Swiss watchmaker, Tag Heuer, has integrated a smartwatch feature that allows its users to display their NFT collection on their latest line of smartwatches. The CEO of Tag Heuer, Frédéric Arnault, is a Bored Ape collector and he likely hold quite a few NFT coins as well.

It shall also indicate its proof of ownership. Crypto Lists learns that various communities assisted Tag Heuer in designing the Connected Calibre E4 Smartwatch. Tag Heuer’s smartwatch can include NFTs from collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CLONE-X, World of Women, and CryptoPunks. The company currently only supports the Metamask and Ledger Wallets.

Tag Heuer’s embrace of NFTs

Crypto Lists analysis outlines a trend in luxury brands such as Tag Heuer that is influenced by growing interest in NFTs. The new Lens watch face provides an exclusive experience. It supports still and animated digital collectibles. It is preferable to smartphones in accessing digital wallets or static photos on phone cases and device backgrounds. Frédéric Arnault, Tag Heuer Chief Executive Office, highlighted that an NFT must not be perceived as just an image but showcased on items just as unique as it is. It complements the value of digital artwork.

What is more impressive is that it displays proof of ownership. It indicates this through a hexagonal cloud of particles that gravitate about the digital artwork. The owner can resize this cloud to their liking. Crypto Lists views placing an NFT viewer in a smartwatch address the needs of digital collectors. Digital collectors attach themselves to their devices. It is rather convenient that they can display their ownership credentials and digital identities via the smartwatch. The Swiss Smartwatch CEO emphasised this by acknowledging that a watch is an ideal format for yourself and a conversation starter. The passion from digital collectors is visible when portrayed over a watch. He admitted he is amongst the passionate collectors, having embarked on his NFT journey buying a Bored Ape NFT. He mentions that those not enthusiasts of NFTs are as impressed with the intuitive display. The recent smartwatch launch paves the way for a new display of time.

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From mechanical timepieces to NFTs

The Swiss Smartwatch’s most successful watches are those perceived as mechanical timepieces. This includes the Heuer 02 with several downloads due to its chronographic display style. Tag Heuer’s CEO believes that linked devices provide upcoming creative avenues. In time, NFTs will be critical in moving away from watch hands. He provides a case in point claiming that as the NFT is around the new Lens display, the watch indicates time through a discreet triangle and circle close to the bezel. The triangle indicates the hours, while the circle near the bezel shows the minutes.

The CEO received questions regarding the delay in getting into the Web 3.0 space with the company’s own digital network. He answered that the company felt the existence of a positioning challenge toward the NFT community. The NFT community totals over 500,000 around the world. It is a space that is rapidly growing. He insisted that a brand must recognise and show respect before penetrating the space. The company’s approach has been to show inclusivity of crypto in its operations. The company accepts crypto payments and the recent developments enable users to visualise existing NFTs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Website

Tag Heuer – Seeing the opportunities in NFTs

Frédéric Arnault attributed the potential in monetising NFTs to the increasing interest from creators. It has led to significant investment financing creativity to an extent not existing before. He reiterated that analysing the value of a digital collectible is essential. It should have utility in services, access, or drop. Launching an NFT requires one to maintain the value of the digital asset as members continue to be part of the community. Successful concepts have engagement strategies in drops and a universe revolving around these avatars. The Bored Ape is the most successful with a unique brand proposition providing intellectual property to its community and building a metaverse. Others worthy of mention include Murakami. Flowers, and Rtfkt. Arnault views the importance of community in Web3 space as similar to the watch collecting world. Blockchains and NFT are essential in changing the outlook of luxury.

The contents of the clients’ wallets will change the conduct of CRM and how brands engage with them. However, Arnault admits that this will take time, considering the technological and time-consuming barriers to entry. It requires innovations that lessen the environmental impact of ongoing energy-sensitive production. He expects the development of crypto efficiency within the next decade. He views Quantum computing as a paradigm shift in crypto with increased calculations.

Arnault is optimistic that the current volatility in the crypto market is repelling speculators and ending amateur projects. The industry’s unicorn is developing. The CEO did not specify the trajectory Tag Heuer Web3 presence will take. He highlights that it does not look like being a first or going too fast. He cautions that crypto requires agility and steering with a risk-taking mindset. In his words, he details that a month in crypto is equivalent to a year. The company’s inclusion of NFTs is an ideal boost to the crypto industry. Learn more about the new smartwatch from TagHeuer on the official site.

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