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One of the most talked about areas in the world nowadays is Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what cryptocurrencies exist in this space?

Some of the leading-edge AI coins and tokens where Crypto Lists have performed reviews include The Graph (GRT), Arb Doge AI (AIDOGE), Chain GPT (CGPT), AI Code (AICODE), Corgi AI (CORGIAI), Internet Computer (ICP), Render (RNDR), Fetch AI (FET) and Near (NEAR).

Join Crypto Lists and see a few potential game changers where we discuss 7 leading ledge AI crypto currencies worth watching in 2024.

Internet Computer (ICP)

Although Internet Computer (ICP) has gone from $3.22 in September 2023 to around $18 at the moment, it may be worth keeping an eye on.

ICP boasts that it can reach 80x more transactions per second than the Ethereum network and has direct interoperability with all the major blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, other EVMs and soon Solana, without relying on any intermediaries.

This multi-chain is big on DeFi transactions, which have both great potential and some risk of further regulation once MICA comes into force. Through so-called “chain-key” signatures, the Internet Computer can sign domestic transactions on other blockchains without using risky bridges.

This is something unique to ICP. Dominic Williams who the writer met during a blockchain conference in Barcelona a little over a year ago has recently described ICP and how AI moves on a third generation blockchain as a smart contract in a video.
ICP Coin icon
We noticed that ICP is marketed by Swedes sitting in Portugal, which the author met last year. For those interested in technology, you can build your own AI assistant ELNA at ICP.

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Near (NEAR)

Ukrainian Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of Near Protocol, moved to the U.S and worked at Google where he was the head of a team working with TensorFlow. Near IconTogether with a bunch of others from Google, he wrote a now famous AI paper in 2017 called Attention is All You Need.

This paper was also a topic of discussion at the Nvidia conference called Transforming AI. The Near blockchain and its cryptocurrency of the same name have had some mishaps, including a stablecoin USN that was permanently shut down last year.

But at the same time, it is one of the fastest blockchains using a unique sharding technology – the so-called Nightshade – which allows for up to 100,000 blockchain transactions per second.

From not being very compatible with several hardware wallets, Near is now fully functional and has some of the lowest transaction costs in the market. Near Tasks is a service that is about to be officially launched that is meant to unlock the potential of AI using human expertise.

To us, it feels more like a testing service for new products and services, but Near is trying to make it sound a bit more AI because of the background of its founder.

You can trade Near through Gate IO, which offer low spreads and a huge range of assets to trade. And, you can learn more about Gate IO in our independent review.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph (GRT) is a cryptocurrency and also a product of the same name that provides access to the world’s blockchain data. Customers who want to view blockchain data can get away without needing their own servers for the purpose and can hopefully spend less through The Graph’s data.

The Graph Blockchain Icon

Apps can use The Graph and create subgraphs to display and use data with everything from DeFi products, NFTs, DAOs, games and pure cryptocurrencies.

More than 40 different blockchains are currently supported and more are coming in all the time. One can start using The Graph for free for up to 100,000 requests per month, while the price goes up to 4 USDT for every 100,000 additional requests.

In November 2023, The Graph announced that it will support AI assisted queries, after the protocol raised an additional $50 million in capital. This blog post explains a bit more about how AI can help improve The Graph. For all tech nerds, Firehouse is a new fast technology developed by The Graph Foundation.

Tired of reading? You can trade with Gate IO which offers GRT at competitive, low spreads.

Render (RNDR)

Render (RNDR) is a token that originally existed on 2 different blockchains; Ethereum and Polygon – but which can now be transferred to the Solana network, which will be the primary one in the future. Render LogotypeRender is focused on 3D rendering, not least for video. Artists and developers have started using RNDR more and more since 2023.

The Render Foundation has a white paper if you want to learn more. Founder Jules Urbach discussed The Future of Rendering at Nvidia’s AI conference in March, 2024. Some of the topics covered include real-time crypto tracking, AI, holographic displays, and blockchains.

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Fetch AI (FET)

One of the most artificial intelligence-focused crypto currencies is called Fetch AI. Fetch AI iconThe crypto currency is designed to help build, develop and monetize AI apps, integrations, marketplaces and services.

The company behind Fetch AI claims that you can transform in-house built systems to become AI ready without changing existing APIs. Some of the services from the company include AI Engine which can be used to find relevant AI agents, a search and find service, analytical insights and web hosting.

You can trade Fetch AI on Binance and many other crypto exchanges.

Aioz Network (AIOZ)

The AIOZ network (AIOZ) supports a fast, secure and decentralized future. It helps customers to compute, store through web3 storage and stream. Aioz logoAIOZ can be used to train AI models, store datasets, build apps, monetize and contribute to the future of AI.

Their own blockchain (the AIOZ network) has very low transaction fees, but quite low trading volumes yet (ex: 10 million USD yesterday). A majority of all nodes from the network are in Europe, closely followed by North America. There are also quite a few nodes in Asia, while South America and other regions are still very small for the AIOZ network.

The marketplace aims to make AI collaboration more open and accessible to everyone. In terms of development, the AIOZ coin has gone from 0.012 USD in October 2023 to 0.78 USD at the time of writing.

Do you want to go long or short in AIOZ? Try with Gate IO now.

Humans AI (HEART)

Humans AI or HEART is an AI focused utility token that runs on the Ethereum and Osmosis blockchain. Humans AI logoThey themselves call it “Humans ecosystem”, but it is not their own blockchain so really the name is a bit misleading.

However, the focus is on people and AI. Its token is created exclusively for advanced AI integration and will be able to support 50 different blockchains. A human behind every AI decision and “proof of human” (TM), are two of the slogans used by the company.

Several experiments are ongoing with AI NFTs through HEART and soon it will be possible to create digital art through artificial intelligence.

Where can I find Humans AI (HEART)? You can trade it on Gate IO with a rather low spread and Kucoin have it as well, but we don’t recommend that exchange at the moment due to legal issues for Kucoin.

Other AI crypto currencies to check out

In addition to the above, it might be interesting to keep track of some of the week’s biggest winners and losers. Let’s start with some of the losers: Arkham (ARKM) -22%, RSS3 (RSS3) -30%, Delysium (AGI) -27%, TokenFI (TOKEN) -27%, Commune AI (AOMAI) -25%, EnqAI (ENQAI) -37%, Vectorspace AI (VXV) -20% och Bad Idea AI (BAD) -31%

Among the winners in the last 7 days are: Spectre AI (SPECTRE) +136%, LimeWire (LMWR) +76%, GNY (GNY) 24%, ArkiTech (ARKI) +19%, Optimuse AI (OPTI) +8% and Bittensor (TAO) +7.5%. As always, it is important that you do your own research and analysis before entering any cryptocurrency. Usually, the volatility is higher for smaller cryptocurrencies than for larger ones.

Just put AI in the name?

Some cryptocurrencies seems to include the two letters (AI) in order to make it more attractive to potential token buyers, without much real use case – such as Pepe AI and Gym AI. Time will tell how these coins actually develop.

Until next time!

by Our Two Certified Authors
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