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OpenLeverage (OLE) Review (8.5/10⭐)

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The permissionless trading protocol, OpenLeverage, has a native token that incentivizes trading, lending, and community participation. Using the decentralized margin-trading service allows you to earn the OLE token and use it as desired. The coin offers several benefits that include governance, trading, and staking. It's a typical cryptocurrency designed to advance the usability of its network, OpenLeverage. If you are in the market for a new digital asset that promises decent investment value and increased involvement in the crypto sphere, then OLE is a viable alternative. Learn everything you need to know about the token before committing to it.
OLE/USD (-1%)
April 2, 2024, 9:01 am [UTC]

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Not many crypto users may know about OpenLeverage (OLE), given that it's a little-known token. However, the native coin of the OpenLeverage protocol is steadily making waves in the sector as decentralized finance (DeFi) becomes a more practical solution with time.

As investors discover the gaps that OpenLeverage fixes, the project's native coin is proving to be a product worth watching. While the mainnet launched in December 2021, it wasn't until a few months later that the coin launched and was deployed to Ethereum.

OLE holds most of the characteristics of Ethereum coins, including safety, speed, and security.


A Bit About OpenLeverage

OLE is part of a dual token system designed to promote a self-sustaining community. As the native token for OpenLeverage, $OLE promotes protocol usage. The token is minted when asset holders use the protocol. You can stake the coin for rewards and protocol privileges.

It facilitates lending, trading, referrals, and Clans Clash invitations. xOLE serves as the governance token.

Hence, it gives holders voting rights in the OpenLeverage community. The power of xOLE includes submitting proposals for the OpenLeverage DAO. OLE migrated to an omni-chain fungible token (OFT) - V2 - allowing for bridging, after deployment, to more EVM-compatible chains.

The coin that incentivizes trading, lending, and community participation!CryptoLists.com

It's the native token to OpenLeverage, a margin-trading protocol. The token provides shared community ownership. It allows for the locking of the LP token into a time-weighted escrow that helps create self-sustaining DEX liquidity. Through ownership, the community can increase earnings by usage, govern the protocol, and share the revenue.

The OLE token has a total supply of 1 billion, to be vested for five years. 45% of the total supply goes to the DAO treasury to cater to community incentives, such as xOLE holders. 9.60% is for the ecosystem development treasury, 28.40% goes to previous investors of the OpenLeverage Foundation, and 17% is for the founders, advisors, and employees.

A perpetual yearly inflation rate of 3% ensures that after five years, the supply of OLE grows, guaranteeing enough resources for the community to support protocol usage. The latest price for the OLE coin is $0.084407, which is better than most of the tokens operating in the Ethereum ecosystem.


Utility of OpenLeverage?

Are you considering acquiring the OpenLeverage token? Then understanding the roles it plays in the crypto scene gives you an edge. Here are the coin's primary uses.


Owning OLE gives you the power to be elected to the representative council. OpenLeverage's transition into a fully decentralized DAO model involves the creation of a council to solicit community participation. Given token holders the power to choose the Community Council contributes to the coin's decentralization. Community governance makes decision-making transparent. Members of the community provide their opinions regarding the project. Over time, OpenLeverage will give complete control to the community, consequently, making the token more attractive to investors.


xOLE is available for staking through a time-escrowed contract, earning you more tokens. With staking, you get to hold your assets by locking them for a certain duration, which generates interest. You have the option of locking LP tokens for anything from 2 weeks to 4 years. The maximum locking period generates 436% xOLE. The lock period and token amount determine the xOLE you earn.


The principal use of OpenLeverage is trading. As a permissionless protocol, the network offers traders increased transparency, efficiency, and security. While on the exchange, you can leverage the token for margin trading. You get varied trading pairs to choose from, giving you a nice selection for your crypto portfolio.

OpenLeverage Price details

ETH Contract address: 0x1B6e9c73beE68102d9dd4A2627f97bFf4183ab0A
›› Details & Tokenomics

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: April 2, 2024, 9:01 am
›› OLE tokenomics and social media

Advantages of OpenLeverage

+ The OpenLeverage token encourages market liquidity and trading
+ Staking and fee rewards are available, offering passive income for holding the token
+ Trading with $OLE qualifies you for sponsored rewards, which vary according to the traded amount
+ The coin is available at several reputable decentralized exchanges, making it easy to acquire
+ OLE is a reliable token with various uses for a crypto enthusiast


- OLE is not worth much as a transactional coin due to its minimal usage
- Earning through the token and participating in the community is expensive
- $OLE is highly speculative and volatile, making it a risky investment
- OpenLeverage documents don't provide sufficient details on the coin
- OpenLeverage recently suffered a security breach that affected the network's reputation


▪ Rated at 9.5/10

The OpenLeverage white paper fails to include the estimated cost of transacting with the OLE token. However, you can easily find out about the gas fees charged for the coin. Expect to pay over 1% of your transaction as gas fees.

If you are trading, then factor in an additional $2 - $3, depending on the exchange. Remember to check the deposit and withdrawal fees, as well. The OLE OFT bridge reduced the costs of using the tokens by facilitating movement between chains.

When transferring coins from one chain to another, bridging fees usually apply. OpenLeverage removes these charges, making trading cheaper. However, gas fees remain.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8.5/10

OpenLeverage (OLE) is not the most popular coin on the Ethereum chain. However, the growth of DeFi means a rising need for permissionless trading protocols like OpenLeverage. The higher the demand for the exchange, the more recognized the token will be. $OLE is secure and reliable, providing crypto enthusiasts with a practical trading alternative. OpenLeverage has an ambassador program designed to market the project and the coin.

The rewards given to asset holders are also helping grow the token's popularity. OpenLeverage came second in the KCC Unicorn Contest, was picked for the Binance MVB IV Incubation program and has a strategic investment from Binance Labs.



Where can I buy the OLE token?

OpenLeverage (OLE) is available for purchase on KuCoin, Crypto.com, PancakeSwap on BNB Chain, and SushiSwap on Arbitrum. Compare the services and costs on these different exchanges to find the best one.

What's the incentive for trading with OLE?

OpenLeverage has rewards for traders. You will receive rewards that cover the corresponding fees, available as an opening and closing reward.

How does OpenLeverage compare to its peers in price performance?

As of this writing, $OLE has experienced a consistent increase in value against the USD. It has outperformed similar tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem, recording a price surge of over 50% in 7 days.


History of OpenLeverage

December 2021 - OpenLeverage launches as a margin trading protocol, with the token coming later.

July 2022 - OLE records its highest price of $0.1556

Oct 2022 - OpenLeverage initiated the buyback of $200,000 worth of OLE tokens through PancakeSwap

December 2023 - The OLE token successfully migrated from V1 to V2, an OFT (omni-chain fungible token) natively deployed on EVMs. This begun on December 5.

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Screenshots from OpenLeverage

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OpenLeverage details and tokenomics

OpenLeverage Ticker: OLE
ETH Contract address: 0x1B6e9c73beE68102d9dd4A2627f97bFf4183ab0A
BNB Contract address: 0xB7E2713CF55cf4b469B5a8421Ae6Fc0ED18F1467
ARB Contract address: 0x7Be5Dd337CC6cE3e474F64E2A92A566445290864
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://etherscan.io
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