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Perhaps you’ve realised that it could be good to play anonymously, but are not sure how to do it? Then our guide on how to play on Bitcoin casinos anonymously might be the perfect way to get started.

Here we explore the pros and cons of playing without KYC on your favorite casino sites, why it’s a bit different to the usual kind of setup, and of course a step by step guide on exactly how it works. Everybody from a total newbie to someone with an intermediate knowledge of anonymous casino websites will hopefully find something of value.

So buckle up tight, and get ready to ride this rocketship all the way to planet privacy!

Why is it good to play anonymously?

In the pre-crypto days of online casino, the idea of entering all your address details and sending documentation to prove it was seen as par for the course. Totally normal, to be expected. Then bitcoin casinos started up and people started to wonder whether some of the same ideas could be translated into casino gaming.

More and more, crypto casinos have started to offer registration where you don’t need to put in an address. You don’t need to send over ID scans or utility bills to prove who you are. Some don’t even need an email or password – you get given a username on sign in and it’s up to you if you’d like to change it!

For people who adhere to the libertarian, anti-establishment spirit this is great. Or for people who simply don’t want to waste time sending over documents this is great news too. Perhaps best off, if you want to withdraw absolutely straight awat without waiting for things to be checked and verified, anonymous casinos are ideal.

Get started by entering your email and password

The whole thing with anonymous sites, as mentioned earlier, is that you can use crypto and get started instantly. No complicated registration procedures, no “the scanner isn’t working” meltdowns when you’re being asked to send proof of address, just straight up fun straight away. Isn’t that what online casinos were supposed to be about in the first place?

On most of the sites you yust enter your email and password and get started instantly. It’s simple as that. On others you don’t even need that.

Take ETH Play (review) for example – launched earlier this year (5th Jan 2024), it takes 10 seconds or less and you’re ready to play. Honestly! Try it for yourself and you’ll see we’re not exaggerating.

On places like Crypto Games website you literally click sign up and choose a username, password and type in your email – without any verification needed whatsoever (except for the email verification). It takes about 15-20 seconds, if that!

Which anonymous crypto casinos are most established?

Perhaps the most established anoymous casino that we’ve come across in our time in the industry is the legendary LTC Casino (review). Launched in winter of 2021, LTC is a really renowned anonymous casino that’s noteworthy for not tracking any players’ IP addresses.

While on the one hand this means you’re not going to get a big welcome bonus due to high probability of bonus abuse, on the other it means it literally can’t get more anonymous! Try LTC right here.

Another casino that’s far more recently launched but is already showing staying power is the very cool Bet Panda (see more), which announced itself to the world in summer of 2023. It too doesn’t require any

Are there any new anonymous BTC casinos launched 2024?

We’ve already mentioned the awesome Bet Panda, but what we perhaps didn’t mention was the fact that it comes locked and loaded with a 1 BTC welcome deposit offer. You can claim it here, and while it’s not going anywhere it’s always nice to strike when the iron’s hot!

Another is a site that’s only been around since February but has already earned a place in our heart, and that’s the mighty Cryptorino (review) with a totally anonymous setup, as to be expected in an article like this! Try Cryptorino!

Another anonymous site that’s popped up in the past month is Crazy Bit (review). You don’t even need a password on this site and can sign up in about 2 seconds. No email verification needed either – so simple and so easy. Plus, for the true Web3 experience you can sign up with MetaMask. Give it a go!

What to do to stay anonymous when gambling…

If you’ve managed to find yourself a casino that accepts anonymous sign up, play, and withdrawals then firstly: pat yourself on the back! You’re about to experience crypto casinos as they were initally intended, living that Wild West spirit and embracing the libertarian ethos of the early internet. But, there are a couple of things extra you can do to keep yourself anonymous.

  • Use Cryptocurrency: Opt for cryptocurrencies when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. They offer a high level of anonymity as transactions are difficult to trace back to individuals. Most anonymous casinos only accept crypto anyway – so this part is taken care of automatically.
  • Avoid Sharing Personal Information: Stick to casinos that don’t require extensive personal information for registration. Look for platforms that only ask for essential details and don’t delve into unnecessary data. Kind of an obvious one, but even on anonymous casinos they sometimes ask for some personal info, but you can use psuedonyms and burner emails if you want to truly fly under the radar.
  • Use VPN: Utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your IP address and location. This adds an extra layer of privacy and prevents casinos from tracking your physical whereabouts. Always check the terms and conditions to make sure that they do indeed allow you to use one – otherwise you risk having winnings confiscated in the worst case scenario. Or, you can rest easy on LTC Casino for example as it doesn’t track IPs.
  • Create a Separate Email: Set up a dedicated email address for your casino activities. This prevents your primary email from being linked to your gambling routine.
  • Choose Pseudonyms: Use aliases or pseudonyms instead of your real name when registering accounts. This helps dissociate your gambling activities from your identity.
  • Disable Tracking: Adjust browser settings to block cookies and tracking scripts. This reduces the chances of casinos (particularly traditional online casinos) monitoring your online behavior and preferences. As mentioned earlier, some of the very best no-KYC casinos don’t track your IP. But if you’re a bit of a tech geek then by all means add extra layers of security to your gaming setup!
  • Research Casino Privacy Policies: Prioritize casinos with strong privacy policies and a commitment to safeguarding user data. Avoid platforms known for selling or sharing customer information.

The final say

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The 101 for April 2024 on how to gamble on anonymous casinos! If you’ve got any choice comments or experience you’d like to share, don’t be shy – reach out to us on Live Chat. Likewise, if you’d like some personalized recommendations, we’re happy to help there too.

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