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The first major announcement from NearCon in Lisbon 2022, is about a grant given by the Near Foundation to the NFT Marketplace running on the Near Protocol blockchain called Few and Far.

While the whitepaper for Few and Far is still rather limited and in early stages, Crypto Lists estimate the new partnership could increase the popularity of Near Protocol token in the NFT space, that currently is dominated by Ethereum and Solana.

The partnership will be announced later today at the popular NearCon conference in Lisbon, where Crypto Lists will attend today.

Top brands will launch NFTs on Few and Far

In the next few months, the only Near-based NFT platform will be onboarding quite a few top brands and major IPs from Web2 into Web3.

Few and Far will also collaborate with the The Vision Group, a dedicated team focused on NFT growth within NEAR, to maximise the efforts in NFT smart contract standardization, make sure that liquidity is there and also working on blockchain indexing solutions to ensure quick transaction speed of NFTs. The partnership with The Vision Group aiming for a joint go-to-market strategy to bring new and different communities and businesses into the NEAR blockchain when launching the second version on Few and Far.

We are thrilled to support Few and Far’s mission to provide seamless NFT minting solutions and an easy-to-use marketplace for the NEAR ecosystem and beyond,” says Robbie Lim, the General Manager of Partners & International at NEAR. He thinks that the Near Foundation

The NEAR Foundation welcome the digital asset revolution and the significance of laying the foundations for web3 gaming and the metaverse economy.

Lower fees than Ethereum blockchain

One of the biggest complaints with OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace, is that most of the collections run on Ethereum where the gas can reach 20 USD or more in the worst case. When creating, buying or selling NFTs on Few and Far, users can expect pay 38% lower gas and total fees than Ethereum network. Near Protocol Network already handle 100 000 transactions per second, the same as Ethereum will be able to handle from next Monday if the merge goes well.

Building a next-generation NFT marketplace will enable more users and creators to participate in Web3 by taking advantage of a premiere user experience, low transfer fees and quick transactions.

Convert ETH-assets into Near NFT assets

The co-founder of Few and Far, Chris Gale, lives in Los Angeles and used to run Metaedge Ventures before focusing full time on Few and Far in March, 2022. He is dedicated to allow users to convert their Ethereum assets in a simple manner into Near NFTs. “Soon, access to NEAR NFTs will be just clicks away on our marketplace, and the integration of fiat on and off ramps within our app will enable people to purchase NFTs with just a credit card, says Chris Gale to Crypto Lists Limited”.

It’s through smart partnerships, competitive fees and a user friendly platform that Few and Far hopes to takes market shares from OpenSea, Rarible, Known Origin, Solanart and SuperRare in the near future.

Keen to learn more? Check out Near and Few on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about their latest NFT collections. Who know’s – maybe we have a new bored dog or something in the pipe?

Update: Here is a clip from the first day at NearCon, 2022.

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