Crypto iGaming has come a long way. Soon after the introduction of crypto currencies, casinos jumped in and allowed their players to transact with some of the most popular coins on prominent crypto casinos.

In 2022, there was a huge increase in interest in these kinds of Bitcoin casinos. And, in 2023 it’s highly likely that there’ll be increased growth in crypto casinos, with existing platforms adding crypto payments to their offerings. New crypto-only platforms will also continue their rise to prominence. One of the most popular games that we noticed on crypto casinos is Aviator from Spribe (see review).

Chris – an iGaming fan and crypto enthusiast – explores the future of crypto casinos and what he believes players can expect to experience in 2023 and beyond.

VR and AR Will Be a New Norm

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two immersive technologies that have changed the way people interact with the virtual world. Crypto casinos will not be left behind when the technology becomes available to the general public.

In 2023 and beyond, several crypto casinos will offer AR and VR games to their users in a bid to recreate awesome emotions and enhance the immersive experience they wish to provide their players. The stumbling block is the high cost of the required gadgets. However, they are expected to become affordable in the near future.

More Live Games and Slots

Currently, most crypto casinos have fewer slots and live games due to restrictions placed by gaming service providers. Besides, a few content creators have products specifically for crypto gambling. However, this is bound to change as many gaming content providers are embracing crypto gambling.

In 2023, we expect an explosion of new, unique, and amazing slots on crypto platforms. In addition, more live gaming providers will offer solutions to crypto-only casinos. Traditional providers, such as Evolution Gaming, have signaled interest in offering games to casinos that only accept crypto payments. We expect many more to follow suit.

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The Number of Casinos will Increase Drastically

As interest in crypto gaming increases, new platforms are bound to crop up to take advantage of the general goodwill. 2022 saw a rapid increase in new platforms. In 2023, we are likely to experience bigger growth and more traditional platforms joining the cryptocurrency craze.

Cryptographic transactions have increased in recent years, owing primarily to their anonymity, enhanced security, low cost, and faster transaction speed. The new users are likely to want to use them for gaming purposes. Therefore, new platforms will be trying to attract new users to their platforms.

There will Be Increased Use of Tokens

NFTs and regular tokens have become a new phenomenon introduced by crypto casinos. It has allowed players to trade in art and own a piece of the casino. Their use has only started, and as new brands join the movement, their use will only increase. In 2023 and beyond, NFTs will become part of the available payment methods, promotions, and offers in crypto casinos.

Other platforms will give players a chance to create their own tokens and trade them with others on the same website. This will be a new way to make money besides gambling.

Expanded Regulation

For a long time, many crypto casinos did not undertake KYC (know your customer) like their fiat currency counterparts. Unfortunately, this has opened a loophole for fraudsters and money launderers to ‘clean’ their dirty cash on the platforms. Cryptocurrency itself also offers anonymity to users. Governments have taken notice of the possible risks and are closing in.

Many have started regulating crypto exchanges with tough rules on what one can or cannot do with the coins. In 2023, we are going to see more of this, with governments requiring KYC for crypto casinos, more disclosures, and less anonymity in major payouts. But there will always be room for decentralized and anonymous casinos for those that love them.

Crypto Lists expects 2023 to be a good year for crypto casinos. There will be more games, more players, and better experiences. However, increased regulations will be a barrier to reaching greater heights. The use of cryptocurrency will also grow tenfold, boosting the confidence of the gamers who already use it on these platforms. For those looking to join an online casino, a crypto one would likely be the best choice.

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