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The upcoming Ghana Crypto & DeFi Summit 2022 is happening in Accra on November 3-4 and looks set to explore both emerging and established trends in the crypto and DeFi space such as Web 3.0 and their role in what is set to be a revolution in the FinTech sector. Important questions will be explored such as whether DeFi presents a challenge to legacy banking institutions or instead an opportunity? What role will digital-first FinTech organizations play in these new developments, and perhaps most pertinent of all – what are the key challenges to adoption?

What’s in store?

At the Ghana Crypto & DeFi Summit that will take place at Holiday Inn in Accra, there will be a set of keynote speeches and panel presentations covering the following topics:

• Keynote talk: Regulatory perspectives on digital assets in Ghana
• Keynote talk: Introduction to DEXs and the strategies of managing liquidity on Uniswap protocol
• Discussion: The rise of NFTs and the Metaverse: The global impact on fintechs and innovation
• Panel: The influence of regulation on Web3 products: opportunities and challenges.
• Presentation: Future-proofing Your Investment Skills: Becoming the Investor of the Future.

This African DeFi event start at 9AM and goes on until 6PM both days.

Some of the speakers include Devin Walsh, the Executive Director of the Uniswap Foundation; Dee Duncan, CEO of BTCKing; Philip Agyei Asare, founder of the Blockchain Africa Foundation; with many more names added to the official site. The purpose of the event is to make sure that the value of the crypto industry is properly identified, curated, and serves as a source of inspiration. Not just for those new to the space, but also for seasoned experts who want to stay up to date on the latest developments.

DeFi promises sweeping changes?

The overall theme of the event will discuss the macro financial and technological trends contributing to the exponential growth of DeFi. And, the effect this revolutionary shift away from the established order will have on the future of money and payments both on a personal and institutional level. The distributed ledger technology of the blockchain creates new possibilities for transparent, decentralized and fraud-proof solutions. And, in many African countries, crypto is seen as a preferred alternative for the storage and transfer of assets. The Central African Republic adopted Bitcoin as legal tender earlier this year, following a similar move by El Salvador in Latin America.

Africa steps forward as a ‘crypto continent’

Cryptocurrencies have become popular in many African nations along with other developing countries. The continent is poised to be a possible major hub of blockchain and cryptocurrency development – with these ecosystems regarded as a possible solution to some present challenges. Digital transformation is happening at an increasing rate across continents and sectors, and blockchain is becoming increasingly central to it. Africa is a huge region with enormous untapped potential in this regard.

However, over the past few years adoption has begun to accelerate, with Ghana among others touted as crypto-tech hotspots with a booming blockchain startup scene.

In cash-based economies, the potential for crypto has exploded alongside the rise of mobile tech – granting access to what can be seen as alternative economic infrastructures. A way for unbanked citizens to achieve financial inclusion and access a range of essential financial services, blockchain and Bitcoin marketplaces like Local Bitcoins are leading revolutionary change.

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The Ghana Crypto & DeFi Summit: conclusions and next steps

In the ever-expanding digital landscape, it’s clear that digital currencies and the blockchains that support them are going to be central to the future of money and payments. The summit in Ghana will explore these developments in detail – bringing new perspectives from the African continent and the nations that encompass it.

There will be over 200 delegates in attendance exploring the limitless possibilities of crypto and blockchain technology, and the wider DeFi ecosystem. By taking part in the event, attendees will be up to date on the latest trends around the supporting tech and Web 3.0 developments. Inspiration can be taken from reowned industry experts, CEOs, and founders from across the space. And, you’ll be able to build connections and network with people from a wide range of industries.

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