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Parsiq Network Review (9.4/10⭐)

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Parsiq blockchain prides itself in having the ability to serve data for more than 6 288 000 000+ transactions per second. The Parsiq network is there one of the fastest in the world. With this capability, the network is redefining what it means to quickly and easily access Web3 data. The network enables users to track network activity in real-time and unlock new use cases for their applications. It also allows users to create instant notifications. It is powered by the Parsiq token, which was rolled out on Ethereum in 2019.

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The Parsiq network is fairly popular as it is the first service to offer real-time access to historic data. People are especially excited about the Hybrid stage of the platform, where the service will allow for non-critical on-chain activities to be taken off-chain.


Briefly about Parsiq Network

This blockchain was developed by Tom Tirman, Andre Kalinowski and Anatoly Ressin. Its final goal is to create a full-suite data network that can be used to build the backend for Web 3.0 decentralized apps and protocols. The network will initially be centralized, although it will give users access to the benefits of decentralization. Over time, the Parsiq network itself will also be decentralized as validators will be able to confirm cross-chain data and tasks.

Real-Time & Historical Data Access Has Never Been So Easy.CryptoLists.com

Parsiq blockchain is set to be created in several stages. These include the Tsunami instant API, Data Hubs, Data Lakes, SKDs, and Atlas. Once these features are implemented, the company will introduce Hybrid, a service that gives decentralized apps the ability to manage certain tasks off-chain. It will also make it possible for certain tasks to be managed cross-chain.


Utility of Parsiq Network?

Parsiq is mostly meant to be used by firms and businesses as it can help them access next-generation analytical tools. You can use it to monitor the network and get instant notifications. Users can also use the network to react to certain events on multiple blockchains. Developers who want to make the best of this network can use the devoted programming language on the platform. You should note that there is also a simple drag and drop template and visual editor that can make it easier to customize the service.

Parsiq Network

ERC20 Contract address: 0x362bc847a3a9637d3af6624eec853618a43ed7d2
Parsiq Network Consensus Method: Other
Release Date: September 23, 2019
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Advantages at Parsiq Network

+ It supports the connection of blockchain activities with off-chain apps.
+ Parsiq Network was developed to be extremely secure.
+ Parsiq Ecosystem is quite easy to use.
+ Parsiq blockchain is highly flexible.


- Many users find it hard to comprehend.
- Parsiq hasn’t received much support from major crypto firms.
- The network uses a dedicated programming language and will alienate some users.
- It’s still under development, so its potential is hard to estimate.


▪ Rated at 10/10

Since Parsiq coin was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, its transfer fees have to be paid in ETH. This fee changes depending on network traffic, but on average, you will have to pay about $15. In high traffic, the cost can go up to a few hundreds of dollars.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

This project is still under development, and that is why it hasn’t received a lot of attention from potential users yet. However, comments about it seem to be generally positive. People have noted that it fills pressing needs in the crypto space. The main complaint users have against the project is that its technology is a little complex to comprehend.



Who created Parsiq Blockchain?

This blockchain was created by Tom Tirman, Andre Kalinowski and Anatoly Ressin. Tom currently serves as the CEO of the company and has a lot of experience working in the fintech sector. He also holds a law degree from TalTech University in Estonia.

Is Parsiq Blockchain proof of stake?

This network uses the proof of custody and proof of solvency consensus mechanisms for security. These systems also enable it to offer real-time blockchain monitoring.

Will Parsiq Blockchain overtake Ethereum?

This network is extremely different from Ethereum, and it is quite hard for it to grow as big as Ethereum.

What is the PRQ token?

This is the token that powers the Parsiq ecosystem. In order to unlock the power of the Parsiq blockchain, users will need to hold the PRQ token. The coin has a total supply of 500 million tokens.

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Screenshots from Parsiq Network

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