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The last 30 days, quite a few meme coins have risen by enormous percentages. But, interestingly during the last 24 hours we’ve seen a trend where people prefer to use them on crypto casinos…

Is this a new trend? Is it perfect to use your perhaps overvalued meme coins for playing on the best bitcoin casinos around? Seems like quite a few players think that at least, but there are many not so perfect sides as well – not the least that many sites don’t accept the newest meme coins. In one moment they’re shrewd investor, next minute they’re a keen player. But what drives this changing perspective?

We’re going to explore all this and more in today’s opinion piece from Markus and Tom at Crypto Lists.

What’s the deal with meme coins?

Meme coins are, in a way, the playful cousins of the more ‘serious’ cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Born out of internet jokes or memes, they often start off as fun, lighthearted projects without a serious purpose behind them. Meme coins often have vibrant, active communities. These groups not only invest in the coins but also create memes, hype, and buzz around them on social media.

The most famous meme coin, Dogecoin, started as a joke based on a popular meme of a Shiba Inu dog. But, thanks to endorsement from a certain meme-loving billionaire with a penchant for space rockets, it quickly captured the hearts and wallets of investors, skyrocketing in popularity and value.

Why have meme coins gone up so much?

Each cycle has a bear market and bull market, and during the latter – which we’re most certainly in now – newcomers find their way into the space. For younger people especially, this is often through the aforementioned crypto communities on Twitter and other social media platforms. And, if you’re well versed in the world of spicy memes and ‘owning the Boomers’ then what better way to stick a middle finger to the establishment financial community than to invest in something that’s stupid, has no inherent value, yet can make you lots of money? Voila: the meme coin market!

Of course, Bitcoin (BTC) is still the boss. Where it goes, the rest of the market tends to follow almost exactly. So, a big part of why meme coins have exploded recently coincides with Bitcoin breaking it’s all time high recently. As the BTC rocket flies higher, it pulls every other coin along with it. And, as HODLers make money on Bitcoin, they often shift it across into altcoins, of which meme coins are one section.

When overvalued: many use them on crypto casinos

When a particular asset is overvalued, some people prefer to HODL – crypto-speak for holding on to crypto for long periods – for a more sustained length of time in anticipation of further wins. This is known as having ‘diamond hands’ and is again borne of internet meme culture. The opposite of diamond hands is “paper hands,” which is a term used to describe an investor who sells at the first sign of trouble. Meme coins aren’t for those types!

These people tend to have Bitcoin and want to drive the price up and up as institutional investors seek to get in on the action. However, the meme masters are different and seek other ways to use their coins. Or at least that’s what we’re witnessing this past few days! Unfortunately, mostly the biggest meme coins in terms of market cap are well supported, while smaller and fast rising ones are way slower to be implemented. Here is a list of the most used meme coins on casino casinos based on stats from our extensive database with more than 350 sites, starting with the most famous one and the biggest in terms of market capitalization.

Dogecoin icon

Dogecoin (+93% last 30 days)

The without a doubt most accepted meme coin on crypto casinos is called Dogecoin (DOGE). It’s one of the 10 (!) biggest coins in the world and the biggest meme coin, when we write this. There are currently 239 sites supporting deposits with DOGE based on the 430 casino reviews we’ve done. Not bad right?

A favorite of the previously aluded to Elon Musk, Top 239 Dogecoin casinos who has hinted at integrating it into his X platform as he diversifies it away from just a social media site. Perhaps DOGE benefits from the ‘Bitcoin effect’, being the first of its kind. Before it, there was no such thing as a meme coin, and as a result it blazes the trail where others follow. Interesting fact: Dogecoin reached top 10 in terms of the biggest cryptocurrencies based on market cap for the first time this week. How long it will stay there remains to be seen.

One of the best sites to use your Dogecoin is actually also completely anonymous but this time without even IP logging. You and your DOGE are truly playing under the radar. It’s that what crypto is all about? The site in question is the absolutely epic LTC Casino (review) – a site that’s run by a team we know and trust with loads of cool crash games. Another site that is fully anonymous and rather new with 100% support for DOGE is called Cryptorino and it is created by Scandinavians with big plans for the brand.

Gamble with Dogecoin at LTC Casino! They don’t log IPs and are 100% anonymous

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Shiba Inu icon

Shiba Inu (+252% last 30 days)

This coin has really surprised tons of people – us included – by rocketing so much toward the moon this past month. 252%! Wow, very impressive. Truth be told, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been surprising everyone in the crypto community since it launched a few years ago, performing way beyond all but it’s core launch supporters’ expectations. But the Shiba Inu community also been improving a lot lately, with their own blockchain, ShibaSwap and alternative BONE and LEASH tokens to support the core. Best Shiba Inu Casino

Compared to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu is still far behind when it comes to acceptance. Only 39 crypto casinos support deposits with SHIB, compared to 230+ for the other. But with the crazy growth the last month, Crypto Lists would not be surprised by more acceptance in the near future. However, if the price of Shiba Inu falls drastically in the near future and investors and players start to go for major coins instead, then the growth might be delayed.

More and more people are starting to use SHIB on the amazing site known as Bet Panda (review). Apart from the 1 BTC welcome bonus, what else makes this site so special? Simple: it’s anonymous, without any KYC requirements at all. That’s the true ethos of the cryptosphere’s libertarian origins. Here you never need to do any KYC and they accept people from most countries around the world. Sign-up for BetPanda IO now and discover a better and more anonymous site with 5500+ games, 24/7 customer support and instant payout – every time.

Bet Panda IO is unfortunately not allowing players from your country, but we would suggest that you check out mBit Casino instead.

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Bonk icon

Bonk (+183% last 30 days)

This cool-designed meme coin runs on the Solana Network and is in the top 50 top 63 in terms of market cap after falling significantly the 7th of March. Pretty incredible considering it’s not particularly long in the tooth. You can read more about Bonk here. When writing this, only Bonk accepting casino site is around.

Since there is only one rather mediocre casino with it, which we explore below, you might like to exchange to Solana and play on one of the many Solana casinos that we’ve got on Crypto Lists. Solana takes the speed and costs of Bonk but adds availability and variety of casino. It’s perfect! Truth be told, it’s very difficult to find casinos that support Bonk because it’s pretty niche as a payment option, it’s rather new and many simply prefer other meme coins.

Crypto Lists suggestion: Exchange your Bonk to Solana if you like to play on a really good crypto casino, since Kineko (read more) is not the best casino on our site – although it’s certainly not bad – because winnings are only paid out once a week. Not great, we know.

Our best suggestion for Solana friendly casinos is BetPlay (read the review) since it has not only support for Solana but also Lightning Wallet too – so you can get speedy Bitcoin transfers. It’s really cool if you’ve never tried it before.

Use Solana at BetPlay now!

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