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How does it feel to be the greatest? Not just one of the best around but at the pinnacle of everything. The zenith and reference point that everybody aims for? To be, in other words, the G.O.A.T!

The Greatest of All Time is a term that gets bandied around a lot, especially when it comes to sports. Messi, Ronaldo, Schumacher, Williams, Ali… these are just some of the names associated with the accolade. Where we don’t hear it so much is when it comes to the weird and wonderful world of the top bitcoin casinos! And, having the debate is half of the fun for most.

That’s where GOAT Casino (see more) steps in! But does it hold up? Is it actually the greatest? Or, is the aim in fact to help you become the greatest casino player around? Let’s explore this awesome new site and get to the bottom of this conundrum!

Play on GOAT now!

Get started by signing up

The sign-up process is one of the best we’ve encountered. All you need to do is enter your email address and chosen password. Besides ticking a box to confirm you’re 18, that’s all there is to it. No verification text messages or confirmation emails required. And that’s it! Simple does it.

As you’ll see throughout this article, we’re so impressed by their commitment to speed and effortlessness. Seamless entertainment seeps out of every digital pore on this casino and it’s impressive to witness.

Visit the website and get started!

Choosing Goat Casino games to play

This is actually a bit of a head scratcher. There are so many great games and your eyes are so enraptured by the awesome visuals that it can be hard to settle on something specific. Everyone has their own favourite games and at Crypto Lists we really like live casino and crash games.

If you ask us on a Monday then we’d often pick something like Lightning Roulette when it comes to live table games. However, ask us on a Tuesday and we might opt for something like Smash X or F777 Fighter. Go and get your Tom Cruise on!

Go ahead and search on the website, and you’ll have your answer in just 0.25 seconds – faster than most other sites we see. You can effortlessly sort games by provider with a single tap.

The outstanding web design makes every game look incredibly inviting. It’s not a coincidence that when you enter the site you’re greeted by the famous goat – Satoshi Namagoato, named after Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto – in his lovely yellow Lambo. It’s eye-catching and perfectly represents their commitment to insane speed.

Check out the games here!

When they crash do GOATs go to heaven?

It’s a simple question that deserves a simple answer but we’re afraid we’re not qualified to state anything definitively. But if you’d rather just see the above as a mildly amusing pun and an intro to a section on crash games we’d very much appreciate it.

As we discussed earlier, at Crypto Lists we can’t get enough of crash games and whether it’s the ones we mentioned or others like Trading Dice from Turbo Games, Magnify Man from Fugaso, and so much more. To find these titles, head to the ‘Casino’ area on the left side menu and at the top you’ll see a section titled ‘Crypto Games’ – in here you’ll find your crash and instant win favorites.

One notable absence from Goat is Aviator from Spribe – but there are plenty of sites to play it.

However, don’t let one negative distract from so much awesomeness.

Are you Floyd Mayweather or Tyson Fury? Be the GOAT and go for glory!

1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to 1 BTC + more deposit bonuses
Payment Methods: 6
Games: 7000+Game Developers: 41+
✔Instant Payouts ✔Live casino ✔New Crypto Casino ✔Anonymous ✔Allows VPN ✔Cashback ✔Crypto Casino ✔Mobile First Casino ✔No KYC casino ✔Wallet to Wallet deposits ✔Has Good Bonus ✔Some Provably Fair Games ✔Not blocked in Russia

Which games to avoid?

At Crypto Lists we do the due dilligence so that you don’t have to. And although we can’t speak highly enough of the game selection and the speed of navigation, some titles only give 0-10% or 50% when playing with a bonus. These tend to be live casino games usually, so if you’re looking for an avalanche of cash they might be best avoided.

Slots contribute to 100% of wagering requirements, so it might be smart when trying to get that 1 BTC match deposit bonus to stick to the classics which include the aforementioned crash games.

You can find the specifics of this in the site’s T&Cs (read more).

The great journey to becoming the G.O.A.T

Nobody wants everything straight on a plate. Well, many do in fact, but the winners of the world always emphasize that the journey is the reward in itself. Indeed, there are VIP programs and then there are VIP PROGRAMS and Goat Casino certainly falls into the latter category! With several levels to climb the rewards are top notch!

You start from being a noble n00b goat without many rewards. But as soon as you play a bit more, you climb the VIP club ladder as to be expected. And, what are goats famous for? Climbing steep hills!

As mentioned, you start off as a N00b Goat, but can quickly level up to Padawan Goat, then Grazer Goat, and eventually the rainbow-themed FOMO Goat. Well, to be precise he’s actually vomiting rainbows, but whatever floats your boat, right?

The top VIP levels come with major perks: the Wizard Goat gets 7.5% cashback and tons of free spins, while the Lambo Goat level means faster rewards, weekly no-wager bonuses, and a feast of free spins. Next, you hit the Whale Goat VIP level with 10% weekly cashback, and eventually, the Moon Goat comes with surprise gifts. Last but most certainly not least, you reach the G.O.A.T level! And here you can go mental with 15% cashback and a ridiculous list of rewards longer than a goat’s you know what!

Start your journey!

A bleating welcoming bonus

This is really a goat that knows how to promote! We’re not gonna bleat you half to death over the head about it, but it’s definitely worth shouting about the welcome bonus. Why? Because it comes to the farmyard with a matched deposit of up to 1 bitcoin!

That’s right, and it’s more than quite nice. 1 BTC is a heck of an amount for a new player to get hold of, and it’s more than achievable with Goat’s reasonable terms too.

Grab your bonus!

by Our Two Certified Authors
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