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An upcoming crypto platform, Outland, announced a significant win for the crypto industry by securing $5 million in its seed round of fundraising. People looking to invest in NFTs will likely enjoy the emerging crypto platform, even if Crypto Lists doubt that Outland will ever become a serious competitor to Open Sea.

Key factors leading to the seed round investment

The round involved at least one notable investors. OKG ventures led the seed investment round. Other less well known investors supporting the seed round include IMO Ventures, Dragon Roark, and JDAC Capital. They all contributed to the flourishing Web3 Cultural Leader. The platform has based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Crypto Lists welcomes this news that encourages other emerging crypto platforms.

OutLand conducted its launch in February 2022 making its seed round investment more impressive. There has been extensive global attention from crypto technology and traditional art audiences.

The crypto platform had a magnificent debut project. It named the project, Elemental. It consisted of a series of NFT projects by Fang Lijun launched on OpenSea. He is an acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist. At the start of 2022, his series of work was regarded as the most awaited NFT project of the year. The Elemental project proceeded with over 4000 ETH. These are garnered from primary and secondary sales. It had a steadfast position in Open Sea’s top chart after its launch.

Rating: 9.5/10
Supply: 118,780,000 / 200,000,000
Release date: August 1, 2014

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Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.

Outland did not rest on its debut project’s achievements. In April 2022, the platform sought after an NFT project collaboration with an American artist. It released the collaboration with James Jean, a visual artist majoring in paintings and drawings. It led to its cult art favorite Jean with a collection of profile pictures (PFP). The PFP collection had over 7000 editions. Outland managed to sell all the 7000 editions within 5 minutes during the public sale. The total sales led to proceeds of over 3,700 ETH. This was the first wave of the James Jean collaboration with Outland. There is an incoming second wave of the collaboration with an unspecified date at the time of writing. The launch of the second wave is on the upcoming project called Adrift World. It poises to be the first series of an iterative, interactive, and NFT project that develops its own unique cinematic universe. Tips: Check out the top NFT coins here.

The future of Outland

Outland includes 3FACE in its roadmap to be presented in July 2022. It is the initial large-scale NFT project by highly acclaimed artist Ian Cheng. The New York-based artist has engaged in the Venice Biennale. It showcases the latest trends in contemporary and avant-garde art. He has also conducted solo exhibitions at several reputable and distinguished art institutions. Most notably are the Serpentine Gallery in London and MoMA PS1 in New York. The MoMA PS1 receives over 200,000 visitors in a year.

Outland has strategically positioned itself in the NFT space. It is the first crypto platform that has technically suitable founders. Its founders are curators, critics, and experts from art institutions.

The crypto platform sets itself to expand its influence and vision globally. Its international vision provides outstanding foresight for the NFT space. Its unbias leadership and support of various artists have made it renowned and an attractive prospect in the NFT world. It provides a standard for future collaborations in the Web3 culture.

Background of the Crypto Platform

Outland targets to engage itself in criticism and conversations about art, technology, and NFTs. This allows it to provide insightful views on the future of the art world. Its commitment to developing analytic and evolving exchanges in technology and contemporary art is suitable for NFT. It continues to build a network of leading voices in the creation, criticism, and collection of digital art. These voices contribute to a rich public discourse.

In addition, Outland provides an in-depth examination of contemporary art. This facilitates the transition from the studio to the market by considering partnerships with various art institutions. It is through galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions.

The crypto platform is the first global NFT platform with founders being a core group of executives that hail from renowned art institutions, museums, and galleries. The key team consists of:

+Brian Droitcour serving as the Editor-In-Chief
+Christopher Y. Lew as Chief Artistic Director
+Jason Li as Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Crypto Lists establishes that the Outland team engages the community and public through discussions and the latest updates on Twitter. The website encourages its followers to subscribe to their weekly digest newsletter.

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