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Zimpler for Crypto Casinos – See Top 21 Sites

Zimpler green logoSmart Payments Nordic introduced Zimpler as a Swedish mobile payment business in 2012. Imagine a deposit method for casinos that is quick, simple and inexpensive—just like using a mobile device. Enjoy a simple deposit process at the convenience of your own home. You only need to deposit to your desired destination; no further processes or restrictions exist. Below are the top crypto casinos that accept Zimpler for deposits.

Top 21 casinos with support for Zimpler

GunsBet Casino
At GunsBet you can beat the undertaker as a top gamer on a wild west crypto casino with tons of different deposit methods!
3500+ games


Spin Rollz Casino
Soar into space and take the controls, become a superhero here on Spin Rollz!
6500+ games


Playio Casino
Trek across a valley of potential crypto wins on Playio, where adventure meets excitement!
3000+ games


Wiki Luck
Come try your hand on Wiki Luck. We guarantee it does not suck!
4000+ games


Step into a crypto casino full of bravado, play slots and bet on sports at Casinado!
7000+ games


Joker8 Casino
A joker in the hat? It’s according to the stat. Live casino and many slots, this new site really got lots.
4000+ games


Watch others bow down to the throne and feel like a king, playing on Kingmaker crypto casino is so good you’ll go to the roof and sing!
4000+ games


Spades Queen Casino
One of the best named crypto casinos we’ve ever seen. Play big with Bitcoin and more on Spades Queen!
5000+ games


Joker IO
A game of slots, a hand of poker. You can try it all right here on Joker!
1900+ games


Lolo Bet
Ridin’ in a lolo car just like Dr Dre. Come and play on Lolo Bet crypto casino, what do you say?
8000+ games


Flaksi Casino
If you’re Finnish or Norwegian and looking for a top Zimpler casino then you can’t go far wrong with Flaksi!
2000+ games


Happy Hugo Casino
We’re glad your not sad on this super happy site, Happy Hugo is here and the slots are more than alright!


Buran Casino
Some players are pale, others tan. But they all like to play with Bitcoin on Buran. Some like slots, others live. Some win 1 hand, others 5!
4000+ games


DozenSpins Casino
Games galore a dime a dozen, lots of prizes in the oven. DozenSpins is fun for all, bet on black or on sportsball!
2500+ games


Seven Casino
A great new crypto casino site with 25 developers, 10x wagering and 9 languages.
1000+ games


Lemon Casino
No bitter taste it’s simply sweet, deposit in Euros or BTC. Play top tournaments rain or shine, join Lemon Casino you know it’s time!
4000+ games


Wolfy Casino
Enjoy no wager wins with Wolfy and pocket the winnings straight to your wallet!
4500+ games


Chipstars Casino
Some dream of celebrity and supercars, the best poker players dream of Chipstars. It’s got slots and tournaments too, we love it but do you?
3000+ games


Doggo Casino
Head to the kennel and win big prizes. Doggo Casino is full of nice surprises!
3000+ games


Vegas Mobile Casino
Bring Vegas to your mobile phone, a new casino to call home!


iWild Casino
A high-quality crypto casino with thousands of casino games, supporting instant withdrawals.
8000+ games



Zimpler streamlines mobile payment methods for online casino enthusiasts. Users can link payments to their cell numbers on this cutting-edge platform, providing a safe and seamless payment process. Zimpler is a popular option for hassle-free deposits and withdrawals in several nations, including Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany and the Netherlands, because of its quick transaction processing. Zimpler offers the ease of quick and safe transactions for depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos and other platforms, and its simple setup process makes it simple to get started.

Below are the main pros and cons when using Zimpler for casino deposits.


+Friendly interface for effortless transactions into online casinos. Advantage - logo
+Quick deposit processing – often in a matter of seconds.
+Robust authentication methods for safe transfers.
+Zimpler seamlessly integrates with mobile devices, allowing for convenient transfers.


-European focus – not available in Asia, Africa, North America or Latin America. Disadvantage - logo
-Limited options for withdrawals.
-Some transactions may incur fees.
-The initial setup can be time-consuming.
-Security risks if not used cautiously.

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is not just another casino funding method, it provides innovative mobile payment solutions for businesses. Zimpler stands out because of its original method of transactional streamlining. This platform lets consumers securely and seamlessly link their cell phones to their payment accounts. A PIN is generated and delivered to the specified contact number when a user starts a purchase using Zimpler.

Users can make payments easily and securely with Zimpler because of its emphasis on mobile transactions, whether they are making purchases or supporting cryptocurrency investments. Zimpler has been a popular option for businesses and individuals due to its creative and user-friendly payment methods, underscoring its dedication to efficiency and simplicity in digital transactions.

Zimpler Costs

Firstly, you should be mindful that your bank may charge a fee in line with the terms and circumstances set out between you and your bank when it executes a payment transaction initiated using the Payment Initiation Service (PIS). This charge is frequently connected to how the transaction was handled.

The good news is that Zimpler doesn’t charge customers any money for funding wallets unless a particular transaction, like Payout or Payment Initiation Service (PIS), requires currency conversion. Currency conversion fees might be included in these situations. Therefore, examining the specifics is a good idea to ensure transparency.

Transaction Speed for Zimpler

The unmatched transaction speed of Zimpler is one of its most notable qualities. Users may always expect immediate processing for every successful transaction when utilising Zimpler for deposits. Therefore, as soon as you start a deposit through Zimpler, the money is quickly and seamlessly moved to the location of your choice, whether it be for cryptocurrency investment, online gaming or online shopping.

Zimpler transactions are almost instantly, making them more convenient and cutting down on waiting times so you can immediately get on with your financial operations. One of the main reasons why so many consumers prefer Zimpler for their payment needs is its fast transaction speed.

Zimpler Deposits: How to Do it?

If you’re ready to make a deposit using Zimpler, here’s a straightforward guide in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Zimpler-supported online casino account, which is simple to find through a reliable platform. Open the cashier window when you get there and select Zimpler as your payment option.

Step 2: Click the deposit button and enter the desired deposit amount.

Step 3: Enter your phone number after being forwarded to the Zimpler portal. Your device will then display a security code, concluding the creation of your Zimpler account.

Step 4: Choose your preferred payment method from the list of card, bill and bank options in the Zimpler window.

Step 5: Verify the deposit amount once more to complete your transaction. You will now get a second security code for the payment confirmation. Your money will be quickly put into your online casino account after it has been entered.

Which are the Main Countries Where Zimpler is Used?

Zimpler has made a name for itself as a major player in mobile payment solutions, and its products are well-liked in many European nations. Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany and the Netherlands are among the top countries where Zimpler is widely used. The main negative is that it’s only for European clients.

These nations have come to rely on and respect Zimpler for its quick and easy payment methods. It’s vital to remember that Zimpler’s accessibility could differ by region because it might be constrained by law in some places. You should examine Zimpler’s availability and specific terms in your area if you consider using it for your financial transactions to ensure a simple and easy experience.

Can You Withdraw with Zimpler?

Yes, using Zimpler to withdraw money is a smooth operation similar to depositing. You can complete the process by choosing Zimpler as your withdrawal option, providing your mobile number and security code, and then approving the transaction. While new users can select their preferred account, current users will have their funds routed to the most recently used account.

The only difference is that you may have to wait a little longer while the online casino processes your withdrawal, usually between 2 and 5 minutes. Zimpler is a practical option for deposits and withdrawals in online gambling because of its simple approach, which guarantees you can easily access your profits.

Reputation of Zimpler

Zimpler’s reputation for ease and security is positive. Many of my pals who gamble online have confidence in it for their money-related dealings. When they can’t utilise Zimpler, they use conventional banking procedures and alternative online wallets.

Zimpler FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions asked related to Zimpler for casino deposits. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Is it safe to use Zimpler for cryptocurrencies?
Zimpler is secure but beware of phishing attempts.

How do I set up Zimpler?
Start by downloading the Zimpler app from the app store on your smartphone. Open the app after that, and then follow the on-screen directions to enter your cell number and confirm it with the verification code provided to your phone to create your Zimpler account. Join Zimpler and use your chosen payment methods for quick and safe transactions.

Is Zimpler instant?
Yes, it offers rapid payments, enhancing your experience.

When was Zimpler founded?
Zimpler was founded in 2012.

Where is the mother company based?
The parent company, Smart Payments Nordic, is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Does Zimpler only work on Apple devices?
No, Zimpler is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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