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Contentos is meant to replace video platform sites like YouTube, where content creators dont get the full value of their content. With this coin, users will receive payments based on the quality of their content, which will be determined by the users of the platform. Contentos token is also highly decentralized and is able to achieve quick consensus through the use of the self-adaptive Byzantine Fault Tolerance (saBFT) mechanism.
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August 13, 2022, 11:00 pm [UTC]

8.67 rating

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Contentos was initially released as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, but in 2021, the foundation also created the BEP-20 coin. It has a total supply of 10 million and has attracted the attention of lots of investors and corporations. The main purpose of the coin is to compensate the creators of content and dApp developers on the network. It will generally make it easier for content creators to control their work and earn their fair share of advertiser income.


Briefly about Contentos

This cryptocurrency was started by Mick Tsai, and he is currently leading the project. His goal was to develop a cryptocurrency that facilitates open and transparent pricing, and one that allows content creators to maintain the ownership of their work. Contentos coin is controlled by a non-profit foundation, and its primary goal is to serve the public. It is used on the Contentos system and works on the Ethereum blockchain.

Contentos is the Native Token for a Decentralized Global Content

Many crypto projects are now managed by for-profit companies, and this can be problematic as cryptocurrencies are meant to be community-owned. Since Contentos is controlled by a non-profit, users can be more confident that the actions taken by the foundation are in the interest of the community. The token has more than 100 million potential cold-start users around the world. At genesis, 10 billion tokens were issued, and 30% of these were allocated to investors and advisors through private sales. 10% was allocated to the foundation reserves, and 15% was held by the founding team. The next 40% was reserved for ecosystem operations, including content creation rewards and mining rewards. The fund for ecosystem operations is meant to be released over a period of 12 years. A final 5% of the minted tokens were used for community cooperative activities.


Utility of Contentos?

Contentos token is primarily meant to pay the creators of content on the network. On this platform, content creators are able to work directly with advertisers, and both parties can track the efficiency of the promotions. Therefore, the creators can be paid fairly for their efforts. The network also rewards top creators based on community engagement. In addition, the coin is meant to motivate dApp developers to work on the platform as this will facilitate the creation of quality content and NFT projects.

The number of tokens you hold will also be factored in when calculating your credit score on the network. In addition, it will consider the period in which you have held the tokens. With a higher credit score, you will qualify for eco-rewards as you participate in the ecosystem.

This token can also be used by content consumers to offer gifts to their favourite content creators. In this case, the gifts can be converted back to COS, but the network will make a deduction for the developer. Another option would be to subscribe to the content creator or make direct donations to them. This provides incremental payments to creators.

The network also allows people to purchase the rights to a creators content. This way, the creator is able to obtain larger one-off payments for their work, and the subsequent income will go to the new owner of the copyright.

Contentos Price details

BEP2 Contract address: bnb1u9j9hkst6gf09dkdvxlj7puk8c7vh68a0kkmht

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: August 13, 2022, 10:59 pm
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Advantages at Contentos

+ The project is led by a non-profit organization.
+ Contentos has performed exceptionally since its release in 2019.
+ Contentos is attempting to solve a major problem.
+ You can get it on many reputable exchanges.


- The project has to compete with established platforms like YouTube.
- It may be hard for it to hold the community attention.
- Over time, Contentos is likely to display high levels of volatility.
- COS has a low market cap and can easily collapse or sky rocket.


▪ Rated at 10/10

Contentos token was initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, and people who use the ERC-20 token will have to pay a fee of around $20 per transaction. Note that the fee can change drastically depending on the congestion of the Ethereum network. In 2021, the token was also released on the Binance Smart Chain. The BEP-20 token is a lot cheaper to transfer, and the fees usually range around $2. You should note that the fees will have to be paid in the native tokens of the respective blockchains.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8/10

Contentos has become quite reputable among investors and individual content creators. Some companies that work with this ecosystem include Binance Labs, IDG Capital, Loopring, and Samsung Blockchain. The general sentiment on Reddit and Twitter is that the coin has a good chance of becoming successful in the long term. The coin has performed well since its release. The main issue people have with the project is that it is competing against established platforms like YouTube, and this can be extremely difficult. You can follow discussions on COS on Twitter and Reddit. On Twitter, its official page has over 47,000 followers.



Who is the founder of this altcoin?

Contentos was developed by Mick Tsai, and he now works as the CEO of the foundation. He previously worked as the US Head of Operations at LiveMe. Other notable members of the team include Yang Pengbo, Zac Nien, Peter Wei, Ava Wen, and Dai Shuo.

Will this altcoin go up?

Like all other crypto projects, it can be hard to predict whether this coin will go up or down. However, you should note that it is backed by influential investors, and that also means they will not work against the project. Make sure you always invest funds that you are willing to lose.

Where can I buy this cryptocurrency?

You can buy this altcoin on popular crypto exchanges like Binance and if we should mention two of the best sites.

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Contentos details and tokenomics

Contentos Ticker: COS
BEP2 Contract address: bnb1u9j9hkst6gf09dkdvxlj7puk8c7vh68a0kkmht
Type of crypto: bsc-token
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