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IPVERSE is a digital IP transactional network that seeks to solve the IP transaction opacity problem by establishing an IP transaction blockchain network. This way, it is able to assign value to trades in intangible assets like antiques, art, patents, characters, drama, and music. It also protects the rights to IP ownership and supplies information about them. Finally, it establishes a currency base for all international IP activity.

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Released on September 26, 2023, 12:00 am
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Remember to never risk money that you can not afford to loose. Crypto currencies is highly volatile, unregulated in most EU countries, no EU protections & not supervised by the EU regulatory framework. Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal.


IPVERSE blockchain establishes an IP transaction blockchain network to assign value and protect the ownership rights of the users and owners of the assets. It incentivizes creators to maximize content production and increase the trading of the token. The ecosystem removes the complex and costly processes that come with traditional payment gateways.

The dApps services it provides ensure that the data recorded during the transaction is not altered and is stored on the blockchain as proof of the transaction. This ecosystem creates IP for all creators, which makes it easy for users to purchase those that have the intellectual assets they need. Finally, it automates copyright fee distribution based on smart contracts.



IPVERSE is a blockchain marketplace for intangible assets such as antiques, art, patents, characters, drama, and music. It establishes a transactional IP for each of these assets so that users can buy with ease and protect their ownership rights. The blockchain comes with an IPV token that acts as the means of payment for the ecosystem and enhances payment processing.

A group of Korean technology think tanks, led by Joshua Lee and Seong Mok Jo, created the marketplace. They wished to solve the problem of transaction opacity and change of ownership rights with intangible assets. Their innovation made it possible for creators to sell their intellectual knowledge and for buyers to have split or full ownership rights to the content.

The blockchain is used in intellectual property transactions. It provides an IP for each asset so that it can be bought as a tangible property.

Paradigm shift: bringing IP transactions to the blockchain!CryptoLists.com

IPVERSE is a blockchain that supports transactions of intangible items like art, music, and NFT. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain, which enables it to create smart contracts and establish ownership of the items.

When one sells an intangible asset, an IP is created for the item. The buyer buys the IP and gets ownership rights to the item.

The ecosystem has IPXHOP, which ensures the creation of new ownership features or split ownership where the buyer only has usage rights. The token, IPV, is used to pay the creators of the asset once the deal is reached.

The use of dApps helps to ensure that the copyright information is available to all stakeholders in the transaction.


Utility of IPVERSE?

The token is the native payment method in the IPVERSE ecosystem. It enables users on the system to buy and sell intangible assets without incurring financing fees and transact across the globe. It utilizes the blockchain to reduce the costs and time required to complete IP transactions.

Finally, it protects the legitimacy and ownership of transactions through the blockchain.

Those who hold the coins are able to earn these benefits as well as add value to their intangible assets. The token has also been trading on crypto exchanges. If the price of the token goes up, the holders will earn a profit from the coin.

One can convert it into fiat money after sales of these assets, allowing the use of the cash across the internet.

IPVERSE Price details

ETH Contract address: 0x3E2c956b4Ab4807B2f942235c9074d9BD069e9f0
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of IPVERSE

+ The ecosystem enhances the transfer of ownership rights once intangible items change hands.
+ IPVERSE secures digital property so that it is not reproduced without consent.
+ The assignment of IP creates a base value for the transaction of digital products
+ IPV makes transactions between individuals cheap and fast without the volatility of fiat currencies
+ IPVERSE enhances transparency in IP transactions and removes the complexity common with terms of ownership.


- The IPV token does not have much utility beyond buying digital products.
- This project is still new and has not been time-tested.
- Use of the Ethereum blockchain sometimes leads to increased fees when the network is congested.
- This blockchain does not cover all types of digital products, especially in the NFT marketplace.
- There have been changes in wallets in one year, which is a little confusing to users.


▪ Rated at 8/10

As an ETH-20 coin, the cost of transacting ranges depending on the congestion on the network. However, it is between 0.004% and 0.01% of the amount transacted.

The token also works with Cardano, Klaytn, EOS, and Luniverse blockchains, which may have varying costs for transactions.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8/10

While the company behind the creation of the IP blockchain has not been around for long, the project has received positive reviews from different actors in the industry. Several things have pushed this.

First, the company entered into MOUs with leading creative companies such as Skiyaki, PLANHEAR Sound, C&C Art, and Electronic Times. It also solved the long-standing problem of the transfer of intellectual property ownership.

These developments have created a buzz across the intellectual property marketplace and the blockchain forums around the world. It was well received by creative communities from around the world. This has led to an increase in the number of creatives who are transacting on the blockchain.



How do I sell on IPVERSE?

You just need to open an account and upload the digital product that you wish to sell. The network will create an IP for the product and place it on the marketplace. When you get a buyer, ownership will then be transferred to them, and you will get the payment.

What is split ownership?

This is a situation where more than one person has rights to an asset. It happens when an item has been co-created by more than one individual, or the buyer does not get full ownership rights. The smart contracts define the rights different owners have to the said item.


History of IPVERSE

March 2021 – The IPVERSE blockchain team is established. It plans and designs intellectual property services and incorporates the Hong Kong Corporation. At the same time, it launches the IPVERSE.io website.

September 2021 – The company enters into a memorandum of understanding with several music and arts organizations. They include Skiyaki, PLANHEAR Sound, C&C Art, and Electronic Times.

November 2012 - The company launches a virtual currency wallet called Palleta. It also attracts investments into the projects by engaging various entities.

February 2022 – IPVERSE opens IPXHOP and has it registered on Google and the App Store. Later, it launches the application for the service and creates an NFT for the service. This helps users buy and sell digital products with ease.

October 2022 - IPVERSE opens a patent channel for creative and releases an exclusive wallet for the IPV token. There is also an expansion of dApps for enhanced services.

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Screenshots from IPVERSE

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IPVERSE details and tokenomics

ETH Contract address: 0x3E2c956b4Ab4807B2f942235c9074d9BD069e9f0
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
Max supply: 3,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://etherscan.io
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