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OKC Blockchain Review (9/10⭐)

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The OKX Chain aka OKC blockchain was an initiative that started in 2013, so it's soon time for them to celebrate a ten year jubilee. However, for mainnet OCC didn't go live until end of 2020. Since then, this blockchain has continued to expand its operations and now serves users in 100+ countries. Unlike other blockchains, OKC network owes its success to its intuitive design and affordable trading fees, which makes it perfect for beginners. Major investors in the OKC network include Mandra Capital, Giant Network Ceyuan Ventures, VenturesLab, and PreAngel. Although it primarily services users in China and neighboring Asian countries, its stated mission is to simplify crypto trading and investing for all crypto-enthusiasts. Besides providing an easy-to-use platform, OKC blockchain also provides beginner-friendly crypto trading tools.

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The OKC blockchain offers some of the most affordable trading fees in the crypto-verse, coupled with many other interesting features. Users can trade TRON, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and dozens of other popular assets. When it comes to the fiats, OKC only supports the US dollar. However, it makes up for this by regularly updating its list of deposits and allowing traders a chance to create their own investment portfolios. Furthermore, the OKC ecosystem ensures that its trading platform comes in two versions: web3 and mobile. You can use either version to leverage the 1:3 margin trading ratio on offer and use the numerous payment options available to withdraw your profits.


Briefly about OKC Blockchain

Mingxing Xu started OKC blockchain in 2013 in Beijing, China, with a focus on serving residents. Today, the OKC network has grown to become one of the most renowned digital asset trading platforms. It provides fiat deposit trading for assets such as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Its exchange is user-friendly for both individual users and professional crypto traders. The OKC ecosystem aims to provide a reliable and efficient crypto exchange by eliminating common trading barriers, e.g., ensuring that margin trading is available globally. OKC aims to provide its customers with a fast and transparent system that allows them to participate in different types of trades such as Iceberg orders, trailing stop, and margin trading. Other services it provides are security encryption and cold storage.

OKC is a layer 1 blockchain built on Cosmos, that is EVM and IBC compatible.CryptoLists.com

The OKC blockchain is the world’s first trading chain operating as a public permissionless blockchain controlled by no one. Anyone using the OKC network can use the available applications and create projects from anywhere in the world. Given that the OKC ecosystem has the main network and a test network, you should ensure you understand the differences between the two before you can start trading. Also, keep in mind that both users and developers have access to both networks. Another fact worth noting is that all the assets on the test net don’t hold any value.


Utility of OKC Blockchain?

The OKC blockchain is primarily used by crypto traders who like it because of its convenient functionality. OKC provides them with diverse crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, with its fiat pairs being pegged on the US dollar.

Users can benefit from its profitable referral program and customizable investment portfolio, which allows them to trade cryptos while earning a notable passive income. The platform provides both hot and cold methods of storing cryptos guaranteeing unrivalled security. Beginner traders should take advantage of the training provided via videos.


Advantages at OKC Blockchain

+ Expect low transaction and trading fees on the OKC ecosystem.
+ Available in 192+ countries worldwide.
+ OKX Chain is both EVM and IBC compatible, which is great for interoperability and quick transactions.


- OKC Blockchain is not available in all US states.
- Limited customer support options.
- The only fiat represented in the OKC blockchain is the US dollar, despite not being regulated or available in the U.S.
- Mainly popular in Asia.


▪ Rated at 10/10

Low fees have helped make the OKC network more popular than some of its competitors. Taker fees on this platform stand at 0.20, which is the industry average. Makers benefit from a discount provided by the platform, which lowers the fees to 0.10 percent.

The significantly discounted fees are aimed at investors who may be unwilling to pick an existing order from the order book. These low fees have gone a long way in propelling OKC to the top of the food chain, especially in the Chinese markets.

You should note that the OKC blockchain uses a sliding scale to determine its trading fees and is believed to take the monthly account volume when determining them. In this regard, the taker fees will continue to reduce as the trade volume rises. Maker fees will remain unchanged.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

OKC blockchain is widely popular among crypto enthusiasts who want to buy and sell crypto at the lowest fees in the crypto-verse. Since its launch in 2013, it has developed a good reputation among investors looking to earn interest on their holdings by lending and staking it.

The fact that it offers training via documentation and videos has assisted it in becoming a hit with beginner crypto traders. Its smooth, intuitive design makes it easy for traders to jump in and begin trading.
However, some users have an issue with its unavailability in certain states and the small number of tradeable crypto assets on offer. You may also note that the customer support options are quite limited.


Some of the developers involved in OKC Blockchain

▪ Rated at 9/10
The logos below represent some of the developers who have been involved in OKC Blockchain. Check out the developer about page, by clicking the logo. There you can see what coins they have developed and at what exchanges, brokers and trading platforms their coins are available.


Who created OKC Blockchain?

Mingxing Xu created the OKC blockchain in 2013 in Beijing, China, with a focus on serving Chinese nationals and those in surrounding Asian countries. The platform today operates in 192+ countries but remains banned in Sudan, Iran, Ecuador, and Malaysia.

Who are the primary users of the OKC blockchain?

The platform works with a wide variety of users, including but not limited to Government, Mid-Size businesses, Nonprofits, small businesses, and Enterprises. Anyone interested in crypto trading will find it useful and efficient.

What applications and services does the OKC blockchain integrate with?

The OKC network integrates with lots of different services such as Aolink, TokenPocket, Autofarm, TokenInsight, cBridge, SWFT, DappRadar, SushiSwap, DeBank, PolyBridge, DOS Network, and PolyBridge.

Is OKC centralized or decentralized?

The OKC blockchain is the first centralized exchange to provide direct entry into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) using Earn. Earn is a tool that crypto investors can use to make APY using staking, lending, liquidity pools, and more.

Is the OKC network regulated in the US?

Regulations are a touchy subject in the crypto-verse as most crypto exchanges are largely unregulated by the financial sector authorities. OKC ecosystem falls into this bracket of unregulated exchanges. However, the platform has built a good reputation among users in the crypto-verse. It helps explain why it features among the list of the most recommended exchanges in the world today. You can use it to trade without worrying about the safety of your assets.


History about OKC Blockchain

2022-07-13 - Tether (USDT) is now available as an alternative stablecoin on OKC blockchain, along with EURT and Tether Gold (XAUT).

2020-12-29 - Mainnet launch of OKC network.

The OKX Chain is integrated with Unstoppable Domains, a provider of NFT related domains such as .ETH. From today, OKX wallet users can have an easily readable name for their transactions, such as Steven.ETH or Steven.Crypto. It's a way to make crypto transfers less confusing, says Chai Li, head of the OKC blockchain.

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Screenshots from OKC Blockchain

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Coins & Tokens on the OKC Blockchain

Since you are interested in the OKC Blockchain, have a look at the related coins or some of the tokens available on this chain per below.
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