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Best Past, Present & Future ICOs

ICO logoDo you want to see the best ICOs on the horizon? Perhaps you’d like to see some of the top ones from the past? Well, you’re in luck.

Whether you want to learn more about what an ICO is or what is the difference between ICO and IDO, you’ll find it on this page. We list the most interesting upcoming ICO’s and IDO’s and showcase the biggest historic launches. However, as always when it comes to new launches within the crypto space, it is extremely important to do your own research as well. That’s why we’ve also included the best from the past few years so you can see how the projects turned out longer term.

ICO Tokens and coins

This is the toplist with historic and upcoming ICO’s for tokens and coins. This ICO toplist is made for people in Europe. There may still be restrictions what people in the your geographic region are allowed to do when it comes to ICOs. So make sure that you read up on the regulatory restrictions as well as the terms and conditions for each crypto exchange and consider what is allowed or not allowed. Crypto is extremely volatile, perhaps even more with ICOs, and therefore not suitable for everyone to invest in. Never speculate with money that you cannot afford to loose.

What is an ICO?

An ICO is simply an Initial Coin Offering, and it simply refers to a process through which new crypto projects raise funds. With ICOs, investors purchase cryptocurrencies that are minted by a specific organization or group of entrepreneurs. The coins are often cheaply priced in an effort to lure investors. A key positive of ICOs is that they don’t have a high barrier to entry, and this makes it possible for almost any adult in the world to invest in companies. To businesses, ICOs are great because they allow them to bypass stringent regulations by the government. Also, businesses can sell the coins globally, and this makes it more likely that the project will take off.

How can I join an initial coin offering?

Once you identify good ICOs, you will have to first exchange your fiat currencies for BTC or ETH, and this can be done on a crypto exchange. You can then add the cryptocurrencies to a crypto wallet. Make sure you complete this process long before the scheduled time of the ICOs; some of them run for only a few minutes. When the sale starts, you will have to transfer your cryptocurrencies to an address that is specified by the team. The tokens may be added immediately after the sale or a few days after.

How common is it to experience an initial coin offering scam in crypto?

One key negative of initial coin offerings is that they create excellent opportunities for scammers. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you only invest in legitimate projects. A common crypto scam is the rug pull, where the creators of the token pull out of the project right after the initial sale. By selling lots of tokens in a short span of time, the owners of the project drive down the price of the cryptocurrency to zero.

Before you participate in an ICO, you should first ask to see the contract so that you can determine whether there are any warning signs. For example, if the taxes are too high or the contract has not been verified, the coin may be a scam. Also, research the owners of the project to determine whether they have any past scandals. Another essential thing you should check is the liquidity in the pool.

Another common red flag is the promise of extraordinary returns. While ICOs will occasionally give investors very high returns, anyone who promises such profits is highly likely to be a scammer. It is also generally a good idea to avoid projects that are marketed through influencers as these mostly turn out to be scams.

How does a crypto ICO compare to a stock IPO?

ICOs are considered the new IPOs, and this is because both of them are used to fund new projects and businesses. They are usually sold at very low prices, so if they project have a long term vision that they follow, you might come in at a good time.

While they seem to be the same, you should note that ICOs don’t necessarily entitle you to a share of the business. Most people who buy ICOs simply hope that the project will pick up (token increase in price), so that their holdings have more value. With a stock IPO, you will get an ownership stake of the business and may even have a say in how the company is run.

The 3 best ICOs ever

One of the biggest ICOs ever was the DAO initial coin offering, which was held in 2017. It was among the first ICOs to ever be held and ended up raising 12.7 million ETH, which was around $150 million at the time.

Later in June of the same year, a Switzerland-based company known as Bancor would raise $153 million in an initial coin offering that ran for 3 hours. Unfortunately, hackers would steal $13.5 million worth of tokens from the decentralized exchange of Bancor, and its token BNT would plummet later on.

Another major initial coin offering was launched in December 2017 by Sirin Labs, a company based in Switzerland. This would raise a total of $158 million, but it would later fail to take off.

What is the difference between a crypto ICO, IEO and IDO?

IDOs are initial decentralized exchange offerings, and like ICOs, they aim to raise money in order to bootstrap projects. However, with initial DEX offerings, the tokens are listed immediately on decentralized exchanges or DEX.
IEOs also help to raise funds for projects, but the project has to be vetted by an exchange. The exchange will also conduct the sale of the tokens. With initial DEX offerings, the fundraising is conducted on the launchpad platform or the decentralized exchange.

Have you got a crypto IDO list?

On the 25th of February, Gamium will be launching an IDO that aims at raising $400,000. The token will be priced at $0.0003. Another notable initial DEX offering that is coming up is Epic Meta, and the date for this project is yet to be announced.

If you’re interested in decentralized finance, you can look into the Primex Finance IDO. The date for this IDO hasn’t been announced yet, so you can keep checking for updates. The initial DEX offering for SolanaPrime is also coming up, although its date hasn’t been announced yet. This project is under the category of decentralized apps or DApps. Other IDOs you can watch out for are Corite, Memoverse, Cosmic Guild, Sky Launch, IQ Protocol, and Legends of Elumia.

What is the trick to come into a crypto ido whitelist?

Getting into a crypto IDO whitelist can be highly advantageous to aspiring investors. One thing you can do to get into a crypto IDO whitelist is to become active in the community, and this is usually on Telegram or Discord.

You should also consider Tweeting and promoting the official website of the project, if the IDO ask you to do it. You can also promote the project by inviting other investors to the Telegram group and other forums where the project is being discussed. As you get more people to sign up for the project, your chances of getting on the whitelist will be increased.

Another way of getting on the whitelist is to stake coins on certain launchpads, for instance ATLO and StarTerra on Terra blockchain or the multi chain launchpad called TrustPad. Binance Launchpool and BSC Pad are two launchpads on the BSC chain.

Having a good rating on the relevant platform could also be beneficial, and you can do this by buying the relevant coins. With gaming tokens, you can often raise your rating by playing the games.

Which ICO allocation can I expect?

One of the notable projects is Legion Network or LGX, and this is being launched on BNB Chain. The initial coin offering is set to end on 21st February 2022 and intends to raise a total of $200,000. If you want to join an ICO, you can also consider looking into $RATIO, which is being issued by Ratio Finance. This one will end on 25th February 2022.

Which are the top ICO platforms?

ERC-20 and BSC launchpads are the top platforms for these projects, but there are several others you can use to keep up with these projects. One of these is TRONPad, and this works as a forum for TRON blockchain ventures. Another notable platform is PolkaStarter, and this is a cross-chain DEX for token pools and auctions. Other key platforms for these projects are DAO Pad by DAO Maker, Ignition on the PAID Network and Lemonade DeFi.

Will Meta (Facebook) launch any initial coin offerings?

While Meta has been interested in launching a cryptocurrency, it has experienced a lot of resistance from many governments. Both Libra and later Diem have announced that they begun the process of winding down. It is unlikely that the company will launch a cryptocurrency any time soon.

Which crypto wallets can be used for ICOs?

A popular wallet you can use for ICOs is Metamask, and this is known for being simple and minimalist. It also has great security features and is impervious to cyberattacks, even if anything can happen in the crypto space. You can also store your coins in Trust Wallet, and this one has been developed with a Web3 browser. That means you can use it to access dApps. After some time, you will be able to move on to a hard wallet, which can offer better security.

Are there any good ICO’s on Binance?

Binance is one of the more popular platforms where you can find ICOs. Some of the more popular ICOs on the platform are Duckie Land (MMETA), Matic Launchpad (MATICPAD), Mummy.io ($MMY). Other platforms where you can find ICOs are Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot.

What is the most common ICO price in crypto?

The most common price for new cryptos is $0.03. However, businesses can set the price a lot higher or lower depending on the level of interest from investors and on the amount of coins or tokens released.

Which country will have the most ICOs in 2022?

The USA seems to be one of the leading countries in the ICOs space, and hundreds of ICOs are launched every year in this country. Singapore has also had a large number of ICOs historically, so it is expected that more projects will be launched in 2022. Other countries that are likely to have lots of ICOs in 2022 are the United Kingdom, Russia, and Estonia.

Are there any initial coin offering regulations in crypto?

In general, cryptocurrencies are a new technology, and ICOs are still largely unregulated by governments around the world. In most countries, anyone can launch ICOs, as long as they are able to get the technology put in place. In the USA, ICOs don’t need to be registered with the SEC, particularly if they are not meant to work as securities. In the European Union, you may need to submit a prospectus for review from your home country. To avoid breaking the law, you should obviously consult relevant legal counsel before launching the project.

Which crypto ICO related to metaverse will go live in 2022?

Metaverse ICOs are announced on different platforms. One project that is set to go live in 2022 is the Jenny Metaverse, and this is a decentralized ERC-20 NFT. It is minted on the Unicly protocol.

Advantage - logo

Advantages of ICOs

+They allow you to get into crypto for pennies.
+They allow you to take part in exciting new projects.
+You may end up making extraordinary profits.
+The barrier to entry is lower than that of IPOs.
+Transaction costs can be very low.

disadvantage logo

Disadvantages of ICOs

-It is easy to get into rug pull scams.
-They are highly unregulated.
-They usually don’t have any systems of protecting investors.
-Businesses that issue ICOs usually don’t have a running product.
-The firms don’t have to provide accurate financial data.
-Lots of ICOs have turned out to be scams.

Because circumstances changes. Buy or Sell tax for a certain token may change from one moment to another, subject to specific rules defined in the contract. Therefore, you should always remember that you should always make the final decision whether it is a listing that can be trusted or not.

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