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As we sit here today after a fantastic 2023, on the dawn of a new year, it’s not the time to take stock but to look ahead to the potential crypto casino landscape in 2024.

These brilliant Bitcoin casinos have been around over 10 years now since Satoshi Dice hit the scene in 2012, and in the past twelve years (by next year) so much has changed. For starters, Bitcoin itself has become a household name.

And, despite some negative press during the bear market of 2022/2023, the next few years look especially promising. Especially with the Bitcoin halving just around the corner, in spring 2024. For the crypto casino market, this should be incredible and we can’t wait to see what materializes.

However, today we’re going to explore some nailed on trends for new crypto casinos this year as well as some things we’d like to see. This isn’t hocus pocus and crystal balls, but a result of lots of research and our own industry experience.So without further ado, let’s crack on.

Streaming Comes to the Fore

In 2024, the gaming landscape is set for a major transformation, bringing an exciting fusion of traditional casino experiences and cutting-edge streaming technology. Alongside VR and AR, steaming is going to change the game. It already is making it’s mark, but the next twelve months will likely see it soar.

With the Millennials demographic approaching their forties and Generation Z their thirties, these players grew up with connected video games and are used to playing against their friends (and strangers too). They’re looking for social interaction and engagement when gambling online and that’s why casino and slot streaming is becoming popular with the under 40s.

Picture logging into a game and finding yourself virtually seated at a blackjack table, with a real-life dealer in a bustling studio dealing cards and engaging in banter that you can hear and even respond to through chat functions.

It’s bringing the Call of Duty and Fifa experiences and combining them with the adrenaline rush of the casino. Complete with charismatic presenters, engaging assistants and interactive games, it’s immersive gaming that blurs the line between virtual and reality.

Trump Train 2024

One scenario is the Democrats win again – probably unlikely – and the war machine continues to rumble on and a heavy handed approach to digital assets continues. Or, Trump comes back to the delight of many (and the rage of others) and makes new crypto regulation priority.

After all, he earned lots from his own NFT range earlier this year, boasting on social media about the record numbers in true Trump fashion. It’s unlikely he will allow Europe to completely overtake the U.S when it comes to crypto, and the market will most likely sky rocket if the Republicans win, but only with Trump as President.

Even Donald loves LTC Casino!

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Cross Chain Compatability

Something we believe would open up the crypto casinos space to the real crypto enthusiasts out there is an increase in support for many more blockchains. In 2024, we believe significant movement within the crypto gambling sector will involve cross-chain compatibility.

This development will allow players to utilize different cryptocurrencies and effortlessly transfer assets across diverse blockchain networks, thereby enhancing the overall gambling experience with increased adaptability and versatility.

Embracing VR Integration

While this is ocurring in some of the more mainstream highstreet iGaming brands, this trend should find itself moving on over to the crypto gambling space in the coming months.

Imagine this: You’re not just placing bets anymore. With VR betting, you’re diving headfirst into a digital world that feels so real. You can interact with your environment, mingle with other casino enthusiasts, and truly be a part of the action.

Picture walking around a virtual casino floor, playing games that respond to your real-life gestures. For you sports betting fans out there, imagine having a 3D view of the field, feeling like you’re right there in the stadium. Exciting, right?

And let’s not forget about the enhanced graphics, the spatial audio, and all the interactive elements that make you feel like you’re in a real casino. Bitcoin casinos are leveraging these advancements to capture a wider audience and redefine online betting.

Introducing Metaverse Casinos

Some industry insiders say that the prevalence of metaverse casinos is set to rise as a standard format for contemporary crypto casinos. These sites will be closely intertwined with various other technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, facilitating real-time interactions and a diverse array of activities extending beyond mere gaming.

Metaverse casinos could revolutionize the online casino experience through the integration of cutting-edge Web3 technology.

Fundamentally, metaverse casinos may merge a virtual reality interface, digital ownership, and avatars, culminating in a visually immersive digital experience for gambling, shopping, and socializing. Within these virtual casino spaces, players would be able to customize their avatars, engage in social interactions, and benefit from bonuses, with an unprecedented level of engagement and personalization.

New Game Bonzana

New casino slot games are designed to offer a captivating and immersive experience for players. These games often feature cutting-edge graphics and animations, often themed around popular culture, mythology, or adventure stories, making them visually striking and engaging. The sound design is equally important, with dynamic soundtracks and effects that enhance the gaming atmosphere.

Some exciting new ones we put up recently include Triple Cash or Crash by Betsoft and Power Wildz by Fugaso.

XSpin Casino is unfortunately not allowing players from your country, but we would suggest that you check out Goat Casino instead.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, and Goat Casino has it’s own Satoshi Namagoato!

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MiCA Changes the Game?

The law, which is expected to come into effect in 2024, covers multiple aspects of the crypto market. This includes regulation around consumer protection and the prevention of money laundering.

Will MiCA regulation shape the future of the online casino industry as well? That’s the million-dollar (or million Bitcoin) question. There’s no doubt that some people will be unhappy about more regulation, particularly those who see Bitcoin as a libertarian, utopian technology free from governmental oversight.

Ironically, many of those same people (though not all) also want their ‘bag’ to grow huge. And, for that to happen huge retail and institutional investment is needed to fuel the bull run even bigger than before, and for that regulation is likely needed. Especially in the wake of the ETF rumblings.

Read more about MiCA on our dedicated page.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Support

Throughout 2022 and 2023, it’s been mostly either BTC and/or ETH. And while this is fine, it doesn’t reflect the popularity of other cryptocurrrencies. We anticipate that the number of top Solana casinos will double from 5% in total to around 10%.

In addition, with the anticipated bull run beginning after the spring’s halving event there will likely be a flurry of new gambling coins released to take on the Casino Coin, Gala, and others in the space.

Even Faster Transactions

Too many casinos are trying to continue with old world practices in a We3b world and quite frankly it just isn’t good enough. What we expect to see in 2024 is the complete normalization of wallet to wallet casinos, where there are no middlemen at all.

Additional Anonymous Casinos

Although not necessarily a trends prediction, what we’d like to see perhaps most of all are sites without any KYC, where you can sign up simply with an email and password. In fact, perhaps some casinos where you can sign up with only a phone number. There are sites that exist like BitKong (review) and SimpleDice (see more) where you simply register with your email address and it gives you a username automatically. It’s basically completely anonymous. Add in the use of crypto and you can essentially game off grid.

To see more then check out our full list of anonymous casinos.

by Our Two Certified Authors
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