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Today marked an historic moment in the ongoing story of Crypto Lists, a day one could memorialize with a plaque or perhaps an edgy tattoo.

That’s right, today was the day that we finally passed the big 3-0-0. No, we’re not counting all of our ages combined, but highlighting the passing of a milestone. We’ve been reviewing Bitcoin casinos for some time now, and this morning at around 10am CET we passed 300 sites rated.

What can we say? We’re beyond delighted and couldn’t wait to share the news with our loyal and passionate readership. But let’s not get (too) sidetracked with the self-congratulatory tones as we really need to highlight the significance of this major milestone.

A Huge Year for Crypto Lists

We know, it’s not even December yet but to hit such a signifcant number of comparisons of crypto casinos is a rather remarkable string to our bow. Around 10 months ago, at the beginning of January, the team at Crypto Lists HQ decided it was time to diversify our reader offering by branching out.

Not only were we to provide breaking news and press releases to our visitors alongside reviews of coins, blockchains, and Web3 projects, now we were going to bring Bitcoin casinos to the masses.

And so we began step by step with some of the biggest brands in the sector, and slowly but surely refined our practices as we became experts in the craft. We passed 100 reviews far quicker than we could have imagined, only three months into our diversification drive at the start of March.

Truth be told, and hyperbole aside, our two founders Marcus and Markus have been in the iGaming space for many years with several large successes under their collective belt. So, getting off to the right start was easier for the team than it would have been with different leadership.

How Are Our Reviews Made?

The secret sauce of our casino reviews is locked in a safe deposit box inside Crypto Lists HQ under lock, key, and a guard armed with a Bitcoin-powered lightsaber. But we can certainly give you some insight into the work that goes into each one of our at-present 300 reviews.

One or two (sometimes three) of our team will sign up for the site and conduct some routine tests that includes testing one or more deposit method (crypto specifically) to make sure when they say they offer instant withdrawals that they’re living up to their promise. Also, we test support times (more on that later), as well as how it looks on mobile devices. And of course, we wouldn’t be completing a casino review without playing some of the games!

Difficulties with Crypto Casino Reviews?

Although we love what we do, it’s not always plain sailing as there are difficulties with our reviews sometimes. One of the first obstacles on some sites is that they’re geo-restricted from where our reviewers are based, which is where VPNs come into play. Internet magic! And, although you’d love to give it a fantastic rating for a global audience, you have to limit its availability on the Crypto Lists site to only residents visiting from the right places.

Similarly, support can be frustrating to test as it can be either a matter of minutes but even up to an hour or not at all of waiting around. Now, of course, we don’t sit at the screen waiting for a reply like a security guard in a heist film falling asleep while looking at CCTV footage. But, nevertheless it can be a pretty tiresome experience on the sites where their live support isn’t up to scratch.

Last but certainly not least, it can be tricky to know how to score a site for it’s look, feel, and UX when they can sometimes differ significantly when switching between different devices. For example, a site might look drop-dead gorgeous on laptop, but when playing on a mobile it can look squeezed and cluttered if it’s been coded badly. But, figuring these things out for our readers is all in a day’s work!

Branching Out Beyond Casinos

One of the things that separates CryptoLists.com from other sites in and around the same niche is that we have branched out beyond simply rating BTC casinos. We also look at casino deposit methods, analyzing their pros and cons, as well as game developers and their titles.

Indeed, on the studio front, we reached 300 developers listed in Q1 this year, with dozens of developers reviewed in depth too. And, we also review their titles, and at time of publication we have over 40 games covering slots, live games, as well as crash games. We play the games ourselves to get a good feel for them and also analyze them from a player’s perspective so that our readers get an accurate picture.

And, of course within the wider ‘crypto casino’ umbrella we also feature the very best anonymous casinos as well as decentralized sites and platforms that offer sports betting with crypto currency too.

What’s Next?

The team at Crypto Lists is focused on refining our reviews to make sure we get even more information to our readers that is relevant for both hardcore and casual crypto casino players. In addition, we aim to provide further details on the operator groups behind the sites, as well as the bodies that license them.

This is a key development, as people want to be sure of the authenticity of licensing certificates and the reliability of the teams behind the curtain of their favorite sites. We’ll also continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry by bringing you the latest Bitcoin casinos on the market so you can see the newest and best bonuses available out there for crypto players.

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