Unless you’ve truly been living under a rock, you will have been hearing a lot about crypto lately. And it’s no surprise. Ever since the rise of bitcoin, cryptocurrency has been a hot topic.

But many people were reluctant to accept crypto payments. The main reason for this is that they simply didn’t understand it. So it is no surprise that up-and-coming crypto exchanges have decided to move into bigger and better advertising campaigns. By informing their customers of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies, they are being very clever. If people trust you, they are more likely to listen to you. And if they listen to you, you have a better chance to get them as customers. And as with any business, gaining more customers is key.

Enter the World of Crypto.com

Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency exchange with a plan to put cryptocurrency in every wallet. They support trading, investing, wallets, NFTs, and much more. While many exchanges were willing to let people turn to crypto in their own time, Crypto.com do now want to wait. Their plan is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. In order to achieve this, they have set out on one of the most aggressive advertising campaigns the world has seen. They currently serve over 10 million customers and have no intention to stop there. They already have the world’s fastest-growing crypto app. Having been long-time partners with Visa, they offer the Crypto.com Visa Card. And they are highly committed to accelerating the growth of early-stage crypto startups. If you have not seen or heard of them, then you will very soon. They intend to take over the world of crypto exchange. And the spearhead behind their campaign is Hollywood icon, Matt Damon.

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Description: One of the top 5 most well known crypto brands in the world, sponsoring the world famous Staples Center now named Crypto.com Arena for 20 years.

Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.

Crypto.com and Formula 1

For many years, sports lead the way in mainstream advertising. Just think of how much it costs to get a 30-second advertising slot during the Superbowl. And one of the mainstays of advertising companies has always been to target Formula 1. Certain sports such as the NBA are obviously highly popular in the US. But they also have an audience in other countries. But sports like Formula 1 are truly global. The teams and drivers come from all over the globe. And fast cars are exciting to people from every part of the world. So it was no surprise to see Formula 1 announce Crypto.com as their global partner for the new Sprint series in 2021. But by having a trackside presence at every Formula 1 race, Crypto.com was only getting started. They developed exclusive NFTs to connect the Formula 1 fans in new ways. But that was still nothing compared to what was coming next.

Matt Damon Becomes the Face of Crypto.com

Advertisers target sports organizations as they have a large fan base. So Crypto.com advertises with Formula 1, the UFC, Serie A, Paris Saint-Germain, and more. This broadens their advertising base by a huge margin. But it doesn’t cover all bases. Unless you follow that particular sport, their efforts might pass you by. If you are not a fan, you might not recognize a particular Formula 1 driver. But nobody can hide from the lure of Hollywood. Big-name Hollywood celebrities are famous the world over. And very few are as big as Matt Damon. So just like that, Matt Damon became the face of Crypto.com. With an initial budget of $100 million, these ads seek to lure new users to use their service. In the last year alone, Crypto.com has gown its user base 10 times over. So it goes without saying they know how to plan a good advertising campaign. But why choose Matt Damon?

Why Choosing Matt Damon is Clever Marketing

There are many Hollywood stars using their fame to bring change to the world. Many of them team up with charity organizations to help aid developing countries. Matt Damon founded the global nonprofit organization Water.org in 2009. Its mission statement is to bring safe and clean drinking water to every person that needs it. Damon, along with co-founder Gary White, has made incredible steps to achieve this. It is estimated that they have helped more than 40 million people so far. So Crypto.com decided to make a donation of $1 million to help this cause. It also provided initiatives for its 10 million customers to get involved. And everyone loves a good cause. Add to that the fact that Matt Damon believes Crypto.com and Water.org have similar goals. He believes that Crypto.com has a social conscience, and this makes them ideal partners in his eyes. It’s one thing to pay a Hollywood celebrity to endorse you. But it’s another thing altogether to get a Hollywood celebrity to believe in you. Matt Damon even gives his earnings from the advertising campaign to his charity.

Is Matt Damon the Owner of Crypto.com

Because Matt Damon is such a firm advocate of Crypto.com, it was only a matter of time before rumors would begin. Does he have another interest in the company? Could he be the owner of Crypto.com? While it could be possible, it is highly unlikely. He is most definitely an investor in cryptocurrency and has stated so himself. But he is conservative in his investments and prefers to focus on his movie career. He certainly does not need the money as he makes incredible amounts for every movie he stars in. He has said that he enjoys the idea of investing in crypto and is happy to ride or die with the economy. So while he is certainly a fan, and now the face of the company, it is unlikely he is the owner.

How SQUID Changed the Game

Using big-name stars or a popular streaming series to promote anything crypto-related, will stir up memories of SQUID. By using the hype around the smash-hit series Squid Game, the world was introduced to SQUID crypto. It surged from $0.01 to almost $3,000 before its developers fled with more than $2.5 million in untraceable BNB. And it’s not like buyers had no warnings. Many people warned that SQUID could be a honeypot scam and you should stay away. But greed is a tough beast to control. Many buyers failed to read the details in the white paper for SQUID. It mentioned a locked liquidity clause to combat changes to SQUID’s liquidity pool. This essentially locked the liquidity until 2024. So it goes with saying, people are becoming wary of cryptocurrency scams.

Why Matt Damon and Crypto.com are a Perfect Match

So with the events around the Squid Game crypto scam, many people will be cautious over crypto advertising. So by teaming up with Matt Damon, Crypto.com may have pulled a masterstroke. Simply pouring money into a sports event, team, or a whole sport, is not enough to convince people today. Everybody knows that you can simply buy advertising. But you cannot buy the kind of advertising that Matt Damon will bring to Crypto.com. He is not only their face, he is one of their greatest supporters. Choosing someone who believes in your company as your leading face is genius. And who doesn’t love Matt Damon? he just seems like a whole-hearted and caring individual. And the fact that he is donating the income from the campaign to help his Water.org charity is the icing on the cake. Growing your user base tenfold in a year would seem like an amazing success. But it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg. Crypto.com has plans to take over the entire world.

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Rating: 8.3/10
Number of instruments: 380+ instruments

Description: If you have not tried out Crypto dot Com’s app, it is well worth a try. It is quick to get started buying or selling cryptos, even for beginners.

Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.

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