The first serious efforts in the crypto market to expand Web3 innovation outside the computer will be made by Solana blockchain when it soon launches a brand new and very unique mobile phone.

Solana network is one of the biggest cryptocurrency blockchains with its own primary coin, Solana (SOL). The SOL coin is renowned for its low fees and rapid speed (65,000 transactions each second compared to 30 for Ethereum). A dApp store, the Solana SDK, and hardware private key security features will all be included in the phone.

The company said in a formal report that it intends to introduce the new device in the spring of 2023 – but you can already pre-order Solana’s mobile phone with a down payment of 100 USD. According to Crypto Lists mobile experts, the flagship smartphone mobile device is created with distinctive features and functionality firmly connected with the Solana blockchain to encourage open and safe web transactions in web3.

A totally new era of web3 crypto and NFT enabled mobile phones will finally make your mobile experience way more crypto friendly, says Markus Jalmerot, co-founder of Crypto Lists.

Saga Hardware features

With the name Saga, this phone has its distinct hardware features. It is graced with a screen size of 6.6 inches for a sufficient display of activities. The Saga phone also has 512 GB of storage space, enough to store a significant amount of data, and a 12 GB ram to ensure processing speeds are on top. Saga mobile from Solana
Other goods to be included on the device include a hardware-encoded Seed Vault for people to keep their private keys in, as well as a Solana SDK, which offers a structure for developers to build and deploy their personal mobile dApps. For Solana mobile users, it will be a totally different experience where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the click of a button.

Saga developers

One of the top technological businesses in the sector, OSOM, created and launched Saga. A specialized crypto wallet enables users to store their assets safely. A number of the most recent Android standards, including security systems created to protect the device, will be included in the Solana ecosystem handset. Developers can read more about how Saga and Rust API works here.

The Solana Mobile Stack

The Saga is a key component of Solana’s effort to make crypto apps more mobile-friendly. Many apps related to cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and NFT are either more constrained on smartphones than computers or have complicated user interfaces. This issue will be resolved by Solana’s new Solana Mobile Stack (SMS), which will initially operate on the Solana mobile. Three key components make up the open-source software: a Mobile Wallet Interface, a Seed Vault, and Solana Pay. Any Solana cryptocurrency wallet kept on the device is connected to Android apps through the wallet adaptor. To combine the security of a hardware wallet with the usefulness of an internet-connected wallet, The Seed Vault divides wallet seed combinations and passwords from applications on the device. Comparable to Apple Pay and Google Pay, Solana Pay will allow users to make purchases using the Solana coin or Solana-compatible coins, such as the USDC stablecoin.

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Is the SOL phone worth buying, and how much does it go for?

Those who fancy digital finance and are also looking to develop their dApps would find this phone quite helpful. With the various features mentioned above, crypto lovers can easily make their NFTs or dApps from a mobile phone without having to get their laptops for assistance.
The SOL smartphone will also be quite affordable; although it’s not available at the moment, you can pre-order it. Pre-orders for Saga need a $100 returnable deposit that will be used for the estimated $1,000 final price. Developers will be given priority so they may test Saga and the Solana Mobile Stack. Pre-orderers could be entitled to a Saga Pass, an NFT that comes with the initial batch of Saga devices, and the first pass to promote the development of the SMS platform. That alone might make the purchase worth it, since it could become collectibles in the future. It is not every day web3 enabled mobile phones are launched with amazing private key management. Not your keys, not your crypto. Are you getting a Solana mobile too? You can buy it from for 1000 USD, and shipping is more or less worldwide.

Will the mobile from Solana network be launched on Breakpoint in Lisbon?

In 2021, the Solana ecosystem assembled in Lisbon for Breakpoint, the first-ever 3 day international celebration that took place. It was the hub of activity for the creators, curious users, aficionados, and future visionaries. And now, after a year of rapidly expanding ecosystems, the Solana conference is returning with more locations, events, and Solana. They expect it to host double as many guests as in 2021. Although the Solana Breakpoint in Lisbon seems like it would have been a perfect avenue to launch the mobile phone from Solana, the SOL mobile will most likely not be launched until 2023. But Crypto Lists expect that a demo version of Solan’s now mobile will be displayed on the Breakpoint Event in Lisbon in November, 2022.


The crypto world keeps growing, and with the introduction of this mobile device, many changes may be witnessed. Will other blockchain protocols introduce their smartphones to their customers? Do you think it is time to change mobile and want to have a web3 enabled mobile? Follow Crypto Lists articles for more light on web3 mobile phones and the latest cryptocurrency happenings.

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