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Partisia Blockchain Review (8.86/10⭐)

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Partisia network is a platform that uses proof of verification as a consensus mechanism and is well known for solving the challenges in blockchain technology, including lack of confidentiality and overall privacy challenges. With the support of highly skilled engineers and technological advancements within the commercial use of Zero-Knowledge computations, Partisia has developed a complete platform for adapting and offering Zero-Knowledge (ZK) computations on-chain, off-chain, and inter-chain resulting in privacy, interoperability, and extensibility. The platform is unique with a Bring Your Own Coin system for inter-chain trade and transactions to go through. In addition to that, the network also has a zero-knowledge capability in place for individuals to carry out different causes of cases.

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Partisia Blockchain facilitates the integration of blockchain technology by providing Web 3.0 for developers in solving the technology challenges regarding lack of confidentiality, scalability, and privacy. It is growing popular to enhance and improve the technology ecosystem. Partisia blockchain provides privacy-enhanced blockchain by leveraging multi-party computing (MPC) with Zero Knowledge computation to compute without knowledge of the original input. This enables generic privacy computations for more complex use cases with in-built sharding increasing its transaction speed to 1000 transactions per second for scalability. It consists of the Bring Your Own Coin( BYOC) feature to facilitate payments of services within the Partisia blockchain with liquid digital assets and attract node operators to secure the chain. It also incentives node operators with the MPC token and several use cases to enhance interoperability, especially in privacy-sensitive cases.


Briefly about Partisia Blockchain

Kurt Nielsen developed the Partisia blockchain foundation as a Web 3.0 public permission blockchain for trust, transparency, privacy, and fast finalization. The Partisia network has a search engine extension wallet to access dApps that run on the blockchain. It also has a bridge app that connects directly to the search engine extension wallet. It facilitates developers to manage jurisdiction by pointing their dApps and smart contracts to preferred accredited node operators.

Partisia Blockchain is not anomynous and built for trust, transparency and high speed.CryptoLists.com

The Partisia blockchain establishes a Web 3.0 infrastructure with no trust point where coordination of private and public information is across all platforms by any application. This is done through Zero-Knowledge computation and Multi-Party computation enhancing privacy and more complex use cases. It can offer Zero Knowledge computations across chains and enhance interoperability. Its design considers the increased regulations and compliance in the cryptocurrency industry, requiring users to verify their identities. Developers on the Partrisia blockchain leverage this by providing apps and smart contracts to node operators in specific jurisdictions. Its Bring Your Own Coin(BYOC) feature enables users to pay for its services with liquid digital assets. It uses the MPC token for staking and an alternative to BYOC as payment. The design of Partisia Blockchain allows for several use cases with its Zero-Knowledge capabilities. It serves privacy-sensitive use cases such as cryptocurrency wallet management, confidential use of credentials, auctions, advertisements, and data exchange between private and public entities. Its interoperability facilitates it as a data and token bridge for various blockchain platforms dependably. There is a complete integration of different direct extensions onto the Partrisia blockchain to enhance the privacy, scalability, and interoperability of the Partisia network.


Utility of Partisia Blockchain?

The Partisia blockchain combines Multi-Party Computation and Zero Knowledge computations to solve the challenge of lack of confidentiality and privacy on blockchains hampering the development of Web 3.0 in supporting value transfer. Users enjoy fast interchain transfers and developers utilise its features to manage the jurisdiction of their application and smart contracts. Its features contribute to cryptocurrency wallet key management, data exchanges between public and private entities, confidential use of credentials, auctions, advertisements, and several other interoperable use cases. It also serves as a data and token bridge between connecting various blockchains.


Advantages at Partisia Blockchain

+ Partisia Blockchain offers users fast transaction speed scalable with sharding.
+ Users incur low fees when using the Partisia ecosystem.
+ Partisia Network facilitates inter-chain transactions.
+ Partisia leverages MPC and ZK for enhanced privacy use.


- Partisia Network requires a user's identity hence one cannot be anonymous.
- It is yet to obtain a complete new smart contract language.
- Partisia requires the generic oracle for BYOC in Version 4.0.
- Partisia blockchain is yet to offer tailored cross-chain ZKC applications.


▪ Rated at 10/10

The charge fee for use of Partisia network resources is based on the following:

CPU-Number of instructions
Network-Number of bytes
Storage-Number of bytes

Users incur an average tax fee of $0.01 which they can pay using any coin using the bring your own coin functionality.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

The crypto verse has been plagued by extensibility, confidentiality, and interoperability for a while now and several individuals were amazed when Partisia solved the blockchain trilemma. Individuals can now carry out a wide range of cases with increased privacy due to the platform's zero knowledge capabilities. Its adoption is encouraged by the high transaction speed available through sharding which has also resulted in low fees on the platform. Validators commend the platform for ease in running the network nodes and participating in transaction validation which contributes to the high decentralisation of the network. The Bring Your Own Coin feature ensures the platform is accessible to everyone with continuing confidence in the experienced Partisia blockchain team. Many recommend the platform for deploying the first smart contract on the network and providing a browser extension wallet.



Who created Partisia Blockchain?

Dr. Kurt Nielsen created the Partisia blockchain as a layer 1 blockchain to solve the blockchain trilemma.

Is Partisia Blockchain proof of stake?

No, Partisia uses a Proof of Verification consensus mechanism ensuring that once verifiers validate blocks, every transaction in that set of blocks has been validated.

Will Partisia Blockchain overtake Ethereum?

Partisia's technological advancement and efficiency in solving the blockchain trilemma. It addresses the challenges in scalability, interoperability, security, and decentralisation. This positions it to have a high chance of overtaking Ethereum.

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Screenshots from Partisia Blockchain

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