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BabyDoug (BABYDOUG) Review (7/10⭐)

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While Baby Doug token might resemble Dogecoin in many ways, it supposed to not be a meme coin. Baby Doug was developed for pug lovers who also happen to be in the crypto world. Also, this pug token shouldn’t be considered an NFT just yet, as it mainly works as a cryptocurrency right now. Holders of the token will enjoy various benefits, including BNB rewards, but the main issue is still a lack of locked liquidity by the anonymous founding team.

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Remember to never risk money that you can not afford to loose. Crypto currencies is highly volatile, unregulated in most EU countries, no EU protections & not supervised by the EU regulatory framework. Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal.


Baby Doge is a relatively new cryptocurrency that uses the Ethereum blockchain. It uses a dog icon, which makes it similar to Shiba Inu. The project is community-driven and is available in a fully decentralized DeFi ecosystem. The community behind Baby Doug has dedicated a lot of time to the popularization of the project, and this makes it quite promising. In this review, you will understand what makes Baby Doug unique and why you should invest in the token.


A Bit About BabyDoug

Being a community-driven project, Baby Doug and its listed founders all have dog-themed icons. They have been fondly named Super Doug, Captain Wannabe, Bat Doug, and Mr D. You can purchase the cryptocurrency from any part of the world, but you will have to find a crypto exchange that supports the altcoin.

Baby Doug is the meme token for pug lovers, offering referral and staking rewards along with daily prices through airdrops.CryptoLists.com

Baby Doug is a dog-inspired cryptocurrency that was launched in 2021. It grew in popularity because of the dog icon, and the community behind it has also promoted it passionately. The current price of the altcoin is $2.30e-7 and it is ranked at 4908 on some of the top lists for cryptocurrencies based on market cap. Current supply seems to be trillion, and the maximum supply of the token is also 1 trillion. Like other tokens, this one is pre-mined, so you cannot mine new tokens.


Utility of BabyDoug?

Baby Doug token is specifically meant to bring together dog enthusiasts, but anyone can purchase it for its benefits. Whenever you buy the token, you will have to pay a 6% tax, and all sell transactions will have an 8% tax. These taxes are distributed to liquidity holders and token holders. There are also attractive referral rewards. Whenever you refer a friend to trade this cryptocurrency, you will get a 1% tax. You should note that all rewards are granted as BNB. The 1% referral fee will be added to your account for all transactions made by the referred holder, and this will be done forever.

BabyDoug Price details

BNB Contract address: 0xE887E401f43d3d51A245DEa84A709c04870C25Cf
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of BabyDoug

+ Earn staking rewards in BNB.
+ You can get referral rewards with BabyDoug.
+ It's rather fair buy and sell tax for the token.


- No locked liquidity yet.
- It is still rather new, so there is still uncertainty around the token
- It doesn’t solve any existing issues with established cryptocurrencies
- There is no information about the founders of the project.
- Stiff competition from other dog-inspired cryptocurrencies.


▪ Rated at 8/10
*Buy tax: 6%   *Sell tax: 8% * at the time of writing. Note that this may change from time to time.

Making transactions with Baby Doug is extremely cheap. For this reason, holders of the token can make more transactions frequently. When selling the token, you will have to pay a 6% transaction fee. All sell transactions of Baby Doug token will come with an 8% transaction fee.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 7/10
▪ Buzz rated at 7/10

Since this token is still new, there hasn’t been much discussion about it. On Twitter, the official account of the token has less than 20 000 followers, while the official BabyDoug Telegram group got just over 20 000 and the subreddit has only 13 members. Overall, community members are positive about the project and promote it passionately online.



Is Baby Doug a scam?

It seems to be a legitimate cryptocurrency that uses the Binance Smart Chain, but no locked liquidity is definitely a warning sign. Since it only targets a small community, its price is still very low. However, as it gains more buzz, the price might go up drastically.

Where can I buy this token?

You can buy this altcoin on BabyDougSwap or PancakeSwap. You can also make exchanges with individuals who own the token.

How can I communicate with the founders of the project?

In order to communicate with the founders of the project, you will have to send an email to [email protected]. You can also send messages on their social media pages. At the moment, they have active accounts on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and t.me.

Will the price of the cryptocurrency go up?

This is still a new cryptocurrency, so it is hard to predict how much it will go up. However, Wallet Investor predicts that the price can go up to $0.000000036 by 2024.

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Screenshots from BabyDoug

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BabyDoug details and tokenomics

BabyDoug Ticker: BABYDOUG
BNB Contract address: 0xE887E401f43d3d51A245DEa84A709c04870C25Cf
Circulating supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Max supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://bscscan.com

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