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Online games come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. Some intend to cater to those who are in the mood for fast-paced excitement while others such as poker are more focused around strategic thinking and even a touch of psychology.

The bottom line is that regardless of your tastes, there’s definitely something out there that fits the bill.

However, what about more traditional platforms such as sudoku? How does this game stack up against contemporary alternatives? Why might crypto and Bitcoin casinos prove a better alternative?

Why might it be a good idea to learn the basics of sudoku from a critical thinking point of view? Or perhaps you’d prefer the excitment of instant win and crash games?

Crypto Lists has put together this handy guide so that you can begin to appreciate the bigger picture.

The Roots of Sudoku

Did you know that the history of sudoku stems as far back as the 1890s? This game began to appear in a series of French newspapers in the form of a 9×9 square comprised of random numbers. This initial version was known as “diabolical magic square”. Contrary to popular belief, sudoku was not invented in Japan.

However, the Japanese did indeed coin the term that we have come to know today. Sudoku is actually an abbreviation of the Japanese phrase “each digit is limited to one occurrence”. So, we ultimately have the French to thank for the hours of entrainment that millions already enjoy.

How is Sudoku Played?

While the rules of sudoku are somewhat simple once you’ve become familiar, this game is by no means a walk in the park. Players are presented with a large square. Nine smaller squares are then embedded within the main square.

Each of these contains nine fields (think of the visual layout of tic-tac-toe to get a better idea of the format). Some numbers are present within each of these smaller squares. You’ll need to deduce which ones have yet to be added. Here are the primary goals of sudoku:

  • To fill in each smaller square with digits ranging from 1 to 9.
  • To ensure that no numbers are repeated within any horizontal or vertical columns.

Note that the majority of sudoku games offer this 9×9 layout. However, it’s also possible to choose variants with fewer fields (ideal for those who are just beginning) as well as more complex patterns (more suited for sudoku experts).

A Surprising Number of Hidden Benefits

Sudoku offers much more than simply a way to pass the time. It requires a fair amount of intuition and complex versions could take hours to complete. Some even feel that sudoku boots memory and logic-based skills.

Similar to any other game that’s based around strategic thinking, players will naturally become better over time. We can now begin to understand why sudoku has become popular within the online casino community. So, how does this platform compare to other well-known game categories?

Sudoku vs. Slots

At first glance, you might not think that sudoku and online slots share anything in common. However, remember that both of these games are essentially random in nature. In terms of sudoku, no two numerical patterns will ever be alike. When playing slots, it’s not possible to determine what symbols might pop up once the reels begin to rotate.

A fair amount of forward thinking is also involved when tackling either game. For instance, slots players will often try to predict the chances that a wild symbol or a multiplier may appear. In terms of sudoku, one primary goal is to anticipate which numbers will remain within a single square so that one digit won’t accidentally be repeated (causing a cascade of additional mistakes).

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Sudoku Tournaments vs. Poker Competitions

What about popular table games such as Bitcoin poker in relation to sudoku? While the layout of each is obviously quite different, multiplayer competitions still share some aspects of common. Firstly, online competitions can draw a truly massive crowd; sometimes equating to hundreds of players. These tournaments may also offer progressive jackpots. In other words, the total prize pool will increase over time in the event that no winner is declared.

Both sudoku and poker can also be played in real-time settings if you have a strong Internet connection. Not only does this add an extra level of excitement, but it’s often possible to chat with other competitors; a unique way to become immersed within the world of social gaming.

The Strange Relationship Between Sudoku and Blackjack

It you’re instead a fan of blackjack, why not give sudoku a try? One feature that serves to define both is the fact that they’re heavily based upon numbers. Although the ultimate goals are different, you’ll need to use deductive reasoning in order to predict (with varying levels of certainty) which numbers are required to win.

In blackjack, this equates to a score as close to 21 as possible. Sudoku instead involves filling in each square with non-repeating digits ranging between 1 and 9.

How About Bingo?

Sudoku and bingo are similar from a visual perspective. In both cases, you’ll need to complete horizontal and vertical rows (although most sudoku games aren’t concerned with diagonals). In other words, each requires a fair amount of visual acuity. Let’s also remember that both can be played in the form of multiplayer competitions; a nice way to tap into what could very well prove to be a substantial jackpot.

Where to Play Sudoku Games

Do you like what you’ve just read? If so, where can you find high-quality sudoku games? The good news is that there are plenty of free portals which will allow you to hone your skills if you happen to be a beginner. It’s also possible to download sudoku apps for smartphones. Simply navigate to the Apple Store or to Google Play in order to see which titles are available for your operating system.

Thought About Instant Games?

The other main option is to register with a respected online casino. This is arguably one of the best approaches due to the simple fact that the games themselves have been created by quality software developers.

Of course, casinos also tend to offer a host of unique variations alongside other perks such as signup bonuses and regular promotions. One great way to begin is to read the numerous casino reviews written by the pros at Crypto Lists. You can then navigate to the official web page in question to learn more.

Sudoku is suitable for all ages and skill levels. If you’re up to the challenge and you don’t mind enduring a slight learning curve, there’s little doubt that sudoku will leave a lasting impression.

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