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Etho Protocol (ETHO) Review (8.33/10⭐)

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Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Etho Protocol isn’t entirely speculative. This means it is highly likely to survive for the long term. Its goals and the motivation behind it are also in line with the original idea for Bitcoin and the greater crypto sector. It mainly aims at combating censorship and giving users complete control over their content.
ETHO/USD (69.29%)
November 10, 2023, 10:23 pm [UTC]

8.33 rating

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Etho Protocol (ETHO) is an altcoin which is entirely EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible. The ETHO coin is gaining popularity among crypto enthusiasts, even though it is facing stiff competition from similar cryptocurrencies. It was developed by James Reilly in 2018, and he is still involved in the development and promotion of the altcoin. His team has been praised for its dedication to the project, as well as its expertise.


A Bit About Etho Protocol

The founder and core developer of this altcoin is James Reilly, and at the moment, the business development manager of the project is Chris Terry. Etho Protocol was meant to push decentralization, free speech, freedom from censorship, and democratic ideals. Since the coin incentivizes people to provide storage space on the network, people are able to use the platform for decentralized file and content storage. This way, people can be directly in control of their content and will not be subjected to censorship and outside interference.

Etho Protocol stands for freedom, not the least with your own data.CryptoLists.com

Etho Protocol has a maximum supply of 95 million tokens, but its circulating supply is around 6 million. It was developed to have a 3% inflation rate. You can mine this token using a variety of hardware gear and mining software. Its network uses the Ethash Proof of Work algorithm to generate consensus.


Utility of Etho Protocol?

Etho Protocol was developed to work on the Etho Protocol, and its purpose is to promote true freedom of data. The network has a storage layer, and you can stake ETHO in order to store, host, and replicate data. By staking the coins and running a node, you will be able to earn more tokens from every block minted. In addition, you will get a share of the network proceeds. You should note that there are three different node tiers, and these are the Service Node, Master Node, and Gateway Node. Each tier differs in the requirements for collateral tokens, SSD and HDD storage space, and RAM.

This altcoin also provides fuel for transactions made on the network. It is important to note that the transfer fees on this network are a lot lower than those of the Ethereum blockchain.

Etho Protocol Price details

ERC20 Contract address: 0x0b5326Da634f9270FB84481DD6F94d3dC2cA7096
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Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: November 10, 2023, 10:23 pm
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Advantages of Etho Protocol

+ ETHO has utility and is likely to survive for long.
+ Etho Protocol helps to promote freedom of speech.
+ You can use ETHO on several blockchains and networks.
+ Its team is focused on coin adoption as opposed to price.
+ Its blockchain is entirely EVM compatible.


- Etho Protocol isn’t available on many popular centralized exchanged.
- It has to deal with tough competition from other altcoins.
- Etho Protocols white paper is not comprehensive.
- With its low market cap, it can be a risky investment.


▪ Rated at 8/10

The cost of transferring this token is meant to cover the mining rewards, the node rewards, and the treasury rewards. The transfer fee is set to go down over time, although the cost is likely to be adjusted depending on the supply and demand of the token. Eventually, transfers on the network are supposed to cost 1 ETHO.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8/10

Etho Protocol isn’t being marketed aggressively, and this is why its uptake has been very slow. However, people who have explored the token have positive feelings about it and expect it to succeed over time. Its main pros are its excellent developer team, its working storage economy, and the fact that it is dedicated to decentralization and freedom of speech. A large ETHO community has formed on Twitter, where the official page of the cryptocurrency has more than 26,000 followers.



Who created the Etho Protocol coin?

Etho Protocol was created by James Reilly, and he now serves as the CEO and core developer of the cryptocurrency. The coin was launched in March 2018, during a particularly difficult time for the crypto industry.

Which blockchain does this altcoin use?

Etho Protocol works as the native cryptocurrency of the Etho Protocol, which is an independent EVM-compatible blockchain. You can also use wrapped ETHO tokens on other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Which crypto exchanges can I use to buy and sell this altcoin?

You can trade this cryptocurrency on crypto exchanges like KUCoin, STEX, Probit, Graviex, and Mercatox. The creator of the coin recommends the use of decentralized exchanges since they don’t require users to complete KYC procedures.

Is Etho Protocol is a good investment?

No one can perfectly predict the future prices of cryptocurrencies, so it is advisable to only invest what you are willing to lose. This coin has utility, and this is likely to help it survive for a long time. However, remember that it has a low market cap and experiences a lot of competition from other coins.

What is the supply of ETHO coin?

The total supply of this altcoin is 95 million tokens, but it is subject to an annual inflation rate of 3%. A large percentage of the available tokens is locked up for staking and securing the network.

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Screenshots from Etho Protocol

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Etho Protocol details and tokenomics

Etho Protocol Ticker: ETHO
ERC20 Contract address: 0x0b5326Da634f9270FB84481DD6F94d3dC2cA7096
BEP20 Contract address: 0x48b19b7605429aCAa8Ea734117F39726a9AAb1f9
Type of crypto: native-coin
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