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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, not a cheesy Christmas song but a definitive statement about cupid drawing his arrow back on lucky couples in love. Or, in our case: amazing crypto casinos we can’t get enough of!

On this February 14th, we’re bringing you 10 sites that fit our specific set of criteria. Which we’ll get into of course. So whether you prefer a Litecoin-named casino that will take you down lover’s lane or perhaps a slightly chubber panda who’s got more beauty on the inside, we’ve definitely got the ideal date for you.

Keep on reading to get find the casino of your dreams!

Our criteria

Love is in the air! Tom and Markus compiled their fave casinos and analyzed their pros and cons to hopefully deliver a selection for you to enjoy over the next few days that satisfies all your desires and quenches your various thirsts and tastes.

In all seriousness, any casino considered has to pass some internal criteria to make sure it’s top notch, but after that it’s just down to subjective opinion.

LTC Casino

So, you’ve got a date with Litecoin? Don’t worry, this casino is not just a one-crypto wonder; it’s open to a love affair with Bitcoin and other well-known cryptos too. It’s like the perfect Valentine, ready to embrace your choice of cryptocurrency with open arms.

Now, let’s talk about playing it cool and keeping things private. At LTC Casino (read review), there’s no need to spill your personal details with KYC verifications when making transfers. It’s like sending an anonymous Valentine’s card – exciting and a bit mysterious, although some folks think it takes away a bit of the secrecy that makes crypto casinos so alluring.

And oh, the game selection at LTC Casino is like receiving a giant box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but instead of chocolates, it’s games powered by 28 top-notch developers! Whether you’re crushing on crash games or have a longstanding love affair with virtual blackjack and the whirlwind romance of the latest slot games, LTC Casino is ready to set your heart aflutter.

Honestly, diving into the world of LTC Casino is like planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date. It’s got everything to make your heart race – from privacy to a treasure trove of games. Why not take a chance and see if it’s a match made in crypto heaven?

What’s the lovely bonus? Since it’s genuinely anonymous, there isn’t any specific welcome bonus, just lots of high RTP games!

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Bet Panda

Ready to fall head over heels for the absolutely heart-stopping Bet Panda? Let’s talk about BetPanda IO (see more), your next crypto crush, where the only way to fuel the flames of fun is through Bitcoin and other darling cryptocurrencies. This casino has been lovingly crafted to work like a charm on all Android and iOS devices, ensuring you’re never more than a heartbeat away from the action.

When it comes to the game of love – and games of chance – Bet Panda holds the key to your heart. With over 5500 titles to get your pulse racing, boredom will feel like a distant ex. Whether you’re in it for the thrill of the spin or the allure of the win, there’s always something to make your heart skip a beat. Plus, no KYC!

And here’s a little whisper for the newcomers from Crypto Lists: snag an exclusive love letter of a bonus, offering 100% up to 1 Bitcoin with a 40x wagering flutter. Plus, a little birdie told us that during our romantic rendezvous with Tron for deposits and withdrawals, it took less than 30 seconds for our small win to be paid out… faster than cupid’s arrow. Bet Panda might just be your perfect match this Valentine’s Day!

What’s the lovely bonus? 100% up to 1 Bitcoin!

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ETH Play

If you’re on the hunt for a heart-stopping anonymous casino site then we’ve got just the ticket! Let us introduce you to our casino in waiting, the belle of the ball:

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to ETH Play (discover). Much like the secret admirer you’ve always dreamed of: no need for long introductions or invasive Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. You can dive right into a romance with gaming in just 10 seconds, armed with nothing more than an email and a password, and they promise to never spoil the moment by asking for KYC at any point in your love affair with gaming. If you thought Ether was the only token of affection here, prepare for a bouquet of surprises.

This site is the epitome of a crypto casino courtship done right. Alongside ETH, you’ll find the heartthrob of the crypto world, Bitcoin, waiting for you. But wait, there’s more – XRP, Tether, and others join the love circle. And who knows? Over the next twelve months, we might just see more heartbeats like Solana joining the party. Plus, for those new to the crypto dating scene, you can use credit and debit cards to buy crypto on the site – a perfect first date with crypto gambling!

Deposits land in your account as swiftly as a love arrow, and with no KYC to ever come between you, you can count on instant withdrawals to keep the flame alive in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Withdrawal requests are like whispers of sweet nothings, processed in real time. Just remember, the time it takes for those funds to snuggle into your wallet depends on the network speed of your chosen cryptocurrency. Love at first sight, or in this case, first transaction, is truly possible at ETH Play.

What’s the lovely bonus? Similar to the guys at LTC Casino, ETH Play doesn’t have a standard welcome offer. Just tons of great games!

Try your luck at ETH Play now!

1st Deposit bonus: No bonus since it’s fully anonymous and don’t track IP addresses. + more deposit bonuses
Payment Methods: 7
Games: 2500+Game Developers: 35+
✔Instant Payouts ✔Live casino ✔New Crypto Casino ✔Anonymous ✔Allows VPN ✔Crypto Casino ✔Mobile First Casino ✔No KYC casino ✔Wallet to Wallet deposits ✔Tournaments ✔Some Provably Fair Games

Just Casino IO

Where to start with this heartthrob of a casino, dazzling with a bouquet of games including the romantic spins of slots, the love letters of table games, the grand gestures of jackpots, the sweet nothings of scratch cards, and the intimate dates with live dealer games? With Just Casino IO (review) it’s like a love story scripted in games, each one a token of affection from over a host of adoring studios, each ensuring the quality of their affectionate offerings is nothing short of true love.

For those who love a journey to the stars, Space XY will have you over the moon, while Aviator offers a more traditional route to cloud nine – all available at the lovely Just Casino Crypto.

Falling head over heels doesn’t even begin to cover how we feel about Just Casino IO’s game library. With over 10,000 games, it’s like receiving an endless stream of Valentine’s Day cards, making it a top contender for your affections on Crypto Lists and placing it in the top 1% of the most charming suitors we’ve ever encountered.

What’s the lovely bonus? 150% up to 500 USDT (or equivalent crypto currency) + 100 Free Spins!

Play on Just Casino IO!

Huge Win

When you’re on a Valentine’s Day date and you’ve got huge things on your mind, there’s only thing that appears in ours. And that’s Huge Win Casino (of course!). Come on, what else were you thinking?

When you step into the loving embrace of Huge Wins Casino, you’ll be greeted with a heartwarming 100% first deposit bonus, soaring up to 1,000 USDT, tied with a ribbon of a 50-time play-through requirement. It’s like a first date that promises much more!

But the courtship doesn’t end there. With your real-money account, you’ll unlock a world of affection in the form of other promotions, including a 100% unlimited friend referral bonus (or shouldn’t that be lover referral bonus!). It’s the kind of love that keeps on giving, making every friend introduction feel like a match made in heaven. For the loyal hearts, up to 15% cashback on slot games and live dealers acts as a comforting hug, helping you mend a portion of your losses.

And every Wednesday, the casino showers you with a 25% slot bonus, like a weekly love letter to keep the flame alive.

What’s the lovely bonus? 100% up to 1000 USDT!

Get Huge Win!

Nova Jackpot

Navigating through Nova Jackpot (see more) is like a romantic stroll through a well-lit park. The main menu, lovingly positioned on the left side of the website, acts as your guide, holding your hand through the major sections of this love nest of gaming. The games lobby, a veritable box of chocolates, presents its delights with subsections for jackpots and bonus buy titles, each piece more tempting than the last, and allows you to filter your choices by the creators of these love potions or their enchanting features.

The casino has dressed to impress, donning high-quality graphics that whisper sweet nothings, especially in the promotions section and game lobby, giving you a glimpse of the romance to unfold. And for those lovebirds on the move, the mobile casino wraps all these features in a snug embrace, optimized for the small screens of your mobile devices, ensuring you never miss a beat of your heart… or the casino.

Our hearts fluttered with more amazing features at Nova Jackpot Casino, a newly bloomed love offering you a golden ticket to dive deep into the heart of casino gaming and maybe, just maybe, find some treasure along the way. So why not pay a visit to this castle of chance and explore all its hidden rooms and secret gardens by yourself? Love, after all, is about discovery.

What’s the lovely bonus? 100% up to 500 USDT + 200 Free Spins!

Discover Nova Jackpot!

Bombastic Casino

Bombastic (learn more) has thrown its hat into the ring of love with the cryptocurrency craze, embracing a bouquet of digital currencies with all the warmth of a Valentine’s Day date. Their payment system is a love letter to diversity, supporting heartthrobs like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, USDT (across both Ethereum and Tron networks), Tether Avalanche Bridged, Cardano, and Bitcoin Cash, among others.

It’s not just a fleeting crush; Crypto Lists sees this as a long-term relationship, where the impressive flexibility offered is like receiving a daily bouquet of flowers, keeping users loyally in love over time.

But don’t let the plethora of casino games distract you from the love story that is their sportsbook. With just a click at the top of any page, you’re whisked away, like on a romantic getaway, to one of the most enchanting wagering interfaces to grace the online dating scene of sports and games. Bombastic isn’t just playing the field; it’s committing to a serious relationship with both casino game lovers and sportsbook enthusiasts alike.

What’s the lovely bonus? 30,000 USDT + 100 free spins! On top of that, they have a valentine’s tournament from Wazdan. All Wazdan games can be played and the price pool is 2.5 Million up for grabs. It’s active until the 25th of February, 2024.

Go Bombastic!

Coin Kings

On Valentine’s Day, they say it’s all about the women. But the guys need some love too! And, there’s no better way of making a man feel special than making him feel like a (coin) King! That’s right. On Coin Kings (casino review) that’s more than possible.

Step into a realm where love and BTC bonuses abound, where the casino experience is nothing short of a royal romance, complete with live games and crash games to make your heart race. Imagine an unlimited deposit bonus, reaching up to a breathtaking 999 BTC! Yes, you read that right.

Coin Kings doesn’t just play cupid with its games but also showers you with love through its loyalty program. As you embark on this courtship, each player garners experience points (XP) like collecting love letters over time. These tokens of affection allow you to elevate your status from a humble Commoner to nobility titles such as Viscount, Earl, Crown Prince, and perhaps, if the stars align, to the King himself.

Here’s a whisper of the sweet nothings you can expect as tokens of Coin Kings’ affection:

  • Level-up bonuses as grand as 10,000 euros, a testament to their boundless love.
  • Personalized account managers, your loyal cupids in this casino love story.
  • Cash-back rewards soaring up to 12%, like a bouquet of roses to comfort any losses.
  • Daily bonuses that serenade your favorite games, a true love song played just for you.
  • In the kingdom of Coin Kings, every spin, every bet, is a step in a dance of royal courtship, where loyalty is rewarded with the lavishness of a love story written in the stars.

What’s the lovely bonus? 100% up to 999 BTC!!!!!

Sign up to Coin Kings!

Slots 777 Casino

Are you on a quest for love in the form of a flexible, newly-licensed crypto casino where the games are as varied as the languages of love, and transactions are as swift and sweet as a Valentine’s Day card? Enter the world of Slots 777 Casino (review), dressed in hues of purple and fuchsia, creating the perfect backdrop for a romantic gaming rendezvous.

Slots 777, a crypto gaming haven, opens its arms to lovers of major cryptocurrencies, offering sweet nothings in the form of Tether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USDC. These tokens of affection promise transactions swift as Cupid’s arrow and anonymity that whispers sweet everythings, unseen in the world of fiat courtships. Deposits bloom instantly like a rose in full bloom, with withdrawals, tenderly processed within 24 hours, ensuring your love story with gaming continues uninterrupted.

What’s the lovely bonus? 3 deposit welcome bonus up to 3 ETH!

Try Slots 777!

XSpin Casino

In the casino world, where the language of love is spoken through onboarding rewards, standing out is akin to crafting the most heartfelt Valentine’s Day gesture. XSpin has thus made a grand entrance, hearts in its eyes, with a welcome bonus package that’s as generous as a bouquet of red roses. Imagine receiving a love note that offers a 100% match in the currency of your affection, with promises of up to 50,000 mBTC, 10,000 milli-Litecoins, 3,000 DOGE, or 200 milli-ETH.

But, as with any grand romantic gesture, there are love letters (terms and conditions) to be read. Cupid gives all new players a seven-day courtship period to claim this heart-throbbing 100% offer. To ensure this romance isn’t fleeting, a 45X wagering requirement asks for your commitment.

And, just like in love, not all bets are created equal; the amount you can wager varies with the cryptocurrency you serenade. It’s important to note that some games, much like some love stories, are too wild for this offer – table and live dealer games, I’m looking at you.

To truly understand this love affair, it’s best to take the plunge and complete the initial registration process. Only then can you access the list of titles eligible for this one-time dance under the stars, opening the door to a world where every spin is a declaration of love.

What’s the lovely bonus? Special crypto-specific rewards for every player!

Bet Panda IO is unfortunately not allowing players from your country, but we would suggest that you check out mBit Casino instead.

Some like to stand and others rather sit. But all like exclusive bonuses, as the one on mBit!

1st Deposit bonus: 175% up to 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins Welcome Bonus + more deposit bonuses
Payment Methods: 8
Games: 2000+Game Developers: 36+
✔Instant Payouts ✔Live casino ✔Allows VPN ✔Crypto Casino ✔Mobile First Casino ✔Wallet to Wallet deposits ✔Tournaments ✔Has Good Bonus ✔Some Provably Fair Games ✔Crypto Poker

Ps. Looking for a Valentine casino tournament? Read our post about Empire Casino’s improvements and see what they have for your this Valentine’s Day.

by Our Two Certified Authors
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