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ZK Rollups Toplist – Best Zero Knowledge Rollups

zk logoZero Knowledge (ZK) rollups are gaining popularity throughout the crypto ecosystem and they offer a number of unique benefits.

The only issue is that many individuals are still unfamiliar with this type of protocol as well as the potential benefits. Crypto Lists examines the ‘nuts and bolts’ of ZK rollups so that you can make smarter decisions on blockchains.

Below the toplist, you’ll uncover the purpose of zero knowledge rollups amd then delve into other important topics such as the potential benefits and the top ZK crypto coins on the market.

2 zk Rollups

These are the top best ZK Rollup blockchains in the world. Remember that there may be restrictions in terms of what people in your country are allowed to be involved in or invested in when it comes to blockchains and crypto. So make sure that you read up on the regulatory restrictions before investing. Crypto is extremely volatile and not suitable for everyone to invest in. Never speculate with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Arbitrum Blockchain
The Arbitrum network can be seen as an ideal scaling solution for many DeFi apps on Ethereum blockchain.
ZK roll-ups


Loopring offers fast, secure and cheap layer two transactions on Ethereum with their first zkRollup.
ZK roll-ups


What is a ZK-rollup blockchain?

This type of blockchain is primarily designed to accomplish two tasks: to increase transaction speeds, and to lower the associated costs. Sounds interesting, right? While these principles are rather straightforward, there is a bit more than may initially meet the eye. They’re considered a form of layer 2 network, a protocol so to speak.

Firstly, this type of network is known as an off-chain protocol. In other words, it operates separately from the main blockchain. Let’s use the Ethereum network as an example. Building upon existing foundations provides an impressive level of scalability without sacrificing the security associated with the main blockchain.

Without becoming overly technical, transactions will initially be processed outside of the main blockchain (Layer 2). These are then “ported” back into the parent Ethereum blockchain (known as the Level 1 network or the Mainnet). The main point here is that users will be able to perform transactions at much faster speeds at a fraction of the costs that would normally be present.

What is the difference between Zero Knowledge Rollups and Layer Networks?

In terms of the difference between Zero Knowledge rollups and layer blockchains, hierarchy comes into play. As we’ve already seen, ZK networks process transactions on a separate blockchain (Level 2) before transferring this data back into the Mainnet. This is one of the reasons why they are sometimes referred to as somewhat “off-chain” protocols.

We can also think of ZK rollups as hybrid scaling solutions. While they do not operate directly within the Level 1 blockchain, they still enjoy the same level of security and validity.

Let’s also make it a point to mention that these rollups are not considered to represent purely off-chain transactions. Off-chain and side-chain systems are responsible for their own security protocols; potentially placing sensitive information at risk.

What are the primary benefits of ZK Rollups?

Now that we’ve examined some of the basic principles behind zero-knowledge blockchains, what benefits can users expect to leverage? Ethereum, to take our initial example, notes that one primary advantage involves the fact that validation proofs guarantee the validity of any transactions. Some additional features highlighted by their team include:

  • Funds can be withdrawn from the L2 without experiencing any delays.
  • Users are not required to validate the chain in order to protect the security of their funds.
  • Reduced costs as the result of more efficient data compression.
  • Important data is still stored within Layer 1; ensuring decentralisation and a resistance to censorship.

What might the future of Zero Knowledge Rollups look like?

One of the major issues which has concerned some crypto enthusiasts involves digital privacy. This is even more justified when we remember that governmental regulations may not be far off. ZK rollups have therefore become attractive to those who wish to keep their details hidden from prying eyes.

Let’s also remember that these Level 2 smart blockchain contracts eliminate the need for users to wait a significant amount of time (days in some cases) before they are capable of withdrawing their funds. Considering the fast-paced nature of the crypto ecosystem, it’s logical to assume that zero knowledge rollups should enjoy a fair amount of popularity and even become the mainstay of major blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano to name a few) transactions. And yes indeed, you can build ZK rollups on top of proof-of-work networks and Bitcoin specifically also.

There are still several hurdles that may need to be overcome. One issue involves the nascent nature of the network itself. These blockchains can also be complicated to build and the network will often rely upon sophisticated hardware in order to effectively validate transactions.

A final concern is associated with the fact that not all ZK rollup protocols are the same. It is likely that a number of variants will emerge in the not-so-distant future. this could result in censorship concerns in the event that validation sequencing becomes more centralised.

Where can I find the ZK rollup blockchain toplist?

While this technology is still in its infancy, there are plenty of potential avenues to explore. Crypto Lists has therefore put together this list of the most impressive blockchains at the moment. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at each network in greater detail. As always, you can also find additional crypto-related information and regularly updated reviews throughout this site.

A look at the ZK best rollup crypto coins and tokens

So, what rollup coins and tokens have taken center stage in recent times? Although many have gained a significant amount of attention, the analysts at Crypto Lists have been keeping a close eye on Loopring. We’ve also taken a keen interest in Arbitrum, though note that Arbitrum does not currently offer its own native tokens.


Loopring is the most prevalent Ethereum Layer 2 rollup. The scalable nature of these transactions massively reduces fees by more than 100 times and users can process thousands of individual requests per second. Loopring relies upon its own native LRC currency.


Arbitrum is currently the largest Layer 2 ETH blockchain (currently worth in excess of $2 billion dollars). One interesting feature of these ZK rollups is that they are compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) technology. The only potential issue is that Arbitrum zero knowledge rollups might be complicated for novices.

Putting it all together

Considering the somewhat volatile nature of crypto, it’s only logical that investors are looking for fast, secure, and economical ways to perform transactions. ZK rollups have been specifically engineered to accommodate these understandable desires.

Of course, these Level 2 blockchains are still being developed and they are rather new to many crypto enthusiasts. This is also why we are witnessing independent zero knowledge rollups such as Syscoin introducing their own unique and scalable solutions.

Are you keen to learn more about how ZK Level 2 rollups are set to impact the crypto ecosystem over time? Might you instead wish to leverage the latest market news while obtaining industry-leading advice? If so, be sure to follow Crypto Lists on a regular basis. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or you’d like to provide a bit of insight.


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