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In just 4 days, PyChain – the world’s first Python blockchain developer conference goes live online.

It will have free admission for all, and anyone interested in PyChain, blockchain development and the Python ecosystem can attend. Here Crypto Lists discuss what will happen on the virtual conference and how you can learn more about various types of blockchain that is suited for Python developers.

When will PyChain 2022 begin?

The conference starts on the 15th of November, 2022 from 2 PM until 10 PM. Crypto Lists thinks that it’s great as a one-day conference that starts pretty late. Reserve a spot for free by signing up on EventBrite.

What’s on the PyChain conference schedule?

Below are some of the most interesting sessions that you simply can’t afford to miss…

15th of November at 2:40 PM (CET): One of the initiators of the conference, Mikko Ohtamaa, with 25 years of experience in development, is presenting the opening speech. He used to be the CTO of Local Bitcoins, before he started his latest venture called Trading Strategy AI – a way to do automated trading where you can perform back testing before implementation. In the opening speech, he will discuss the current state of Python development in the blockchain sector and mention some developments, usage growth, as well as opportunities for developers.

15th of November at 4:00 PM (CET): George Yieldmos is an experienced Cosmos SDK based network developer and he will discuss how you can start developing too. The Cosmos blockchain is made for interoperability and is ideal for DeFi projects. With low costs, high speeds, and impressive technology – many developers are turning to Cosmos. Should you too? Find out in the speech from George.

15th of November at 4:40 PM (CET): Listen to Kumar Anirudha from IOTA Foundation discuss how to mint NFTs for free. The topic of discussion is the Shimmer Network and Kumar will discuss some basics around web3, NFTs and blockchain. He will also discuss how basics about Python.

15th of November at 17:00 PM (CET): Perhaps you heard that Google has invested in the Near Network? Dennis Huisman from NEAR Protocol will discuss Near development with Python. How can smart contracts and apps that interact with the NEAR network be built with Python? Find out in the session with Dennis.

15th of November at 6:15 PM (CET): Hear Adam Englander from ZettaFi Labs discuss blockchain data hierarchy, what blocks and transaction are, and about structure of requests and responses on a blockchain. Adam will be showing queries from JSON-RPC API in this introduction to blockchain for both enjoyment as well as profit.

15th of November at 7:15 PM (CET): For everyone that’s into automated and short-term trading, Federico Cardoso from Hummingbot’s session called “High-Frequency Cryptocurrency Trading with Python” will be interesting. Frederico will discuss high-frequency trading opportunities though open-source technology and how to develop trading strategies that work. Over 20 crypto exchanges support Hummingbot, and there are more than 36,000 people who’ve installed their software. Some of the top exchanges that support it are Coinbase App and Binance.

The full agenda for PyChain can be found here.

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