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Hungry Sausages Lab (HSL) is in the process of launching a collection of NFT, which will be known as Hungry Sausages.

The special edition of NFT will have a higher rarity. HSL is making this move in collaboration with celebrity chef Nic to celebrate the establishment of Not For Teeth—Hong Kong’s brick-and-mortar club related to NFT. They announced on 22nd March 2022, revealing details about going live on the Ethereum blockchain, upcoming plans, and launch functions.

More Than Just a Cold Sausage

Three individuals founded HSL with talents from different backgrounds, including creative, F&B, and finance, but with the same vision. The three talents converged and created Sausage characters who live a fascinating lifestyle filled with music, food, and fashion. As a result, the Sausage Lab can showcase its core value of providing the combined physical and virtual experience with these cheerful characters.

The first NFT collection of Hungry Sausages follows a bunch of smoking hot sausages who begin a fantastic journey of creating their hot Sausage Galaxy, hence the term More than just a cold Sausage. The sausages plot their escape from a supermarket camouflage as humans and begin their endless laughter-filled journey.

With the help of Dr. Hunger, the sausages became successful in morphing themselves into 5000 unique NFT copies, which started lurking in the world of the metaverse. With the funny, peculiar characteristics of the sausages, the Lab hopes that it will spread joy to the wider public amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic. In case you cannot wait for the new launch, then check out the DEX called Biswap (BSW). Their Biswap token is up over 100% since yesterday, and they got lots of NFTs available.

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Rating: 8.78/10
Number of instruments: 142+ instruments

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Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.!

Who is Chef Nic?

Nicholas Tse is a celebrated Asian chef, that founded this brand. Chef Nic Family is a spin-off of a food and lifestyle brand known as Chef Nic. The brand’s vision is to spread positivity and follows the “We Create Experiences, Not Food” motto. Since its establishment, the Chef Nic Family has won the hearts of youngsters and brands like GUIDIAO, MUSTARD, NOODLES, DASHI, MISO, and KEZAI.

The special collaboration between Chef Nic Family and Hungry Sausages brings the most iconic visual elements, creating new and waggish character images. It’s believed that NOODLES will lead the launch of the new NFT.

Derek Yeung, the Co-Founder of Chef Nic Holdings, said that the brand’s core value is creating experiences, not just food. Derek also stated that the brand is actively exploring novel ways to provide people with new experiences through the virtual world. You can check out the official instagram profile in order to get inspired what’s launching soon.

Brick-and-Mortal NFT Club

The Brick-and-Mortal is a physical NFT club expected to open officially in July 2022. The club only combines F$B and entertainment but also provides people with a chance to experience endless possibilities in ‘phygital’ activities. The Not For Teeth club is located on W Square in Wan Chai. It occupies 8000 square meters, taking two top floors of the building. The club provides people with an immersive and sensory experience with cultural, catering, and social exchange. In addition, the club provides the priority privilege of purchasing a premium membership to holders of Hungry Sausages NFT.

Explore the Metaverse with 5000 Amusing Sausages

The First NFT collection of Hungry Sausages will be mentioned on Crypto Lists in April 2022, with 5000 NFTs. They will be based on the Sausages character, each with a random 2D and 3D features selection. The features will be a reflection of their feelings while on the adventure. Those with sharp eyes will notice the satirical humor in each Sausage’s smug facial expressions. They will also be dressed in different costumes.

The collaboration of the two brands will be allowed for pre-sale on 1st April, while the public coinage will be on 4th April 2022 in the Ethereum standard (ERC-721) at the Hungry Sausages Official Website. It will be available for OpenSea trading later. What surprise us at CryptoLists.com is that Hungry Sausages website don’t use SSL certificate (https), which is more or less standard in 2022.

There will be planets with different themes, which NFT holders can freely travel. HSL will show the first planet, inspired by the stationary NFT Club. They will later construct the galaxy with diverse themes and brands for the upcoming projects.

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