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Shiba Inu (SHIB) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies right now, especially among dog lovers and the last week we have seen new All Time High (ATH) and a record turnover.

Today, Shiba Inu reached 42.5 billion USD in daily turnover on the 28th of October, 2021. Is it a coincidence that an ATH for Shiba Inu was reached – 0.000087 per SHIB coin – at the same day as 42.5 billion USD in daily turn over was reached?

The Shib Army are currently pushing for Robinhood to list SHIB and they have launched a petition on change.org, with above 430 000 signatures when this post is written.


Have you ever wondered how the Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency achieves such high turnovers and records? The crypto-market has been anything but predictable lately. The markets have been on a roller coaster ride with peaks and valleys that seem never to end, and this is just the beginning of what we can expect in the coming years. Many people are curious about this, especially since SHIB is only a few years old. This article will explore some of the reasons behind SHIB’s success. By understanding these factors, you’ll be in a better position to make informed investment decisions when it comes to SHIB.

What’s Behind Shiba Inu’s Stunning Rise?

Shiba Inu has reached a new all-time high (ATH) and record turnover. This is due, in part, to the SHB community, the Shibes protocol, and the Shibes wallet. These three entities have come together to create a strong and supportive community committed to promoting the coin’s success. Marcus from Crypto Lists takes a closer look at each of these entities.

Rating: 9.4/10
Supply: 549 / 589
Release date: August 10, 2020

Description: Got any SHIB in your wallet? If not, see how you can get some Shiba Inu here.

Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.

Who Are in The Shibes Community?

The SHB community is one of the main reasons for the coin’s success. The community is active on social media and in the real world, and they are always willing to help new investors. They are also committed to keeping SHB safe and secure, which is another reason why the coin has been so successful.

The Shibes community is a decentralised team of people who want to enjoy and share the value and fun that cryptocurrencies offer. They also understand the importance of adopting these technologies. The Shibe’s community includes:

Entrepreneurs: People from around the world who are entrepreneurs. They’re innovators who create and invent new things. They can use cryptocurrencies like SHB to enhance their businesses. Some examples of entrepreneurs are people who sell ice cream, coffee, art, and craft beer.

Crypto Enthusiasts: People involved with blockchain technology or cryptography in general. These individuals understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies for society as a whole.

Developers: Professionals who develop software, applications, and tools for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They make it possible for people to use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives.

Investors: People who invest in various cryptocurrencies with the hope of making a profit. They are essential to the health of the market and help to promote innovation.

Miners: People who offer the computing power to the network. They ensure that transactions are sent quickly and securely, which is necessary to keep up with demand.

Speculators: These people trade cryptocurrencies as a way of making a profit. Investors can use SHIB and other cryptos to diversify their portfolios and increase ROI.

The SHB community is a global group of people passionate about technology and wants to see it succeed. They have banded together to create a strong and supportive community that will help to promote SHIB’s success.

The Shibes Protocol

The Shibes protocol is another reason for the coin’s success. The Shibes protocol is a decentralised ecosystem consisting of people from all over the world who have come together to develop and use cryptocurrencies. This group includes merchants, startups, developers, consumers, and more.

The Shibes protocol provides several benefits for its members:

Open Source: Anyone can view the code and contribute to its development.

Decentralised: There is no central authority controlling the protocol. It is maintained by the community.

Secure: The protocol is secure and reliable, thanks to blockchain technology.

The Shibes Wallet

The Shibes wallet is another reason for the coin’s success. The Shibes wallet is a mobile app that allows users to store, send, and receive SHIB.

Some of the benefits of the Shibes wallet include

Sleek Design: The interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it simple for people who are new to cryptocurrencies to make transactions.

Private Keys: Users control their private keys with a password, PIN, or Touch ID. This makes the wallet secure and protects users from theft.

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD): The wallet has a hierarchical deterministic structure that provides two benefits; it allows for easy backup, and users can generate new addresses for each transaction on behalf of themselves or others.

The Shibes wallet is a mobile app that allows users to store, send, and receive SHIB. The wallet is easy to use and has a sleek design. It also provides users with privacy and security features. These features make the wallet a valuable tool for anyone who wants to use SHIB.

Does Shiba Inu Need to be Included in RobinHood?

So far, Shiba Inu has achieved so much success without being listed on RobinHood. According to reputable market analysts, the cryptocurrency ranks as the No. 11 biggest crypto globally. It is currently trading at $0.000033, which is a great rate for its age.

Why does SHB not need to be listed on RobinHood? The coin has achieved so much without help from the RobinHood app and its users. It is currently one of the top traded coins on major exchanges and is being accepted by more merchants every day. Adding SHB to RobinHood may not be necessary at this point.

How Does Shiba Inu Compare to Dogecoin?

How does SHB compare to Dogecoin? Both cryptocurrencies are beloved by online communities, but there are some key differences. Here is how it compares to Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin was created as a “joke currency” but has since become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. SHB was created as a serious cryptocurrency but has also become popular among crypto enthusiasts.

Maximum Supply
Dogecoin has a maximum supply of 100 billion coins, while SHB has 21 billion coins.
Dogecoin’s 100 billion is what makes it stand out from other cryptos because the maximum limit is so large. With an infinite amount of Dogecoin available, it would be possible for everyone to have 1 DOGE coin in the future. SHB, with its 21 billion maximum supply, is very different. The 21 billion will be available at the end of mining, so the coin could become rare if demand increases.

Mining Algorithm
Dogecoin uses a Scrypt algorithm to mine blocks, while SHB has an algorithm yet to be determined. SHB’s algorithm is to be determined because it is ASIC resistant.

Dogecoin had a premine of 10 billion coins, while SHB has a premine of 2 billion coins.
Dogecoin’s 10 billion coins created a major controversy when it was launched because so many people felt that the developers had taken advantage of the community. SHB’s 2 billion coins will not create the same controversy because it is much less than Dogecoin.

Dogecoin has several different wallets available, while SHB only has one wallet available at this time. The Shibes wallet is available for Android and iOS devices. Dogecoin does not even have a mobile wallet available at this time.

Transaction Fees
Dogecoin transaction fees are 0 per kB, while SHB’s is around $0.0001 per kB. SHB has lower transaction fees than most cryptos. Dogecoin’s transaction fees are very low, but most cryptos have higher transaction fees than Shibes.

Block Time
Dogecoin has a block time of 1 minute, while SHB’s is about 20 seconds right now. SHB’s block time is much faster than Dogecoin’s. It is great that SHB has a faster block time than Dogecoin because it means transactions will be confirmed much faster and might even lead to more people starting trading with Shiba Inu.

Why Invest in Shiba Inu?

There are quite a few reasons to consider SHB and here are a few of the top ones.

SHB is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies in the market. This is due to its low volatility and high liquidity. Because of this stability, investors can be assured that their investment will not lose value over time.

Community-Driven Development
The Shiba Inu community is one of the most active and passionate communities in the cryptocurrency world. This is because the development of the coin is community-driven. This means that the community has a say in how the coin develops and grows.

Strong Governance
The SHB governance system is one of the strongest cryptocurrencies in the world. This has allowed the community to come together and push for key changes and developments that will benefit the coin in the long term.

Strategic Partnerships
The SHB project has entered into various strategic partnerships with several other cryptocurrencies and projects in the past few months. This is a testament to the high regard in which the cryptocurrency community holds the SHB project.

Mass Adoption
SHB has been adopted by many merchants and businesses in the past few months. This is a sign that the coin is gaining mainstream acceptance and that its use is becoming more widespread.

Excellent Price Performance
The price of SHB has been on a steady uptrend since its inception. This is due to the high demand for the coin from investors and traders alike.

Huge Trading Volume
The daily trading volume of Shiba Inu is one of the highest in the market. This indicates a high level of interest in the coin from investors and traders alike.


When investing in any cryptocurrency, it is important to consider the project’s long-term potential. This will allow interested investors to make an informed decision regarding their investment. SHB ticks all the right boxes. It has a dedicated community that works hard towards achieving key milestones for the coin daily. It is a worthwhile investment.

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