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MovieBloc (MBL) Review (7.2/10⭐)

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The inception story of the MBL token in the cryptoverse is to facilitate the payment system of the Korean MovieBloc streaming site. Content creators upload a movie where users utilise the coin for reviews and ratings of the content via their wallets. They earn MBL tokens which they can withdraw later on.

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The MovieBloc (MBL) token is the native digital token of MovieBloc, an ICO project Peter Kim founded to counter the monopolization of the film industry, and steered by Pandora TV as a Korean video streaming platform. The project seeks to help consumers view movies directly from the filmmaker and MBL acts as the facilitating token in its ecosystem. It enables users to access premium content (Transactional Video On Demand - TVOD) and creatives can reward their translators and designers. The token can also facilitate donor funding to creatives, translators, and reviewers while curators also rely on it for depositing for screen expansion. Users who report on illegal content, rating of films, and film review are rewarded with the token. There is a maximum supply of 30,000,000,000 MBL with the token having increased popularity due to the impact it has on the film industry.


A Bit About MovieBloc

Peter Kim founded the MovieBloc token in 2019 as a utility token for the MovieBloc ecosystem steered by Pandora tv Korea's video streaming platform. The token navigates around the monopolization of the film industry by providing access to film and payment for various film services and donations. It is used in accessing premium content, payment to translators, a reward for illegal content reviews and film reviews, screen expansion, and donations in the MovieBloc ecosystem.

Get involved in the decentralized filmmaking world with MovieBloc's MBL tokenCryptoLists.com

The MBL token is the native digital token for a Korean participant-centered movie streaming site known as MovieBloc that intends to do away with third-party players in the movie industry to favor both the filmmakers and the audience. Peter Kim created the token to reward users who review movies, flag copyrighted content, rate the content, create content, translate and provide subtitles. It supports all economic activities within the MovieBloc ecosystem where creators provide high-quality films and donors contribute to creators via the ecosystem. The existing content providers upload their content and earn up to 90% of revenue via the token while exploring foreign markets and audiences. Creators who have content distribution rights automatically receive their share of revenue via the token in the form of a smart contract. Curators advertise content in their theatre and attract viewers and earn their share of revenue via the token. They may hire translators and designers for foreign subtitles and marketing materials for particular markets and countries. The token pays translators for their service. Some translators are volunteers and may receive donations via the token from various parties within the ecosystem. Consumers of the content are rewarded via the MBL token for reporting illegal content and writing film reviews. Users access content via Transactional VOD (TVOD) and Advertising VOD (AVOD). TVOD allows users to purchase content via the token on a pay-per-view basis for a certain period while AVOD uses an advertising-based revenue model. The MovieBloc platform hosts a film festival every quarter through its foundation with advertising and streaming where participants engage using the token in promoting various content. First-time releases will be automatically enrolled in the festival and five final nominees determined by views and user reviews. A voting system achieves the top 3 who receive a $ 10,000 MBL token and a display at the top of the MovieBloc website for further exposure and views.


Utility of MovieBloc?

It is a reward for economic activities carried out within the MovieBloc ecosystem to incentivize filmmakers and the audience to use the site to do away with conglomerates that lengthen the distribution channel between the consumers and filmmakers. The following are some of the economic activities that users engage in to receive an MBL reward:

- Reviewing content
- Flagging and reporting illegal content
- Uploading content
- Translating content and providing subtitles
- Leasing of venues for content viewing
- Screen expansion

The MovieBloc film festival rewards its top 3 nominees with $10 000 MBL tokens and further content exposure on its website. Participants can also receive donations via the token.

Holders of the MovieBloc token must hold a certain amount of MBL in their own wallets to get more voting rights. One ballot for every 20,000 MBL staking. There is a 1.8 million MBL requirement for participants voting for the winning film.

MovieBloc Price details

ONT Contract address: e5a49d7fd57e7178e189d3965d1ee64368a1036d
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of MovieBloc

+ The coin counters the monopolization of the film industry with no third parties.
+ The token is available in several crypto exchanges hence high accessibility.
+ Users of the token incur low transaction costs.
+ It facilitates donations to participants in the film industry.
+ Holders of the token earn staking rewards and voting rights.


- The coin has a history of high volatility.
- It is still undergoing research and development.
- The coin experiences several synchronisation issues with ledgers.
- The token has a low value.
- Some report that the token wallet doesn’t indicate the balance after withdrawal.


▪ Rated at 7/10

Users of the MBL token incur transaction fees and gas fees depending on the exchange. Withdrawal charges vary while there are no deposit charges. The token charges a server fee and a cloud service fee in the ecosystem.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 7.4/10
▪ Buzz rated at 6.9/10

Several online forums praise the MBL as a token to counter monopolization in the film industry by trying to do away with the conglomerates that lengthen the film distribution channel. Individuals select different genres of films to watch directly from the filmmakers instead of depending on conglomerates who only air highly rated films.

The token facilitates economic activity with participants of the MovieBloc token. Creators also gain rewards for their content via the token to encourage creativity in the film industry. MovieBloc has various partnerships such as Continuance Pictures that increased its popularity.



Who founded the MovieBlocs token

Peter Kim founded the token in 2019 as a utility token for MovieBloc in eradicating the monopoly of the film industry.

Where can I buy the MovieBloc token?

Several exchanges are providing the token, including:


What is the maximum supply of the MovieBloc token

There is a total supply of 30,000,000,000 MBL


History of MovieBloc

History of MovieBloc

May 2019: The coin is created by Peter Kim to attempt to counter the increasing centralization and monopolization of the film industry.

November 2019: The company announces ambassador program.

January 2020: MovieBloc released roadmap for the first half of 2020.

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Screenshots from MovieBloc

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MovieBloc details and tokenomics

MovieBloc Ticker: MBL
ONT Contract address: e5a49d7fd57e7178e189d3965d1ee64368a1036d
Type of crypto: ontology-token
Circulating supply: 14,429,101,268
Max supply: 30,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
Website: moviebloc.io
🔗Blockchain URL: https://explorer.ont.io
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