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GameStop (GME) Review

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GameStop ($GME) is arguably one of the most trending meme coins at the moment. Partially inspired by the roller coaster ride associated with the GameStop saga, these coins are attempting to put the power back in the hands of the little guy. Similar to other meme coins, GME favors the underdog and intends to buck the mainstream system by offering an alternative form of crypto investment.

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GameStop currently calls the Solana blockchain its home. ike many other altcoins and meme coins, community contributions development plays an important role in its long-term success.

We should still point out that GME is (arguably) one of the most decentralized coins on the cryptocurrency markets due to the fact that there are no whales or bigwigs involved. The users themselves are in complete control.

No smoke and mirrors here. Only room for growth and a coin that has already begun to capitalize on the fame of the GameStop "short squeeze" of 2021.


A Bit About GameStop

The history of $GME can be traced back to 28 Jaunary 2024 when it was launched with a significant amount of fanfare throughout the Solana community. While the verdict is still out, rumors continue to circulate the GME was created by Roaring Kitty (otherwise known as Keith Gill). It just so happens that Gill was at least partially responsible for the GameStop trading saga of 2021. So, it stands to reason that he's at least partially involved.

We should also note that GameStop can function in various ways. Some will simply view GME as an investment; hoping that its price will rise over time. Others could instead swap their existing SOL for $GME (and vice-versa).

Ultimately, we can think of GME as an anti-establishment meme coin that stands against centralized governance, tyranny, and corporate greed. Indeed, the official site itself states that GME represents "a call-to-arms for a new generation of rebels".

The ultimate anti-establishment meme coin is here!CryptoLists.com

In some ways, GameStop is similar to other meme coins nestled within the SOL blockchain. Examples include Dogeverse, Smog, and Lucky Boo. To put this another way, GME can be thought of as a tongue-in-cheek investment opportunity just as much as a legit cryptocurrency.

This is also a flexible meme coin thanks to a streamlined exchange portal that can be found on its official website. In other words, it's possible to purchase GME with another existing cryptocurrency within the Solana blockchain (as well as to exchange GameStop into other coins if desired).

One of the most unique aspects of this coin is that, for lack of a better term, it's at least partially based on poking fun at the pump-and-dump scenario that made GameStop shares themselves rather infamous in 2021.


Utility of GameStop?

The universal nature of GME makes it ideal for literally anyone who wishes to become involved with one of the hottest meme coins at the moment. As mentioned previously, it can be used as a form of investment, as a means to "stick it to the man", or to simply wait and see what happens in terms of its long-term value.

Some are concerned with profits alone while others could employ GME as a means to add another "string to the bow" if they already happen to own other cryptocurrencies or altcoins.

GameStop Price details

SOL Contract address: 8wXtPeU6557ETkp9WHFY1n1EcU6NxDvbAggHGsMYiHsB
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of GameStop

+ GME is relatively inexpensive to purchase; a nice benefit for newbies.
+ This meme coin has enjoyed a significant amount of recent attention.
+ Unlike other meme coins, GME has enjoyed a fair amount of volume.
+ GME can be purchased on many well-known crypto exchanges.
+ GME is owned entirely by the community as opposed to whales behind the scenes.


- There is no guarantee that the price of GME will increase.
- This is one of the most volatile meme coins within the crypto ecosystem at the moment.
- Users might be subject to third-party gas fees when performing exchanges.
- In the event that trading volume falls, it will become tough to sell GME.
- Some could be concerned that this coin represents more of a movement than an actual investment.


▪ Rated at 9.5/10

GameStop primarily relies upon Phantom Wallet. Assuming that you've already purchased SOL from a reputable exchange, you'll need to install Phantom Wallet and connect this wallet to the official GameStop portal. Although GME won't charge any gas fees itself, users might still accrue Phantom Wallet charges. This is based on variables such as network congestion as well as more complex swaps. It's therefore better to contact Phantom Wallet to learn more about what you could be charged.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8/10
▪ Buzz rated at 10/10

The creators of GME were quite smart when they first launched GameStop as a meme coin. This arises from the simple fact that the GameStop saga served to highlight the greed associated with the trading community back in 2021. Let's also not fail to mention that this was arguably one of the most famous pump-and-dump operations in recent memory.

GameStop was launched to represent the antithesis of these very same trading strategies and it's done so with impressive efficiency. While GME has gained a significant amount of attention thanks to its blatant intention to spurn big brother, a fair amount of volume and significant price swings have caused a great deal of buzz within more pragmatic trading circles. At least at the moment, GME is enjoying quite a wild ride.



Will I turn a profit when investing in GameStop?

Similar to other meme coins and cryptocurrencies in general, there are no guarantees. Supply and demand, public interest, and market sentiment all play important roles.

Where can I buy GME?

GameStop is available on several decentralized crypto exchanges. Popular portals include CoinEx, MEXC, and Raydium.

How can I learn more about GME?

Head on over to their official website. You'll encounter a handy section known as the "$GME University" that helps to explain the basics.

What is the highest value that GME reached since its launch in early 2024?

GME peaked at $0.006085 on 19 May. However, keep in mind that thanks to a large trading volume, prices can fluctuate and GME could very well surpass this benchmark.


History of GameStop

28 January 2024 - The official GME meme coin is launched within the SOL blockchain.

18 February 2024 - The creators of GME introduce $GME university to the general public. This is a great online resource to learn more about GameStop and meme coins as a whole.

19 May 2024 - The price of GME reaches an all-tie high after a period of slight stagnation.

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Screenshots from GameStop

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GameStop details and tokenomics

GameStop Ticker: GME
SOL Contract address: 8wXtPeU6557ETkp9WHFY1n1EcU6NxDvbAggHGsMYiHsB
Type of crypto: solana-token
Circulating supply: 6,890,000,000
Resources & Social media
đź”—Blockchain URL: https://solana.fm
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