The crypto industry has experienced numerous ups and downs during the crypto market of 2022-23. Investors have bemoaned  significant losses with several dips in crypto coins and tokens. At the same time, the industry has realized the significant development potential of the crypto ecosystem.

Despite the bearish market, there is an uprise of impressive projects. The crypto industry has showcased its resilience in the adverse environment. As the dawn of 2023 approaches, several crypto stakeholders have varying speculation on what it holds. Crypto Lists takes an inside peek how the market is developing.

Bitcoin vs Altcoins

Bitcoin enters 2023 still holding on to its position as the leading cryptocurrency despite hype on the flippening. It might have its final bottom after the FED’s pivot with a surge in 2023’s first quarter potentially on the cards. Bull run speculators may exploit the current Bitcoin price as an ideal entry point due to the high hash rate. A high hash rate signifies a more promising and secure system for Bitcoin into 2023.

Ethereum had its much-anticipated merge in September 2022 that realized its shift to the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism with reduced energy consumption and decreased coin issuance. The second largest crypto ecosystem leads in smart contracts with the improved PoS system. Various projects rely on its fundamental values. This could result in a bullish trajectory for the Ether coin in 2023.

Dogecoin emerged as a top meme coin and has since had several notable developments. It plans to integrate new technology upgrades to initiate its Layer-2 solution by early 2023. Notably, 2022 saw the famous DOGE supporter, Elon Musk, acquire the social media company, Twitter. This caused much buzz with an expected gradual price increase in 2023. However, meme coins are expected to faze out.

Recently launched altcoins worth a mention include TARO, IMPT, and D2T. They showcase significant potential since their launch and massive sales during their pre-sale. They are on a gradual rise, and 2023 could see them outperform BTC in the bullish race.

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Expansion of NFTs and Developers Tool Kit

There is healthy competition in the NFT space with constant innovations as traditional companies such as Nike also adopt at a big scale. Gamers have stirred its popularity due to their involvement in NFT transactions via GameFi and the Metaverse. Investors are increasingly interested in GameFi and Metaverse, which will see significant growth in 2023 after exceeding investments under trading, lending/borrowing, and tooling.

Fans in the entertainment industry can invest directly in songs by streaming and NFT ownership. Sports brands and players also boast of NFT collectibles to encourage fan involvement similar to fans tokens, especially with the conclusion of the World Cup. The expected use cases of NFTs are to grow in 2023 via utility NFTs, in-game NFTs, identity tokens, events, and software.

On-chain communities’ demand increase for real-world assets pushes firms to tokenize more financial assets in 2023 due to the liquidity available. There is a surge of experiments with on-chain applications despite the bear market. The Web3 ecosystem is proving popular with developers seeking sturdy tooling for quality products for any network. The crypto community should expect growth in developer tooling due to increasing crypto use cases.

Consolidation of Cefi and growth of Defi

Many expect decentralized finance and other emerging developments such as DAOs to be the highest growth areas for crypto in 2023. DeFi transactions surged after several CeFi projects collapsed, including the infamous FTX. In 2023, crypto users can expect CeFi projects to consolidate into highly regulated players like Coinbase.

DeFi, as part of Web 3, will drive more elaborate and user-friendly applications. The adoption of Web3 and crypto’s decentralized market projects a possible bull run.

Increased Sanctions and Regulations

One of the leading topics in the cryptocurrency industry has been the sector’s regulation. Increased financial sanctions, such as the Tornado Cash by the US Treasury, causes crypto firms to be skeptical about users. Protocol-level sanctions can cause users to get banned from exchanges or have their crypto wallets frozen, just like bank accounts.

In October 2022, the EU banned crypto exchanges’ activities in Russia. Multiple blockchain addresses have also been blacklisted for different reasons. Stablecoins, which by design are mostly centralized will be the primary target for sanctions in the future. The introduction of CBDCs in some jurisdictions may adversely affect stablecoins as well.

The SEC has increased resources with increased attention to the crypto sphere. Its footprint on enforcement is expected to increase in 2023 with the application of the Howey test. The changing regulatory analysis cause uncertainty regarding developments in the industry.

Increased adoption of ZK technology

ZK rollups are distinct from public blockchains such as Bitcoin by focusing on privacy through protected addresses in its transactions. It only informs on the status of the transaction.

Crypto users are increasingly interested in privacy which propels ZK technology as an ideal solution for various applications such as anonymous payments, identity security, and authentication.

Crypto’s performance analysis highlights that it often has a four-year cycle. This applies to Bitcoin and other tokens. A study of 2021 and 2022 projects 2023 to be a good year for growth in the run up to 2024’s halving.

2022 has generally witnessed a losing streak in investments with losses also in stocks. Bitcoin and crypto have experienced many dents in making their case as investment alternatives. The downfall of FTX towards the year’s end led to decreased investors’ confidence. However, there are measures in place, such as the Binance recovery fund, which may assist high-potential projects to stay on course in 2023.

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