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Traditional email does not satisfy its Web 3 customers regarding communication. With phishing attacks, spam, and privacy concerns, there is a need for an email solution that will fulfil Web 3 users – and perhaps EtherMail is the best option out there?

In this Crypto Lists review, you’ll discover that EtherMail provides a solution for Web 3 users. Crypto Lists reports on the first email service using Ethereum for various user benefits. It allows for encrypted interactions where users gain rewards for accessing their inbox content.

What is EtherMail?

EtherMail is the pioneer email for encrypted and anonymous interactions between wallets. The email service uses Ethereum blockchain to encrypt and provide anonymity. By accessing applicable content in their inboxes, Web 3 users earn rewards from EtherMail. It redefines email and sets the standard for communication by building a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 email communication. Additionally, the solution offers its users an entirely anonymous P2P engagement. Asset holders receive relevant and informative content directly from companies using real-time data synced on the blockchain.

What is EMC?

Since the native utility token is yet to launch, all rewards will initially be allocated in EMC, providing an incentivization mechanism for affiliate members to refer new members and read any emails. Eventually, these rewards are to be converted to $EMT with the rate determination made during the token launch.

Ethermail Inbox

What the inbox looks like

One can earn EMC by performing the following actions:
Inviting friends to join and register. When one shares a referral with their friends, they earn 250 EMC for each newly registered account.

Connecting one’s wallet to get access to your EtherMail Account earns EMC coins.
Reading emails – Email users receive an incentive to access and go through their emails to earn the token and develop a necessary framework for email economics.

Pros of EtherMail

+EtherMail facilitates Web 3.0 companies to issue abundant applicable content directly to asset holders in real time over data synced within the blockchain.
+It assists in minimising communication fraud risk through awareness of vulnerabilities to its users.
+It facilitates automatic updates on mailing lists in distributing community newsletters subject to improved smart contract data.
+There is end-to-end encryption for privatisation of data for its users.
+The high authority website has a good reputation, and most users express an excellent experience and interact with it.

Cons of EtherMail

-The email solution is relatively new and has not yet developed its token.
-EtherMail is yet to publish its official whitepaper.

Achievements and the Future of EtherMail

The pioneering Web 3.0 email fundraised 3 Million USD in a seed round in 2022 where Greenfield One and Fabric Ventures led the round. The use of funds is on developing and expanding the team and also expedite solution testing ahead of EtherMail’s encrypted wallet-wallet email communication solution release in Q3.

Crypto Lists receives reliable intel that Ethermail will launch its native utility token in early 2023. The $EMT token will be the first of its kind and have an incentivization mechanism that rewards email users for their time to read unsolicited emails.

The introduction of the token ensures that these EMC incentives are converted into $EMT. Therefore, the EMC: $EMT conversion rate will be established when the token is launched. Additionally, a paid-for wall will be coming soon, as it will be a customized spam-filtering layer that rewards readers when they accept advertisements. Therefore, customers can manage their paywall based on personal preferences.

The token will also enhance the framework for email economics. Thus, it will be the cornerstone of the Read to Earn model. Additionally, it intends to strengthen other pillars of its solutions, such as the Subscriptions – opt-in email aggregations that give consent to advertisers to target user inboxes in exchange for $EMT. The users can sign up to receive inbound adverts based on the scope of interest.

It assists crypto and NFT projects in maintaining a direct line of communication with current asset holders. The frequency that holders transact their tokens and NFTs exposes the need to maintain direct links with asset holders for projects. Therefore, it has developed a solution to address the systemic industry problem.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to EtherMail.

What is the difference between other email providers and EtherMail?
The solution provides incentives and follows principles such as keeping anonymous communication, compensating users, and facilitating accessible communication with users.

How does EtherMail prevent one email attack?
The launch of a blockchain-backed protocol fights phishing and spam

Is there a Whitepaper for EtherMail?
It will be launched and published on the official website in Q4 of 2022.

Does any employee or engineer of the email solution have access to or read my emails?
No one has access to user data, and neither can they spy on user emails due to the encryption and the storage of keys of the blockchain being only accessible by the user that logs in, not the mail team.

Who created EtherMail?
Gerald Heydenreich and Shant Kevonian founded EtherMail in late 2021 as a Web 3.0 tool.

Are you not a customer yet? Sign-up for free and give it a try!

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