on Binance as it is well optimized and fully functional. You find the ETH token address on: 0x9792409ae27726d337af30d701ab525372495607

Woonkly power: Meta social network
Woonkly Power is a new form of social media that will be decentralized. All posts on the Woonkly power platform will have the token as an NFT. It will give users ownership rights to their posts and data. Rather unusual, right?

Its purpose is to generate a group of crypto enthusiasts that can work side by side and exchange ideas. Its unique feature and a strong sense of community hold promise which could guarantee it a spot at Binance. You find the Ethereum token at 0xaAD483F97f13C6A20B9D05d07c397CE85c42C393.

IMOV: Inclusive fitness project
IMOV follows a similar model to the established token StepN. It, however, is different from StepN as it focuses more on inclusivity. This feature allows its users to share health data back and fro. It also has extra modes such as marathons, solo participants, and to top it off, disabled people.

This very unique feature ensures all can participate in the crypto world which improves the likelihood of a spot on Binance. Unfortunately, IMOV use the BEP 2 standard and the token address is: 0x7B8779e01d117ec7e220f8299a6f93672E8eae23.

It is yet to be seen whether Crypto Lists’ prediction on the new cryptocurrencies will come to pass. Once and if they do, be sure to be among the first to access them through one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance.

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